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Chapter 670: How Do I Explain This?!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

To be honest, Lu Shu could not believe that there was only so much essential balms in the warehouse of a large organization. This was too childish. He took a bottle and sniffed it. He had thought that the essential balms might be fake, but they turned out to be real…

Although he knew that essential balms were highly sought after in Africa, but the problem could not be that the essential balms were being used as resources, right?

Lu Shu highly suspected that Bennett was the culprit. He had kept all the important resources in his s.p.a.ce ring, leaving the warehouse clean. He did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

How could a strong leader of a mercenary organization with such great ambition and desire for control leave the resources in the hands of others?

The problem was… he did not know how to explain this to Li Yixiao!

As Lu Shu fished out his phone to film, he retrieved a trident and pointed it at the soldiers. He kicked the wall and caused the wall to crack, scaring the soldiers. “Now, answer me. Are there really only essential balms in this warehouse?”

When the soldiers saw Lu Shu kick a hole in the wall, they became so nervous that they started to spit. They realized that the young man they were facing was not from the EO!

“Yes, there are only essential balms here. The valuable items are all in Bennett’s s.p.a.ce ring,” said the soldier.

Lu Shu nodded his head in satisfaction. He killed the three soldiers without a word. EO had abused their power in Africa for a long time. Furthermore, when the soldiers encountered Lu Shu, they had said that if Lu Shu did not give up, they would kill him. Since they had the intent to kill, they should have prepared to do so.

Lu Shu slowly kept all the essential balms in the Seal of Lands. He suddenly felt very annoyed. These essential balms were worth a lot of money in Africa, but he could not stay in Africa and open up a business just to sell these essential balms. But they were not worth much back home!

The fight at the roof of the building was drawing to a close. The cooperation between Li Yixiao and Nalan Que gave their opponents a headache.

They were both seasoned fighters. Not only did they have thick rubbery skin, their killing power was frightening as well. Although Nalan Que should not be that fierce as a female, she had channeled her skills in the wrong direction.

Bennett and another Cla.s.s B expert had been badly injured. Although they had previously worked together in many battles, the chemistry between them was incomparable to that of Li Yixiao and Nalan Que’s.

Only half an hour had pa.s.sed since the start of the battle. Bennett suddenly shouted, “Let’s work together to kill that woman!”

The Cla.s.s B expert rushed forth, but he realized that Bennett did not follow him. Instead, he jumped down and ran away!

Before that Cla.s.s B expert could react, he was surrounded and attacked by Li Yixiao and Nalan Que. In his anger, he had wanted to drag Bennett in to die together, but he could not get hold of Bennett.

Bennett had not lived this long as a mercenary soldier for no reason. Cruelty was his principle. As he jumped out of the dilapidated building, Bennett threw two metal b.a.l.l.s before running away.

The two metal b.a.l.l.s released large waves of energy. Nalan Que fiercely rushed forth and caught the two metal b.a.l.l.s before throwing them down.

Cras.h.!.+ The two metal b.a.l.l.s had created two ma.s.sive holes in the ground. Nalan Que was also slightly traumatized. She did not know what the metal b.a.l.l.s were made of. If they had exploded in her hands, she might have lost her arms.

But Nalan Que and Li Yixiao were the same. They depended on their mood and momentum during battles. Danger was a secondary consideration.

Li Yixiao’s hand suddenly trembled. The Black Dragon Spear seemingly appeared out of thin air with a buzz. The Black Dragon Spear charged towards Bennett like an artillery sh.e.l.l. Bennett turned around and kicked the Black Dragon Spear, but a black dragon suddenly jumped out of the spear and held Bennett down!

The two of them beat the Cla.s.s B expert to the ground. Then, they gave up on their target and rushed towards Bennett at the same time!

An observer would think that this teamwork was pleasing to watch, not because of their killing power, but because their chemistry was natural and spontaneous.

Bennett had fallen as he struggled against the black dragon. Li Yixiao stood at the edge of the roof and threw Nalan Que towards Bennett. Nalan Que kicked Li Yixiao’s chest to gain power as she charged towards Bennett. Li Yixiao stepped back from the force of this kick, but he was not upset. It was as if they had discussed this earlier.

Nalan Que used her elbow as a weapon and landed on Bennett. When Bennett looked up and saw Nalan Que, it was too late for him to dodge.

There was the sound of an explosion, followed by a storm of dust. Bennett was on the ground, badly battered. There were even cracks on the concrete ground.

Li Yixiao happily jumped down. “Beautiful, beautiful.”

Nalan Que looked at him. “Are you saying that I’m beautiful or that I did a beautiful job?”

Li Yixiao was dumbfounded. “Didn’t I say beautiful twice? One was for you, and one was for your attack.”

Nalan Que rolled her eyes at Li Yixiao. She took the ring on Bennett’s finger and said to Li Yixiao, “Do you want this thing?”

“We have to leave this to the Heavenly Network,” Li Yixiao said righteously. “We are here to complete a mission. How can we be greedy and steal goods? Do you see me, Li Yixiao, as this kind of person?”

Nalan Que was dumbfounded. Was this really Li Yixiao?

“Have you eaten too much?” Nalan Que looked at Li Yixiao in disbelief.

“How can you misunderstand me like this,” Li Yixiao said, as if he was dissatisfied. He was very happy on the inside. He could make use of Lu Shu. There was no way that this ring would fall into his hands with Nalan Que around. But he still had Lu Shu!

Ha ha, this woman always wanted to punish him financially. But he had Lu Shu on his side!

Li Yixiao could imagine what his savings would look like. He would eat all the sliced meat sandwiches he wanted back home!

Beside him, Nalan Que was in disbelief. Had Li Yixiao really changed?!

Li Yixiao and Nalan Que did not stay on the battlefield for long. They only had to split up EO. As for the other affairs, they would

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