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A rabbit would attack an eagle in desperation. With that being said, Bu Yuntao would definitely kill Chen Xiaobei once Bi Yunyao completely recovered! Instantly, Yap Liangchen could feel the nervousness creeping up his spine. Opportunity and luck were the factors that caused Chen Xiaobei to win the fight against Bi Yunyao. Facing an elite like Bi Yuntao with eighteen thousand combat power would mean defeat for Chen Xiaobei.

"Elder!" Suddenly, Zhuang Yuejin spoke up.

"For my sake, can you please let him go? Consider that I owe you a big favor!"

"Who do you think you are? Why should I let him off for your sake?"

Chen Xiaobei might look like he did not care from the surface but he was actually feeling happy inside deep inside his heart. Finally, the fish took the bait!


Aghast, Zhuang Yuejin did not dare to show his anger.

"Y-y-yes... I'm just a n.o.body and my words carry no weight… It is only normal that you will not do it because of me! But, planting a voodoo worm is actually very easy. The hardest part is removing it!"

"What are you trying to say?" asked Chen Xiaobei, narrowing his eyes.

"You are the real Miaojiang Poison King if you can remove the voodoo worm from Bi Yunyao! On the other hand, you are just a crook if you fail to do so!"

Everyone around him could not help but roll their eyes. Even an idiot could see that Zhuang Yuejin was trying to spur Chen Xiaobei to remove the voodoo worm. There was no way that he would take the bait. However, Chen Xiaobei pretended that he was angry and shouted.

"Hmph! I can remove all kind of poisons in this world from one's body! Keep your eyes wide open and watch how I do it!"

"O-okay... Okay... Elder! Please do it!"

Hearing that, Bi Yunyao and Bi Yuntao were thrilled. Only Yap Liangchen was left puzzled; he did not understand why the smart Chen Xiaobei would take a bait like this. He was truly attempting to remove the voodoo worm from Bi Yunyao's system.

With him taking out the needles, he placed thirty around Bi Yunyao's body swiftly. The procedure mirrored the one he did to help Qi Zhenxin in the hospital. Soon, a lump could be seen slowly swelling up from his body. Chen Xiaobei then used the needle as a knife to make a small incision on the lump, picked up the voodoo worm, and put it in a small bottle.



Bi Yunyao let out a few sighs of relief.

Seeing that he was getting better, he exclaimed in surprise.

"I feel so relieved right now! I can feel that my strength is slowly coming back to me… Elder… You are a legendary individual!"

Everyone was awestruck after witnessing this incident. The way they looked at Chen Xiaobei had completely changed - filled with surprise and respect. None of them dared to treat him like a crook anymore!

"Thank you elder for saving my life! The Miaojiang Poison King is the real deal!"

Immediately, Bi Yuntao rushed to Chen Xiaobei and bowed at him in an extremely polite manner.

"Hmph! I have told you that there is no poison in this world that I can't remove!" Chen Xiaobei retorted smugly.

 Suddenly, Zhuang Yuejin realized something important. He then asked in a polite tone, "Elder, I wonder have you heard of a kind of special poison? One which would make a person's manhood bulge and bleed when he thinks about women!"

"Bleed more than a woman's period?"

"Y-y-yes! Yes indeed! Elder, do you think you can remove this poison from his body?"

"Of course, I can! Didn't you hear what I just told you? Did you turn a deaf ear on me when I talked to you?"

"No… I wouldn't dare to do that… I'm pretty sure elder you can detoxify all kind of poisons in this world! I would like to ask you a favor to help my cousin to clear out the poison from his body… I will definitely reward you handsomely after you do so!"

"Reward me handsomely? Define that."

Though he did not show any emotion on his face, he was actually pleased that the idiotic fish finally took the bait.

"Three hundred billion for the first payment! Then, I will pay you another three hundred million after my cousin recovers!" Zhuang Yuejin tapped his chest while saying that in an a.s.suring tone.

Upon hearing that, Bi Yuntao felt really nervous. One should know that the bounty reward was three hundred million. In order to claim this bounty, Bi Yuntao had to degrade himself as a faction leader to bring all his elite disciples to search for the Black Star Ganoderma. Seemingly, they were confident enough to go back to their faction with this sum of money. Asking Chen Xiaobei to heal Zhuang Bifan would mean the reward for the bounty would be reduced to naught.

Before Chen Xiaobei could give his two cents about it, Bi Yuntao rushed to speak his mind.

"Master Zhuang! I'm afraid the way you deal with it with is inappropriate! Don't forget that Master Huangfu is still at the Zhuang Family's mansion. In other words, it would be a slap in the face to Master Huangfu!


Bewildered, Zhuang Yuejin could not help but gulp. The thing that Bi Yuntao just said was the truth - as the saying went no two kings should rule one empire! He would not dare to offend Huangfu Mumin even if he had a hundred b.a.l.l.s!

"Elder, can I have your contact number? I will call you if I need your help…"

"Sure. The poison that others fail to clear, I can clear them with ease. This show that I'm more skillful than anyone in this world! However, you have to pay me double for that!"


Taken aback, Zhuang Yuejin had a conflicted look on his face. Three hundred million for the deposit and another three hundred million for healing Zhuang Bufan. He did not expect that Chen Xiaobei would ask him to double the reward. That was an extremely greedy demand.

'Well, if Huangfu Mumin fails to cure Zhuang Bufan, he would be my final resort. As compared to the money that the Zhuang Family invested in their sole heir, Zhuang Bifan - doubling the reward is truly nothing! Moreover, I don't have to pay him right away. I just have to hold on to him first.' With that thought in mind, Zhuang Yuejin quickly agreed to Chen Xiaobei's demand.

"No problem! I will pay you double the reward when I need your service! Out of courtesy, I will come and welcome you personally even."

"Alright. Seems like everything is set in stone now."

After that, Chen Xiaobei gave his contact number to Zhuang Yuejin. With that being said, a chess piece had placed in the Zhuang Family. The journey to look for Black Star Ganoderma could finally resume for everyone. Two brothers from the Bi Family had to work harder than anyone else in order to earn the bounty reward. Meanwhile, Zhuang Yuejin did not dare to waste any time as well. A lot of trouble could be avoided if he found the Black Star Ganoderma before anyone.

As for Chen Xiaobei, he had to look for the Black Heart Ganoderma first to ensure Huangfu Mumin fails to cure Zhuang Bifan. When that happens, Chen Xiaobei's Poison King t.i.tle would be secured. Followed by that, he would become the most distinguished guest of the Zhuang Family after he cures Zhuang Bifan's poison. That was Chen Xiaobei's ultimate purpose.

With the help of the Thunder Herbs Potion, Chen Xiaobei and Yap Liangchen spent the whole night looking for the Black Star Ganoderma. After a whole night of searching, they finally found it the next morning when the sun rose.

"There! The Black Star Ganoderma! My luck has just grown! In the end, I found it first before anyone else!"

Chen Xiaobei was ecstatic when he saw the Black Star Ganoderma.

"Bro Bei! Be careful!" Yap Liangchen suddenly screamed and jumped on him.


A gunshot could be heard. The bullet was meant for Chen Xiaobei but Yap Liangchen took it for him with his chest.

"Who did that?!"

Instantly, Chen Xiaobei's anger reached boiling point.

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