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Chapter 520: An Expensive Price Tag

"This is my first time concocting pills. I am not too certain about the price as well. Maybe you guys can advise me on setting the price of my pills," said Chen Xiaobei calmly.

"I have a suggestion. Master Chen Xiaobei, would you like to listen to it? The price of Master Huangfu's Black Jade Rejuvenation Pill costs thirty million! Master Chen, your pill is far more effective than his pill! They are really rare as well! I think your pill should cost three hundred million for one!"

That was ten times the price of the Black Jade Rejuvenation Pill!

Chen Xiaobei was shocked as he did not expect his pills to fetch such a high price. At that moment, he had seven Taiyi Life Enhancement Pills and twelve Bone Burning Pills! All those pills cost a couple billion! Chen Xiaobei did not even spend a single dime on concocting those pills. It was pure profit! A huge one! However, Chen Xiaobei was wondering whether those ultrrich guests would buy his pills at such a high price.

Chen Xiaobei pretended to ponder for a while and said, "I have put in a lot of expensive medicinal ingredients and effort into concocting these pills! I think the price is pretty reasonable! So, the price is fixed!"

After that, Chen Xiaobei was worried that they would negotiate the price with him.

Li Yunlin quickly said, "What a good price! I want ten of it! I can transfer the money to you within three days!"

Li Yunlin was an ultrrich man in Zhong

Province! He did not even flinch when he spent three billion! However, Chen Xiaobei was not surprised. Li was high up on the food chain. Thus, he had to deal with all kind matters that could threaten this family. Of course, he would not think twice to buy something that could keep him and his grandkid healthy and safe. The pills were actually pretty cheap for him.

"The pills are definitely worth the money! Cao Family wants to buy ten of them as well! Maybe we can talk about working with the government in the future!" Cao said.

The Cao Family was one of the four most powerful families in Dragon City! They had connections with those of the highest authority in the country. Their wealth had no end. Their name was not on the Forbes Richest list. Because of various political reasons, they did not dare to put their name on the list.

They were just like the Rothschild and Wittgenstein Family. Their wealth was enough to crush the richest people in this world. However, they chose to lay low. So, they were not that well-known among people.

Chen Xiaobei knew that Cao Family was extremely rich when Elder Cao went to Green Vine City personally to buy his four billion worth of Jade Sculptures. To them, money was just a series of numbers. Cao did not say much about working with the government. That was some top-secret stuff. However, Chen Xiaobei could guess that he was going to work with Thunder Kirin. Money would keep flowing into his account when he had enough pills to sell to them.

"Our Yap Family is small. We want to buy three Heavenly Pills event if that means to sell off everything we have! Please grant our wis.h.!.+" said Yap Xianghu desperately. Their total wealth was two billion but it was extremely hard for them to fork out nine hundred million in such a short time. However, Yap Xianghu still wanted to try his best to buy three Taiyi Life Enhancement Pills! Clearly, the pill itself was extremely attractive!

"Wu Family wants to buy three of it as well! Including the pill that Jiechao consumed earlier! I hope Mr. Chen Xiaobei

Xiaobei can sell us two more pills!" Wu Tianhe said.

"All of you are too greedy! Those are Heavenly Pills! This is not a wet market! I don't think Mr. Chen Xiaobei has around twenty pills with him!" Elder Ma said.

Everyone was shocked after hearing Elder Ma's comment.

"We lost our minds! Concocting pill is extremely difficult! I heard an alchemist can only produce one to two pills at a time. It needs months to complete the whole concocting process! I don't think Mr. Chen Xiaobei has a huge number of pills with him as well!"

Elder Ma nodded, turned to Chen Xiaobei, and said politely, "Master Chen, please bless me. I just want to buy a Heavenly Pill from you! I will definitely make it as my heirloom and pa.s.s it down from generation to generation! I'm willing to pay thirty percent more!"

The crowd started to tense up.

"I'm willing to pay fifty percent more! Xiaobei! We are good bros! You should reserve a pill for me!" said Cao.

"Mr. Chen Xiaobei! We are willing to pay fifty percent more as well! We just want to buy one Heavenly Pill!" said Yap Xianghu and Wu Tianhe.

"Mr. Chen Xiaobei, I'm willing to pay twice the price!" Li Yunlin was nervous. He did not know Chen Xiaobei that well. So, he decided to use money to fill the gap.

On the other hand, Elder Fang and Elder Yang could only watch them from far. They were really envious of them. Only the truly powerful families could afford such expensive pills! It was impossible for normal people to purchase them.

Wei Suo had a lot of money with him. However, he offended Chen Xiaobei earlier, so he did not dare to say a single word. He was feeling regretful of that idiotic move.

"You guys don't have to fight over them."

Everyone became quiet when Chen Xiaobei lifted his hand. Chen Xiaobei was actually very excited but he did not show it on his face. However, Chen Xiaobei did not plan to con them. He wanted to make sure his pill business could last long by making them his regular customers. It would not be beneficial for him if he chose to ignore business ethics. Greed was always the factor that destroyed a lot of things in this world.

Chen Xiaobei was smart enough not to let greed take over his heart. He said, "I only have seven Taiyi Life Enhancement Pills with me! Every family is limited to one pill only! The price is three hundred million! I will not increase the price! Just pay me accordingly."

Everyone was pleased after Chen Xiaobei made the announcement. They complimented Chen Xiaobei's credibility. Chen Xiaobei was the only person that sold Heavenly Pills in Jianghu! He could easily increase the price whenever he wanted! However, Chen Xiaobei decided to stick with the price that he fixed earlier. It was really admirable. Everyone would definitely buy from him again!

Chen Xiaobei was really pleased after hearing their compliments. This was the outcome that he wanted. Soon, everyone transferred the money to Chen Xiaobei's account to get their hands on the pills. The guests were really happy because they just acquired a piece of ultrrare treasure. All of them treated the pill like their baby.

Money well spent!

Wei Suo was staring at them like a baby. Some drool almost flowed out from his mouth. He gritted his teeth and mustered up enough courage to ask Chen Xiaobei, "Mr. Chen, you still have two Heavenly Pills with you! Do you mind selling one to me? Please!"


Chen Xiaobei narrowed his gaze and laughed wickedly. "Sure! I have to increase the piece because you messed with me just now!"

"Sure! I'm willing to pay as long as I can acquire this Heavenly Pill! How much are you planning to sell it for?"

"So that was 'f*cker' three times and 'f*ck you' once earlier. I'm not that greedy actually. A swear word costs you three hundred million! So, three hundred million plus 1.2 billion is 1.5 billion! Pay me and I will hand you the pill!"


Wei Suo almost spat a mouthful of blood to the ceiling.

A swear word costs three hundred million!

That was insane!

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