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The sea of chi and snow mountain had always been unique to Li Xianyi's faction. In its essence, one's vitality paved the way towards the sea of chi and snow mountain, in which his sword energy was condensed and sharpened. At present, Li Xianyi had achieved the state whereby Nature itself consisted purely of swords. Upon the release of his full strength, the sound of swords echoed through the entire underground cavern over the blood pool.

The white jade dagger weaved through s.p.a.ce, and its location could only be revealed by the disturbance to the blood in its wake.

The blood spirit hovered midair, its eyes cold as ice. Instantly, waves swelled up from the blood pool, emitting tens of thousands of blood arrows!

As Cla.s.s A's, neither one was willing to succ.u.mb to the other!

Honestly speaking, Lu Shu had always been looking forward to watching a fight between Cla.s.s A's. But now, there was no time to enjoy the show. Gargoyles were falling down from the dome above, pouncing on Lu Xiaoyu and himself. There were close to ten thousand of them!

It was even scarier than Li Yixiao's backers! Even he would take to his heels in this situation!

Like wasps whose nest had been attacked, those gargoyles could not be any more aggressive. Lu Shu immediately ran off, pulling Lu Xiaoyu alongside him. Once they caught up, they would be dead!

Besides, Lu Shu insisted that Lu Xiaoyu's ability to control spirits should be kept a secret from Li Xianyi. He thought, given the righteous values upheld by the Golden Foundation, Li Xianyi would probably end up the last in the list who would accept the act of capturing the spirits of the dead. It seemed heretical.

Thus, it was for Lu Xiaoyu's good.

Lu Shu did not accelerate until the gargoyles had almost reached Lu Xiaoyu and himself. Though unable to win, he had to be the bait, as they could not be left here to distract the old man.

Otherwise, the old man would be in danger, if he had to face down close to ten thousand gargoyles and the powerful blood spirit at the same time!

Therefore, his obligation was not to a.s.sist the old man in slaying the blood spirit, but to clear any distractions!

As Lu Shu fled with Lu Xiaoyu, he certainly did not forget to roll in a few gargoyles with his divine water…

Lu Xiaoyu rolled her eyes. His greed for money was blatantly obvious anytime, anywhere…

But despite his ability to devour multiple targets now, the sheer number of gargoyles behind them created a serious headache!

As they ran on, Lu Shu suddenly felt Lu Xiaoyu's little hand freeze in his hand. Confused, he asked, "Why?"

Smiling, Lu Xiaoyu shook her head. "Nothing!"

She saw there was another line beneath hers on the wall.

Suddenly, it reminded her of the pair of snowmen in their yard on a snowy day the year before. They had always been supporting each other like that.


Howard fixed those individual Pract.i.tioners, who were in a complete mess, with a frosty stare. "A bunch of losers."

Their frailty and weaknesses were exposed down to the smallest detail through the engagement with the bug flood. Without systematic training and effective teamwork, their power was reduced to close to nothing in actual combat.

Perhaps, strong, talented individuals would eventually emerge from the crowd of individual Pract.i.tioners. As a matter of fact, there were a couple of high-caliber lone warriors in the Darkness Kingdom according to Howard's knowledge. But still, with covert support from influential powers of the old order or being tyc.o.o.ns of the old times themselves, they were fundamentally different from those individual Pract.i.tioners, who lacked basic cultivation resources.

Strictly speaking, they were not alone.

In reality, very few could rise without a powerful background.

The bugs had almost been cleared. Many individual Pract.i.tioners had collapsed to the ground, catching their breath as their faces turned ashen due to exhaustion. This encounter was the greatest challenge to all of them. It taught them a lesson on just how weak they were!

Actually, many individual Pract.i.tioners enjoyed a sense of superiority in their own lives. Their neighbors, past colleagues or cla.s.smates admired them, and even lifting a heavy load would earn them applause. However, here, their aura had been eclipsed by big organizations.

The leader of the Pledge, who had even taken off his red uniform, blended into the crowd. Being tricked by Lu Shu earlier had planted within him a seed of hatred.

Caiden found an ordinary place to rest. It had taken him a lot of effort to break out of the siege of bugs after he was left alone.

Casting him a brief glimpse, Howard sneered. "The Pledge is a real piece of c.r.a.p. Its sole leader was fooled while his men are nowhere to be found. Why? Are you tired of the bugs too?"

Caiden's face froze in hostility. "Howard Miller, are you speaking on behalf of the Phoenix Society? Don't you need to gain the Saint's permission?"

Howard's eyes narrowed. "Don't try to sow discord. You are too weak. I'm only stating the fact."

Indeed, Howard was powerful. Else, he would not have been delegated the responsibilities of foreign matters by a top cultivation organization, the Phoenix Society. But even he was under the Saint. He had to admit that the Saint, the founder of the Phoenix Society, was unparalleled in all of North America.

But Howard was already superior enough among various big organizations and individual Pract.i.tioners. His ability to hold back the entire throng of remaining upstream bugs was widely witnessed, displaying the true power of the Phoenix Society. No one could deny his strength!

"Can't even withstand a fight of such low intensity and unable to confront creatures in the remains, how dare you come and explore the remains?" Howard asked with a haughty air.

The question left the individual Pract.i.tioners speechless. It was both embarra.s.sing and unbearably painful when one's weaknesses were publicly exposed.

At the moment, Li Yixiao and Zhi Wei had long since left the team to search for Lu Shu downstream after the bug flood was under control. Soon, they saw Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu running back.

Li Yixiao found the creepy sound behind them kind of familiar… Then, he saw close to ten thousand gargoyles…

"From Zhi Wei's distress, +666!"

Unease flashed across Zhi Wei's face as he racked his brains for possible countermeasures… Should they flee?! Just when he turned to Li Yixiao for his opinion, the latter's eyes were beaming with admiration. "WOW! AWESOME!"

Zhi Wei almost fainted on the spot. Was he insane?!

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