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Chapter 769: Father Lu Shu

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The combat specialization had their lessons in a training room. Lu Shu and Lu Xiaoyu had seen it before. Back then when they saw the room, they felt that it was very high-end. In fact, it was so high-end that they did not know what the machines were used for…

The combat specialization students sat at the machines and practiced. Lu Shu looked through the gla.s.s wall that surrounded the training s.p.a.ce and saw that there were two students testing out their awakened abilities.

Lu Shu knew that there were many awakened and trained students in the combat specialization. Furthermore, their awakened abilities were suited for group combat. This gla.s.s cla.s.sroom was not made out of a normal material. If not, how would it be able to stand the impact from Metahumans?

They now had free time to practice. Lu Shu knocked on the door. “Who is the cla.s.s monitor?”

Everyone slowly stopped and looked at Lu Shu, but no one spoke to him. Some people softly pa.s.sed on the message. Lu Shu saw a group of people jogging in before they realized that he was in the room. One of the students looked at Lu Shu with some doubt.

A group of people started to surround them. From their point of view, Lu Shu definitely did not have good intentions coming here. Some of them recognized Lu Shu, Lu Xiaoyu, and Cao Qingci. Some did not. But this was not important. They would eventually know.

In reality, it was not possible for someone to immediately become well-known throughout school when the Cultivation College had just started. Students would interact most with other students from the same specialization. Each specialization was like a small country. Not everyone liked sharing gossip.

But the cla.s.s monitor of the combat specialization, Cla.s.s A genius Li Zimu was like a s.h.i.+ning star. He was a thunder-type and had extraordinary talents. Thus, it was natural for the teachers to focus on him.

Li Zimu walked towards Lu Shu. The students from the combat specialization naturally surrounded him. Although everyone knew that the species research specialization in their Cultivation College was very strong, they could not be frightened.

Li Zimu stood in front of Lu Shu. The students from the combat specialization were nervous.

Li Zimu said, “Brother Shu, what’s wrong?”

Everyone grew silent.

Brother Shu?! Why are you so polite?

This was very different from what they had expected. They should have been at daggers drawn!

But they did not know that back then, when Hao Zhichao had encircled and intercepted Lu Shu, Li Zimu was there. He even saw how Lu Shu had punched a lost Heavenly Network member. Back then, he was still ignorant, yet he clearly remembered his encounter with someone of the same age as him. He was far too frightening…

Back then, Li Zimu was still very weak. He was amazed by Lu Shu’s power. He just never had a chance to talk to him…

Unlike ordinary students, the circle of Cla.s.s A geniuses was very small. When they went to the base in Lingjing Lane, they were very aware of the disparity between the treatment they received and the treatment Lu Shu received…

When Li Zimu saw the portrait of the Ninth Heavenly King along the corridor, he had guessed that that person was probably Lu Shu. As Lu Shu’s fan-boy, he would definitely follow news about Lu Shu. Thus, he knew that Lu Shu’s whereabouts had always been a mystery…

Now, the students from the combat specialization were dumbfounded. The fiercest student in their cla.s.s had become Lu Shu’s fanboy…

When Lu Shu saw Li Zimu, he knew that he was right. Back then, when he was being chased by Hao Zhichao, the current Sanzhou overall commander and two other members had been punched by Lu Shu. Li Zimu had been at the scene. He had been talking about earning money to buy four buns.

“Um.” Lu Shu wanted to settle things once and for all, but he did not know what to feel from Li Zimu’s politeness. “Are you partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion between the seven major Cultivation Colleges?”

“Of course!” Li Zimu was surprised.

“Think about it again,” said Lu Shu.

“No, we’re not partic.i.p.ating…” Li Zimu understood what Lu Shu meant…

“From Li Zimu’s distress, +166…”

“Okay.” Lu Shu nodded his head. He turned and left. “Come drink with me when you have the time.”

The group of students looked on as Lu Shu walked away with his team. His figure was vaguely visible in the scattered light s.h.i.+ning on the corridor. The five of them walked down the corridor in a straight line. The young man in the lead was like the Father of the mafia in a movie.

“Who do we find next?

“The investigation specialization?”

There were soft chatters along the corridor. The combat specialization students gasped in shock. The species research specialization was up to some trouble! Did they not want the other specializations to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion among the seven major Cultivation Colleges?

By the time Zhong Yutang rushed over, Lu Shu and the rest had found the last specialization. The techniques research specialization…

The techniques research specialization and the species research specialization were considered civilian jobs. The weaker students would often choose these two specializations. Thus, when Lu Shu and the rest appeared at their door, all the students were scared stiff…

The cla.s.s monitor asked softly, “Is something the matter?”

“Are you going to partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion among the seven major Cultivation Colleges?” Lu Shu asked.

The cla.s.s monitor waved. “No, no…”

When Zhong Yutang saw this, he gasped in shock. Lu Shu must have intimidated all the other specializations. Zhong Yutang was very annoyed. “Lu Shu, what are you doing?!”

Lu Shu said righteously, “I asked around and it seems like the other specializations are not interested in partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion among the seven major Cultivation Colleges. But this is a moment of glory for our school! Why is everyone unwilling to partic.i.p.ate? If no one goes, then the weakest species research specialization will go! The Luo Shen Cultivation College absolutely cannot show weakness in this area!

“From Zhong Yutang’s distress, +666!”

What? Nothing good would happen when Lu Shu spoke righteously!

The technique research specialization students by the side felt that if they wanted to partic.i.p.ate, they would be beaten up first…

Zhong Yutang felt that he could not handle this. Lu Shu’s fierce name had spread throughout the entire Luo Shen Cultivation College. The investigation specialization did not want to give in, but they were defeated in a fight…

Zhong Yutang pa.s.sed this message to Liujing Lane in the Capital. When Nie Ting saw this news, he almost wanted to kill someone.

But he had to control himself. It was not that he could not control his strength. The path beyond Cla.s.s A required him to create his own laws and world. Thus, the strength that he used had to follow the laws.

These laws were incompatible with the laws of the current world. It was not an overstatement to say that Nie Ting was a small world with his own laws. Thus, the two worlds would repel each other.

But the world that he was in now seemed to have been broken, Thus, it was unable to bear much burden!

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