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Chapter 666: Wutong Wood

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Lu Shu realized that this tree branch was not as simple as he had thought. It might be a fire-type mythical object. Even if he could not use it, he could do some research on it.

The tree branch was as thick as Lu Shu's forearm. There was a faint flame-colored symbol on the branch. Lu Shu could sense strong waves of energy emitted from it. If it were not for the white flame in his heart, Lu Shu would not even be able to hold it in his hand. He would have had to at least put on the celestial robes.

He quieted down and listened for any movement outside his door. He then opened the window and jumped out. He ran towards the wilderness.

The darkness concealed Lu Shu while he ran. No one realized that there was someone missing from the villa.

After more than ten minutes, Lu Shu squatted in the wilderness and scrutinized the tree branch. For some reason, his celestial powers could not enter the branch. Suddenly, Lu Shu felt that something was not right. He looked up and saw Howard's fire phoenix silently looking at him from over fifty meters away. It still had the two fire chickens in its mouth…

The atmosphere was very awkward. Lu Shu did not know what the phoenix wanted to do. It seemed like the phoenix did not want to approach him either.

“Um… have you eaten?” Lu Shu asked. This was a normal greeting. Lu Shu was very sure that the phoenix was intelligent, but he did not know whether it was here to avenge Howard…

The fire phoenix tilted its head and looked at Lu Shu. Lu Shu did not know what it was thinking. It did not produce any distress points either.

Lu Shu suddenly felt that something was strange. The phoenix was not looking at him, but the branch in his hand!

Lu Shu asked with a strange expression, “Do you want this?”

The phoenix did not respond. It seemed that it did not understand him. Lu Shu pondered. It should understand human language because it was intelligent, right?

Lu Shu suddenly asked in English, “Do you want this?”

The fire phoenix hesitated before lightly nodding its head.

Lu Shu was dumbfounded.

As expected, this was a foreign phoenix. It was different from the phoenixes back home. It did not understand Chinese… this was very tiring. He had to use English to communicate…

The fire phoenix felt that this human was still quite kind. Although Lu Shu had killed Howard, the fire phoenix did not feel that Howard was its owner and thus, it did not hold any negative feelings over his death. Hence, it had no animosity towards Lu Shu. Till now, the fire phoenix felt that it could get along with Lu Shu. Then, it saw Lu Shu slowly put the branch away…

The fire phoenix was confused.

“From phoenix's distress, +666!”

Lu Shu pointed at the fire phoenix and started to settle accounts with the fire phoenix. “Do you know how hard it was for me to obtain this piece of wood? I had to fight Howard for three days and three nights. It's not realistic for you to just take it away from me, right?”

The fire phoenix calmly looked at Lu Shu. Not even one day had pa.s.sed since the start of the battle between Howard and Lu Shu…

“How about this?” Lu Shu waved his arm. “I am not a stingy person. Help me fight and I will give you this piece of wood! Don't worry, I will not treat you unfairly. If there are any fire-type things that are suitable for you, I will sell it to you!”

At first, the fire phoenix thought that Lu Shu was quite reliable, but after hearing that Lu Shu would sell things to it, it was annoyed…

“From phoenix's distress, +666!”

At first, the fire phoenix still felt that this human was still kind. But now, ha ha.

Suddenly, the light that the fire phoenix emitted started to dim. Lu Shu was dumbfounded. Why did he feel like the phoenix was about to die?

The fire phoenix suddenly flew towards Lu Shu with the two fire chickens in its mouth. Lu Shu was shocked. “I'm telling you, you can't defeat me!”

Before he could react, the fire phoenix turned into a ray of light and entered the piece of wood. Lu Shu was dumbfounded. So the phoenix did not want to take the piece of wood, but wanted to stay inside the wood!

Thus, Lu Shu suddenly realized that there was a problem…

Every time Howard summoned the fire phoenix, he would point to the sky as if he was a superhero. Lu Shu felt that the person in charge of foreign affairs in a first-rate organization could not be so egotistical. But if he really was, then what could Lu Shu do?

Back then, everyone may have thought that Howard had summoned the fire phoenix from within his body, but this did not seem to be the case.

He evidently summoned it from the s.p.a.ce ring on his finger. With his flames, Howard seemed very impressive, but he was not that impressive in real life…

He had been acting all his life…

Thus, Howard definitely had other fire-type trump cards that he did not use. He was always hiding something up his sleeve. But before he could use his trump card, his fire-type abilities were suppressed. This made Howard feel very upset. Of course, Lu Shu did not know the details. The living could only guess the secrets of the dead…

When the fire phoenix entered the piece of wood, Lu Shu realized that the two fire chickens had merged with the fire phoenix. So there was only one fire phoenix. Lu Shu had thought that the chickens were the phoenix's dolls…

The piece of wood in Lu Shu's hands… could it be the legendary Wutong wood? Lu Shu looked at the s.h.i.+ny veins on the piece of wood. It was indeed the Wutong wood. It was said that the phoenix would only perch on a Wutong tree. Lu Shu had thought that this saying was just to portray the n.o.bility of the phoenix, but he did not expect it to be true.

It was said that Howard had obtained the soul of a phoenix. Did that mean that the soul of the phoenix had used this piece of wood as its lodging?

Lu Shu tried to use his celestial powers to summon the fire phoenix, but his celestial powers could not enter the piece of wood. Suddenly, the white flame in his heart jumped. He realized that this was the first time his white flame was so active.

The white flame produced a drop of white liquid that flowed to his palm. Then, the drop of white liquid seeped into the Wutong wood like a drop of water. The Wutong wood suddenly blazed with a white flame. It was as if it was burning the Wutong wood!

The fire phoenix within the Wutong wood roared angrily. It was not willing to give up, but the white flame was powerful like a monarch. It did not give the fire phoenix any room for resistance.

Slowly, the entire Wutong wood turned as white as the white flame.

Lu Shu could see the world of flames through the Wutong wood. The fire phoenix was fast asleep among the flames. There was a small white flame symbol on the right side of its neck!

The white flame in Lu Shu's heart went to sleep as well. It was as if it had exerted too much energy. It did not even move.

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