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Chapter 568: Killed One Thousand, But Lost Eight Hundred

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

The Capital, Liuhai Lane.

Lingjing Lane was where the headquarters of the Heavenly Network stood. This was also where Nie Ting and s.h.i.+ Xuejin resided. Under normal circ.u.mstances, very few Heavenly Network members would come here. Those who were able to come were not Cla.s.s C experts like Hao Zhichao or Zhong Yutang. They were important figures who had jurisdiction over a region.

The courtyard was peaceful and quiet. The plants were growing new shoots. s.h.i.+ Xuejin was not reading this time. He had placed a tea set on the stone table and was slowly brewing tea.

Nie Ting sat by the side, rapidly glancing through the recent doc.u.ments. He had three ident.i.ties. He was the East's top expert, the leader of the Heavenly Network, as well as the of the Capital Daoyuan Cla.s.s.

Ordinary people would find it hard to strike a balance between these three roles. Everyone had a limit to their energy. Most could not be in two places at once.

But Nie Ting was different. His efficiency when it came to official affairs was unparalleled.

“I have delivered the Cheng Ying sword,” Nie Ting said calmly. “Teacher had said that only the honest can use the sword. Lu Shu is not bad, but I can't say that he's honest either. Do you think Teacher will blame us?”

s.h.i.+ Xuejin laughed. “My dad is not that honest himself. There's no point in having so many requirements. Don't look at me. If I go see him, he will say the same thing too. You may be afraid, but I am not.”

To Nie Ting, the Cheng Ying sword was an important item entrusted to him by his teacher. In terms of strength, even the Xin Ting sword could not compare to the Cheng Ying sword.

But s.h.i.+ Xuejin suddenly laughed. “What expression do you think Lu Shu is making now while facing Hai Gongzi? My dad said that Hai Gongzi has a bad temper. You have to follow him. Back then, my paternal grandfather was so upset that he threatened to commit suicide. But he still had to speak well about the sword to others.”

Nie Ting broke into a small smile before he covered his mouth. “If it were not because of that, I would be unwilling to give the Cheng Ying sword to him. Let him deal with it. On the contrary, I want to know how a strong-willed person like him would react to Hai Gongzi.”

The atmosphere between Lu Shu and Hai Gongzi was very stiff. Lu Shu asked coldly, “Are you going to obey me?”

Hai Gongzi's white robe moved by itself, even without any wind. He picked his eyebrows. “There has not been anyone who has dared to ask me such a question. You are the first!”

Lu Shu was very sure that the Cheng Ying sword Nie Ting had given him was meaningful. But Nie Ting was definitely not at ease. Perhaps he was waiting to see how Lu Shu would react.

Lu Shu had used the case of the black market and the magical stones to fight back. He did not believe that Nie Ting would let it slip, just like how he could not accept being controlled by Nie Ting.

Now, there was a war between Lu Shu and Nie Ting. Lu Shu could not lose!

“There was no one who dared to ask you so, because you had not met me then,” Lu Shu said coldly. He had been busy patronizing Hai Gongzi that he did not notice the distress points in his system's back-end. He took a look and realized that there were distress points!

“From Ao Hai's distress, +399.”

“From Ao Hai's distress, +666.”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. Ao Hai? This was a very rare name. Lu Shu had a feeling that he had only seen this name a few times in Journey to the West…

Hai Gongzi smiled and sat on the chair in the backyard. “No worries. If you don't let me return to the sword, then I won't.”

Lu Shu had indeed humiliated him till he could not bear it. Lu Shu had summoned him multiple times using his blood. He had to go out! But now that he did not return to the sword, what could Lu Shu do?

The moment Hai Gongzi sat down, he saw Lu Shu carry a bucket of washed potatoes from the house. Hai Gongzi was shocked. He had an unpleasant premonition. “You…”

Before he could finish speaking, he saw Lu Shu take the Cheng Ying sword to peel potatoes…

Hai Gongzi was furious. “How can you use the Cheng Ying sword to peel potatoes! I have never seen someone use the Cheng Ying sword to peel a potato even after all these years!”

“From Ao Hai's distress, +999!”

Lu Shu laughed. “It can't be that there were no potatoes in China during the Shang dynasty and the Spring and Autumn period, right? This is common knowledge! Now that the Cheng Ying sword is in my hands, I can use it in any way I want to.”

Hai Gongzi seemed to be suppressing his rage. Lu Shu had been thinking about how to make Hai Gongzi angry. Earlier, he had even thought about a worse trick. But the problem was, he had to use this sword in the future as well.

He had wanted to provide the sword with divine water. But to speak the truth, the benefits from doing so would not be as great. Anyway, he practiced the sword. It was not easy to get a mythical object without going through much trouble.

Furthermore, Lu Shu liked the special characteristic of the sword, it was invisible!

In the past, he had said that others a.s.sumed that he was a long range fighter and would spare no effort in getting close to him. After they did so, he would suddenly become a close range fighter. How scary was this?

Now, it was different. With the Cheng Ying sword in his hand, when the opponent approached him, they might not even know how they had died.

He really liked this sword, other than its sword spirit.

Lu Shu even suspected that Nie Ting may have discussed with the sword spirit to humiliate Lu Shu. He felt that Nie Ting would certainly do something like this!

Hai Gongzi looked at Lu Shu using the Cheng Ying sword to peel the potatoes. His expression grew darker and darker. After going through much pain seeing Lu Shu peel the potatoes, Lu Shu once again went into the kitchen. He appeared with a chopping board and some vegetables. He once again started chopping…

Ever since Hai Gongzi had become a sword spirit, this was his first time seeing the Cheng Ying sword suffer such humiliation… if others received the Cheng Ying sword, wouldn't they treasure it? This was the reason for Hai Gongzi's current personality. No one had ever made him admit defeat like Lu Shu did!

Finally, Hai Gongzi could take it no longer. He returned to the Cheng Ying sword, but was once again summoned by Lu Shu's blood.

“From Ao Hai's distress, +999!”

What a dispute between a human and a sword spirit. Lu Shu wanted to teach Hai Gongzi and not let him go back, but Hai Gongzi insisted on going back.

In less than two days, when Li Yixiao came to visit Lu Shu, he was taken aback. “Lu Shu, what happened to you? You look terrible!”

“Are you talking about yourself?” Lu Shu replied feebly. His face was pale and his voice was soft. He was somewhat listless as well. He had not done anything serious. It was just that he had lost too much blood…

Lu Shu and Ao Hai both had strong perseverance. This dispute had lasted for two days and two nights. Even Lu Shu, who had practically reached Cla.s.s B, could not take it anymore. There was a truce just for today…

Lu Shu looked at the peeled potatoes and cut vegetables in the courtyard. He had killed an enemy of one thousand, but lost eight hundred…

But Lu Shu was pleased with himself. Ao Hai could not match his strength. Ao Hai was going crazy from these two days!

“From Ao Hai's distress, +999!”

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