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"They… They should die instead? This is not possible… Hong Tianmeng is way more powerful than I am and he has a lot of help. Supposedly speaking, there's no way I can win that fight!" said Bro Huo.

"Since you know how powerful I am, I would suggest you to put down your prey and get the h.e.l.l out out of my face!"

"Doctor… Please put down the deer… We don't have an option this time…"

"Give us the deer and I will let the two of you live!"

Suddenly, they could hear a cool voice coming from far.

"Who are you?!"

Immediately, everyone turned around and looked at where the voice came from. Everyone could see that a man in a white robe and a sword hanging from his waist walked towards them. Behind him were a dozen young ladies. Judging by their clothes, those ladies should be his servants. Usually, ordinary people would never be able to come up with such an unconventional formation.

"Motherf*cker! Where did this son of a b.i.t.c.h come from? How dare he s.n.a.t.c.h my business without my permission?!"

"Hmph! The mad dog of Hong Family! You really do live up to your reputation! You are simply barking at everyone that you meet!" said the man in white robe in disdain while glaring at him.

"Motherf*cker! How dare you address me as mad dog? I'm gonna f*cking kill you! After that, I will take that deer for myself!"

Hong Tianmeng was so angry that he charged at the man in the white robe without any second thoughts. Immediately, he activated his Earth Ethereal Force and transformed into a giant rhinoceros.


The rhinoceros and Hong Tianmeng charged at the man in the white robe at the same time. Suddenly, the ground trembled and dust blew all over the place. Seemingly, the rhinoceros was adamant in destroying everything that was in its path.

"So powerful… he certainly lives up his reputation as the elder son of the legendary General Hong! This speed indicates that he has achieved Ethereal cultivation with at least 180,000 combat power! So d.a.m.n powerful!" said Bro Huo.

To Chen Xiaobei, a 180,000 combat-powered elite was just garbage to him. Considering the fact that they were at Boulder Planet that was located at the most outer part of Saint Duke Starfield, it was normal that they were weaker than expected. However, one should expect extremely powerful elites living in the core planet of the Saint Duke Starfield.


The man in white robe put away his fan and used his fist to attempt to stop Hong Tianmeng's attack. Clearly, he was really confident that his cultivation was powerful enough to defeat Hong Tianmeng.


Right after the man in the white robe extended his fist, a white tornado that was formed by his Ethereal Force was then summoned! Before everyone could realize it, every piece of vegetation around them was destroyed by the strong wind. It was so strong that it looked as if the white tornado was going to lift up the entire ground.

"Oh my G.o.d… This guy is more powerful! At least 200,000 combat power! This attack is at least at 200,000 combat power!" said Bro Huo.

"Trash is fighting with tras.h.!.+ Nothing impressive!" said Chen Xiaobei.

"What? Trash fighting with trash?! Two Ethereal cultivated elites are fighting against each other! And you just called them trash… That's…" replied Bro Huo.

"Are you trying to call me arrogant?" said Chen Xiaobei with his shoulders shrugged and a sly smile on his face.


The fight had officially begun. Just as expected, the rhinoceros was shredded by the white tornado with ease. Clearly, there was a huge gap between their cultivation!


Hong Tianmeng spat out a mouthful of warm blood and he was sent flying away.

"Wow! Our master is so powerful! He is most handsome and the coolest!"

Upon seeing that, all those women that stood behind the man started to cheer for him.

"So… So d.a.m.n powerful… I can't believe that our master could be defeated by a single hit!"

Filled with fear, the group of that came with Hong Tianmeng started to treat the man in the white robe with respect. At the same time, the few middle-aged men who stood in front of the camp nodded their heads as well.

"The eldest son of Fu Family from the forth battlefield is a nothing but a prodigy! Considering the fact that he has achieved such a powerful cultivation at 25, I think his future will be limitless!"

"What?! You are from Fu Family?! The prodigy of the forth battlefield, Fu Ziyun?!" asked Hong Tianmeng.

"That's right! I'm Fu Ziyun! I'm gonna ask you one more time! Are you going to surrender to me?!" asked Fu Ziyun.

"I surrender! I surrender!"

Rendered powerless, Hong Tianmeng had no choice but to admit his defeat.

"Good! Collect your minions and get out of my sight!"

"Let's leave…"

Hong Tianmeng stood up and quickly prepared to leave the place.

"Just get lost already! Your cultivation is tras.h.!.+ You wouldn't challenge my master if you were in your right mind! Now get out from our sight!" said the group of servants.

"All of you…"

Feeling angry, Hong Tianmeng wanted to charge at the group of servants and slap them to death. However, he would never dare to do so. He had to look for other ways to vent his anger. Naturally, Chen Xiaobei became his target.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Why are you laughing at me?!"

"Laughing at you?! Since when was I laughing at you?!"

"My words are proof! I'm going to f*cking destroy you today since you laughed at me!"

"You just want to vent your anger on me, right?!"

"What is the answer is yes?! The strong prey on the weak! That's the law of nature! Since I can't defeat Fu Ziyun, it's only natural that I vent my anger on you!"

"s.h.i.+t! Hong Tianmeng is going to beat us up! We are so dead!"

Looking at Hong Tianmeng's furious look, Bro Huo could feel a sense of despair come raining down on him.

"Hong Tianmeng really is a mad dog! He just bites whoever that stands in his path!" said one of the servants.

"Little brat! Remember my promise! Put down the deer, and I will try not to kill you!" said Fu Ziyun.

"Doctor… Quick! Put down the deer! Master Fu will protect us!" said Bro Huo in an excited manner.

"First! This deer means a lot to me! No one should take it away from me! Second, how do you know that I'm just a little brat?!"

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