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"This poison is extremely lethal! It basically destroys all kind of evidence! I'm afraid all the bodies here will be dissolved completely if we had arrived half a minute later!"

Bi Yuntao's cold gaze was fixed on Chen Xiaobei when he asked, "Are you the one that killed all of them here?"


Chen Xiaobei still looked really calm as he nodded his head. It was as if the group of people that he killed earlier were just ants. Bewildered, Yap Liangchen expected that Chen Xiaobei would at least defend himself. Admitting his own crime was most certainly not what he expected.

'Is this a wise move?' thought Yap Liangchen, terrified.

"I thought you are a doctor? You are so ruthless when it comes to killing people! Though Jianghu folk are not bound by regular law, we still need to abide to rules of Jianghu!"

"Hmph! I have never wanted to abide by the rules! Moreover, they were the one that tried to kill me first! If not, I will definitely not kill them without any reason! The Body Dissolving Poison that I used on them is more valuable than their lives!"

Everyone was left baffled after hearing Chen Xiaobei's comment. Saying that the poison was more valuable than one's life was definitely arrogance on another level!

Zhuang Yuejin gulped several times and tried his best to calm down. He then asked, "Why… Why did you kill them?"

"The reason I came here is to look for medicinal ingredients. That's why I want to conceal my real ident.i.ty to ease my work here! But, those brats kept on humiliating me! They were planning on murdering me just so they could rob me of the medicinal herb that I found! In order to protect myself, I had to kill all of them with my poison! Is that wrong?"


His cowardly nature rendered him speechless when he sensed Chen Xiaobei's Qi overpowering him.

"Since you are not talking, I think you agree with what I just told you, right? I have to make a move now!"

Chen Xiaobei harrumphed - turned around and prepared to walk away from them. Finally, Yap Liangchen could let out a sigh of relief. He did not expect that they could get off the hook easily.

"Hold on right there! I have been in this Jianghu for more than thirty years yet have not heard of a poison expert such as you… Tell me now! Who are you?"

"Ignorant brats! I'm the well-known Miaojiang Poison King!"

"Insolent old fart! How dare you call my brother in ignorant brat? I think you are an old conman trying to tell us some make-believe stuff! What the f*ck is a poison king? I've not heard about it before!"

"Why are you so surprise that you have not heard about it before? Juniors like you were still being breastfed when I ventured into this Jianghu!" retorted Chen Xiaobei.


Being thrown in the pit of anger, Bi Yuntao was rendered speechless. He was after a fifty-year-old man. However, Chen Xiaobei treated him like a baby still. When age was the factor here, there was nothing he could say to refute Chen Xiaobei's comment about him.

"Have you guys heard about the Poison King?"

With a soft tone, Zhuang Yuejin asked his bodyguards. The two of them were in their forties. Shaking their heads, they too had not heard of the Poison King.

"Actually, there is an easy to make him to prove that whether he is the true Poison King!" remarked Bi Yuntao with a smile on his face.


Filled with curiosity, everyone looked at him with eyes wide open.

"Miaojiang is located at the southwest border. The area is surrounded by an ancient jungle. All the indigenous folk over there are experts at the art of poison, voodoo, and the mysterious tame-head! We have seen your poison skill. We will believe in what you told us earlier if you can show us the art of voodoo and tame-head!"

"I see now!"

"Old fart! Did you hear what my brother just said to you? Show us the art of voodoo and tame-head now!" Bi Yuntao shouted after realizing his brother's intention.

"I use them to kill people! I'm not going to show them to idiots like you guys!"

"Motherf*cker! Who are you calling idiots? I'm going to ask you one last time! Are you not going to show them to us?!"

"Yes! What can you do to me?"

"What can we do to you? My brother mentioned earlier that there are Jianghu rules that we need to abide by! This is going to turn into an eye for an eye circ.u.mstance! I'm going to cut off your head and offer it to Du Qiuyu's father! I think I will be rewarded abundantly for doing that!"

"I have told you that I killed all of them out of self-defense! I'm not going to allow you to do harm unto me if you continue to act unreasonably towards me!"

"Alright! I have always wanted to try that how powerful you are!"

A grim smile cold be seen on Bi Yunyao's face as he stretched his fingers. Chen Xiaobei could not care less about him. He turned around and looked at Zhuang Yuejin.

"Zhuang Family junior. Are you not going to do something about it?"


He was actually here to represent the Zhuang Family to deal with this matter. Considering that he was not a Jianghu person, he had absolutely no idea about the things that were happening in Jianghu. The person that stood in front of him were Bi Yuntao and a possibly legit poison king. He did not dare to offend either one! Playing dumb was the best option for now!

"Justice does not come from our conscience! It comes from our fists! Bring yourself justice if you think you are capable of doing so! Suck it in if you are not capable to do so! It is useless to beg for someone to help you!" Bi Yuntao said with a smile on his face.

"It looks like you brats are really forcing my hand!"

"Well, you can choose to stand there and do nothing! My little brother will grant you a quick death!"

"Hmph! I will break his neck! I feel so ecstatic just thinking about it!"

Bi Yuntao stuck out his tongue and licked his lips with a wicked grin his face. Actually, the two brothers did not that believe that Chen Xiaobei was the Poison King. To them, he was just trying get off the hook. With that in mind, they would definitely not let Chen Xiaobei leave this place!

"Alright! Come and fight me since you brats have already cross the line!"

"Hehe… This is a cla.s.sic fear don't strike those that knows nothing! Do you know who I am? Don't blame me for not giving you a fair warning later! My combat power is around sixteen thousand! Du Qiuyu is like a baby as compare to me!"

Bi Yunyao said in an arrogant tone.

"What?! Sixteen thousand?!"

Yap Liangchen was awestruck after knowing his combat power. On the other hand, Bi Yunyao did not know Chen Xiaobei's combat power as well. The punch that he threw on Du Qiuyu consisted of fifteen thousand combat power. With the gap of one thousand combat power, it was not possible for Chen Xiaobei to defeat Bi Yunyao.

Judging from Yap Liangchen's look, Bi Yunyao quickly realized something.

With a condescending tone, he said, "Old fart, I think your combat power is lower than me! Do you still want to fight me?"

"What do you think?"

Das.h.i.+ng out, Chen Xiaobei landed a slap on Bi Yunyao's face.


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