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Chapter 770: Cultivation College Forum

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The Luo Shen Cultivation College had created a small forum. At first, there were no intentions of creating this forum. After all, the students were satisfied with talking to the people in their specialization. But after Lu Shu had eradicated everyone from the compet.i.tion, everyone suddenly realized that they were not satisfied just talking to people from their own specialization…

Thus, the Luo Shen Cultivation College forum was born…

After the forum was created, people started to spread the message to the other specializations. But no one dared to tell the species research specialization. Everyone discussed about this on the forum. Slowly, people started to reveal what Lu Shu had done in the Luo City Daoyuan Cla.s.s and the Beimang remains.

At first, those who did not know much about Lu Shu were very shocked. Was Lu Shu so amazing? Looking at Lu Shu’s dark past, they sympathized with his cla.s.smates.

Some felt that there were people sabotaging Lu Shu on purpose. After all, Lu Shu did not just annoy people in the Luo Shen Cultivation College. Some asked their Luo City Daoyuan Cla.s.s cla.s.smates for confirmation.

When the Luo City Daoyuan Cla.s.s students saw the post, for some reason, it meant a lot to them. It was as if they were recalling the events that had happened…

Of course, they did not know some things. Thus, there were claims on the forum that were hard to be certain of. For example, Zhang San said something, while Li Si said something else. In the end, no one knew who to believe.

But everyone looked at the ID of the user who uploaded the post… Liu Li.

The Luo City Daoyuan Cla.s.s students had a dignified expression on his face. They confirmed, “It should be true.”

After they had confirmed that Lu Shu had committed these extraordinary deeds, they were amazed. “Are you sure that he is a Heavenly Network member? Isn’t he a demon king? Has anyone been able to defeat him?”

Someone commented, “You can’t defeat him, brother!”

“The species research specialization will represent the Luo Shen Cultivation College in the compet.i.tion. I don’t know how the other colleges will see us when they find out that the species research specialization is taking part…”

“Who can stop the demon king? It’s impossible…”

Suddenly, someone posted a comment. “Demon king sounds horrible. Call him Lord Lu.”


“666 !”

Lu Shu was making dinner at home. Lu Xiaoyu and Little Fury were waiting at the dining table. Suddenly, Chen Zuan and Cheng Qiuqiao came. Lu Shu glanced at them. “What do you want to borrow today?”

“No, no. We’re just here for food,” said Chen Zuan shamelessly. “Brother Shu, did you know that a Luo Shen Cultivation College forum has suddenly appeared?”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. “There was such a good thing?!”

This was like being gifted a pillow just as he was about to take a nap! Yesterday, Lu Shu had enjoyed earning distress points from his cla.s.smates. Now, a forum had been created. How kind!

“Um.”Chen Zuan was surprised by Lu Shu’s words. “Brother Shu, be careful. You are the main topic of discussion on the forum. You even have a new nickname now…”

“What nickname?” Lu Shu cheerily laughed. So he had a nickname now. It must be an intimidating one. After all, he had scared everyone else yesterday.

“Lord Lu,” said Chen Zuan.

Lu Shu was dumbfounded.

“It’s Lord Lu,” confirmed Cheng Qiuqiao.

Lu Shu’s expression darkened. “Straighten your tongue and talk to me again.”

“Lu is your surname…” Chen Zuan saw that Lu Shu was about to go crazy and hurriedly explained.

“From Lu Shu’s distress, +666!”

When Lu Shu saw the distress points, he was dumbfounded. The distress points had appeared on Lu Xiaoyu’s page!

He put down the spatula and wiped his hands. He walked out of the kitchen and saw Lu Xiaoyu secretly bringing Little Fury out. Lu Shu said, “Stop right there! Come back, the two of you. Don’t run away. Did you do this?”

Little Fury was frightened. It took out its small notebook and wrote on it. “It’s not me. You’ve got it wrong. No. I love my country. Save my mother.”

Lu Shu was dumbfounded. “What does that have to do with anything?! Go and stand in that corner!”

He took out his phone and looked for the forum post that Chen Zuan had talked about. When he saw the ID, his expression darkened. “Lu Xiaoshu”!

“Come. Lu Xiaoyu, explain what happened.” Lu Shu was certain that Lu Xiaoyu and Little Fury were behind this. The distress points told the truth.

With the distress points, he was Lu “Sherlock Holmes” Shu!

Lu Xiaoyu thought about it and said, “It was Little Fury. I have nothing to do with it.”

“From Little Fury’s distress, +666!”

Of course, Little Fury did not want to take the blame. It quickly wrote on its notebook. “I only gave a suggestion. But it wasn’t just me. Lu Xiaoyu agreed!”

Ha ha. Lu Shu’s expression darkened. So you dared to push the blame?

“Come, reenact the scene for me. Let me see whose fault it is.” Lu Shu laughed coldly.

Little Fury thought about it and wrote for Lu Xiaoyu. “Let’s give Lu Shu a nickname. How about Lord Lu?”

Lu Shu looked at Lu Xiaoyu. Lu Xiaoyu calmly said to Little Fury, “No, we can’t do that.

Little Fury was confused.

“From Little Fury’s distress, +999!”

The human world… was so menacing!

Little Fury patted its chest and had a shocked expression on its face. “Lu Xiaoyu, doesn’t your conscience hurt!”

Lu Xiaoyu acted as if nothing had happened. She picked Little Fury up and threw it out of the window. She thought about it and said, “The chief culprit has been found. But don’t blame Little Fury. It was just playing around. I didn’t expect it to spread…”

“Okay, okay.” Lu Shu’s palm was on his forehead. “Stop talking. My head hurts.”

“From Lu Shu’s distress, +899!”

He was a demon king, ready to collect distress points. How did he become “Lord Lu”?!

This was not right!

Lu Shu looked through the forum. It seemed as if this nickname was very well received. The name “demon king” had momentarily disappeared. Everyone was calling him Lord Lu!

Slowly, the forum grew viral. Students from other Cultivation Colleges discovered the forum and wanted to join in the fun. At first, it was only for Luo Shen Cultivation College students to play around. But overnight, it became a place where students from all seven major colleges gathered to talk. All the colleges were gathered here.

The administrators of the forum gave in. When they saw this, they changed the name of the forum from “Luo Shen Cultivation College Forum” to “Cultivation College Forum”.

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