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Chapter 1019: We Cannot Retreat

“They have two Cla.s.s A’s. I cannot determine the strength of the others.” Chen Baili, who had been resting, stood up. “Don’t sacrifice yourselves for nothing. Save as much as your strength as possible. Leave the two Cla.s.s A’s to me.”

Chen Baili suddenly paused. He then continued. “Zuan, take care of the Chen family.”

Chen Zuan suddenly realized that when Chen Baili told him to take care of the Chen family, he was already planning to do everything he could to kill the two Cla.s.s A’s. Everyone knew that the flood of bronze would not have any natural enemies once the two Cla.s.s A’s were killed. If the flood of bronze did not have any Cla.s.s A’s, their enemy would always have the upper hand.

The master serving Duanmu Huangqi, Chen Yuxuan, had completely changed his strategy. He started to avoid Nie Ting’s attacks and ran far away.

Chen Yuxuan laughed coldly. “I see that you are quite worried about the civilians. You are too soft-hearted. Let me see if you are able to protect them.”

With that, Chen Yuxuan flew to the south. It would be easier for him to find civilians if he flew to the north, as Luo City was in the north, but he did not dare to pa.s.s by Nie Ting!

Chen Yuxuan’s heart was bleeding. The strength of the masters here had exceeded his expectations. He used various magical weapons to block their attacks. If not, he would die!

Chen Yuxuan had already used up five to six magical weapons in this fight alone. He had been protecting Duanmu Huangqi for almost a thousand years, but had never used so many weapons before?

But Chen Yuxuan did not dare to return to the Luniverse. He knew that Duanmu Huangqi’s recent state of mind was very complex. No one trusted him. If he returned like this, he might not be able to obtain resources in the future, but this was a minor matter. Duanmu Huangqi might start to doubt him and find an opportunity to eliminate him in the future.

Nie Ting coldly looked at Chen Yuxuan. He had to get rid of Chen Yuxuan in the mountains in the north. If not, many civilians would die.

From the very beginning, Nie Ting did not think that he would lose. he was thinking about how long he had to take in order to defeat him!

Nie Ting chased Chen Yuxuan into the mountains. He knew that Chen Yuxuan was afraid that he would stay here and disrupt their plans for invasion. But Nie Ting had to chase him. This was a limitation of the Heavenly Network, but it was also their source of pride.

Chen Zuan sighed. “Back then, I was on my way to the Cultivation College. At the entrance of the Cultivation College, an auntie stopped me and asked whether I had a girlfriend. I looked at the girl beside her… I said to her, ‘Auntie, I don’t even have friends.’ The auntie told me, if you are going to talk like that, I will have to give up…”

Cheng Qiuqiao taunted him. “What are you talking about? What nonsense! Do you think that you are Brother Shu?”

Chen Zuan suddenly said, “But this auntie did not give up. After returning from the battle at Tiger’s Back, I saw her among the crowd of civilians. She might have not remembered me. She asked again whether I had a girlfriend. I replied no. Then, she looked at her daughter and said, ‘Forget it. My daughter is no match for you.’ Her daughter’s face was very dark…”

“People are conflicting. We have our strengths and weaknesses. There are times when you think that she is detestable, but there are also times when you think that she is very cute. Of course, there have always been good and bad people on earth. What we need to do is protect those we think are cute,” said Chen Zuan calmly.

Chen Zuan hurriedly added, “Of course, I’m not including those who have committed crimes…”

Zhao Yongchen bit his lip. “Fatty, I didn’t expect you to think about this… although I don’t agree with some parts, our thoughts are generally similar…”

Everyone had their own yardsticks. Everyone would have different opinions about the auntie. But what Chen Zuan and the rest had to think about was not whether the auntie was right or wrong. They had to stop the soldiers in black armor at this dilapidated place.

The next moment, the black wave had approached the flood of bronze. Chen Zuan roared and charged forth as the vanguard. His robust physique charged into the black army like a mallet, beating the black wave into a pulp!

The flood of bronze, which was made up of over a thousand people, was like a small boat in front of the black wave. There was a limit to the breadth of the pathway. Thus, only a limited number of Black Feather Army soldiers could enter Earth. But this did not stop them from coming in a continuous stream.

People from the flood of bronze started to collapse. Throughout this process, the black wave and the flood of bronze were like water and fire. They did not go well together. The moment they clashed, they started to eliminate each other.

Although the flood of bronze had few people, the magical armor was very beneficial in direct collisions. This caused the deaths from the Black Feather Army to be ten times that of the flood of bronze.

At first, the Black Feather Army had thought that the armies here would collapse at the first blow, as the Black Feather Army was a strict organization with thorough training. Like the group of scouts that Lu Shu had encountered, their cooperation was very strong. They had many combat accomplishments as well.

But the Black Feather Army now realized that the cooperation between the flood of bronze exceeded theirs.

This was the Heavenly Network. This was the flood of bronze, who was able to coordinate even in times of chaos!

But there were far too many people from the Black Feather Army… Duanmu Huangqi had stationed 200 thousand soldiers here. There were even more armies coming from the West Region. How would the flood of bronze, which only had over 1000 people, stop them?

They were like a small boat being thrown around by the black waves. They might overturn and sink to the seabed at any time.

At that moment, people suddenly came from behind the flood of bronze. Zhao Yongchen looked behind. To his shock, he realized that… they were the students from the Luo Shen Cultivation College!

They had immature expressions and ran forward with the standard swords they had just obtained from the Luo Shen Cultivation College. They rushed towards the black wave without fear and joined the flood of bronze!

The secret pract.i.tioners followed closely behind them.

Chen Zuan shouted, “Zhong Yutang, are you crazy? The students in the Cultivation College are the seeds of the Heavenly Network! What if they get injured?”

No one spoke. They silently thought. Chen Zuan, you were a student of the Luo Shen Cultivation College too, right? You had taken up the responsibility. Back then, when you used the excuse of “finding You Mingyu to request for leave”, you did not think that you were a student either. In that battle, Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao had displayed extraordinary strength and courage.

Everyone knew if there was another way, Zhong Yutang would not send these students to the battlefield. They absolutely could not retreat.

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