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It would probably take some time for the people of Helcrown and the elves to become acquainted with each other, but the process should not be too difficult. The elves had a high affinity for foreign races, and the people of Helcrown, who were willing to follow Y'zaks to this world were all diehard followers. They were steadfast in their pursuit of the "Great Unification". They embraced a multi-racial society without any criticisms.

There was another important reason: those who had the same misfortune sympathized with each other. Both parties had to flee their own country. When they met, the elves and the demons looked at each other with tears in their eyes...

One Helcrown settled down on the coast, the elves of Aerym started to fix the big, monstrous object. The engineers began to reshape the seafloor's rock formations, fixing Helcrown onto the planet with incredible supernatural powers. The city also dispatched a group of staff to come into contact with the elves and check if Helcrown sustained any damages during the journey. After all, it was not a professional s.p.a.cecraft. They did not know if there was any damage upon entering the atmosphere.

Lanina came to the beach after handing over some work to Zadamor. She met the ruler of Aerym for the first time, and soon found that her life form seemed to differ from ordinary people. Nonetheles, the smart demoness did not show it on her face. She bowed before Hilda with proper courtesy and said, "Your Majesty, thank you for your a.s.sistance. I have heard from our king—"

"You don't have to be so courteous." Hao Ren was the kind of guy who could not stand the diplomatic rhetoric. He interrupted Lanina before she could finish her sentence. "Just get along well with each other. Don't get so tense and rigid. You're all renting the land; just be good neighbors and look after each other…"

Lanina's tail formed several knots in the air. The demoness was speeches after listening to Hao Ren. However, there was nothing she could do about it—it was his land. The situation was truly unprecedented: the representatives of the two civilizations were seriously engaged in a close encounter of the third kind. It was like being in a UN conference, but Hao Ren only took it as a few more new tenants in his house... What a different perspective!

Luckily there was one person who was able to think further. Vivian reminded Y'zaks and Hilda, "It's better for you two to agree on a mutually acceptable outline of coexistence from the outset. For example, your respective areas of activity and future expansion of the territory according to development needs. What to do with your respective cultural conflicts? The problem of resources on this planet. How the trade between the two sides unfolds? Even if the two civilizations will come together in the future, you two, as the contemporary rulers, will have to consider the long-term path as well. I have lived longer than you. I've seen too many of the rise and fall of civilizations. Idealized alliance ideas are unreliable. It's best to make it clear."

It looked weird when the vampire lady was saying these with a youthful face…

Hilda's body was s.h.i.+mmering and seemed to be thinking. She then nodded and said, "Vivian got a good point. I will proceed to arrange some investigations and meetings, and make an early and secure coexistence with the new neighbors."

Then she smiled and said, "It's not really a big problem. The universe is so vast. We all know that the real wealth is in the depths of the stars. There are enough to feed countless generations. A race that looks at the entire universe does not waste its limited energy on scrambling for a planet. We just need to do a good job of cultural harmony."

Hao Ren also added a few words, "Considering your special immigration process, I think G.o.ddess will focus on you all. So you all also have to think about how to deal with the G.o.ddess in the future. Also, you have to keep in touch with me. I have to know your situation at any time."

Y'zaks found it to be very reasonable and then nodded vigorously. "Yes, the G.o.ddess gave us a green light this time. And I don't know how many times she will have to take care of us in the future. By the way, Hilda, haven't you already established a religion? Believe in the G.o.ddess. I think this religion can also be introduced to my people, perhaps this is a good cultural bridge ..."

The moment Y'zaks finished his words, Lanina's tail suddenly stood up like a root stick and trembled in the air like she got an electric shock. "King, do you mean to promote faith in G.o.ddess among the people?"

Y'zaks smiled and said, "What's wrong with that? You also know that G.o.ddess. She's a real G.o.ddess, and it's worth following. We can't get there without her."

Lanina looked a little tangled and said, "I know... but we never wors.h.i.+p G.o.d. Since you formed the legion, we are all contempt for all forms of religious beliefs ... Even the propaganda is going in the direction of mockery. It's not easy to change the habit of hundreds of years."

Y'zaks touched his chin and said, "Hmm, that makes sense. Anyway, we must slowly put the concept of 'G.o.ddess' to everyone. This is a true G.o.ddess, not those false G.o.ds in our homeland. The G.o.ddess can't be vilified. And we must be grateful."

Then Y'zaks asked Vimm casually, "How do you call on new believers? Although I've met the G.o.ddess a few times, I really did not dare to ask things about this."

For a second, Vimm's expression looked interesting. He hesitated, looked at Hao Ren, and then smiled. "Try to believe in the G.o.ddess a little. It's free anyway."

"... Are you serious?" Y'zaks asked.

Hao Ren and Vimm slapped their foreheads and said in unison, "The G.o.ddess is serious!"

"Oh," Y'zaks said.

Looking at the busy scene of the city, Y'zaks was pondering. Suddenly, he sighed and ordered Lanina, "Let Zadamor run the city in the future. He is good at internal affairs, he can manage the city and people better than you do. There should be no war in the future, so you can help dealing with the internal affairs and serve as a liaison between the new Aerym Planet and the Earth. Y'lisabet is still young. She will be crowned king after she reaches the age of 600. Before this ... I'm going to bother you two."

Lanina looked even more bewildered now. She gazed at Y'zaks and asked, "King, do you ... Aren't you going to stay?"

"What am I staying for?" Y'zaks said and smiled. "Serathon said something quite right before he died. My time has pa.s.sed. The reign of the old demon king has its end. I can only let the empire run in the form of a war machine, but what the people need now is a secure environment to recuperate and rebuild the culture. This is not an old man like me can handle. I'm not even as good as Y'lisabet at this. So I should step down wisely. At least I'm not going to be a fatuous king."

Lanina immediately yelled, "How could you a fatuous king…"

Y'zaks gently waved his hand and said, "I'm not fatuous during the war, but it's hard to say in peacetime. Kings.h.i.+p is not eternal. My kid, you should be happy, for I am to retire from the throne, not to be kicked out. I believe you and Zadamor will be able to maintain our empire before Y'lisabet coronation and continue to a.s.sist Y'lisabet after her succession. Oh, Zadamor has proved that he can do well in this aspect, and I believe that my adopted daughter will also do it well."

Looking at Y'zaks resolute face, Lanina could only nod and said, "I got it."

Y'zaks put Y'lisabet down from his shoulder. The little girl blinked her big eyes at her father, looked like she did not really understand what her dad just said. However, Hao Ren reckoned that the smart little girl should understand it.

"My girl, also remember this, the kings.h.i.+p is not eternal," Y'zaks said while he was touching Y'lisabet's head. "I told you many years ago, one day my reign will reach its end and you, will take the crown..."

Hao Ren then covered his face and muttered, "If one day the old king were defeated, these words are to blame…"

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