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The next day!

Six o'clock in the morning. Everyone was still fast asleep and still didn't know what had transpired online.

It was a huge bomb, and it was starting to trend online.

'Shock!, Qing Zhou's G.o.dfather Ma Mu Feng gave himself up because of a man, this man…'

Headlines started popping up everywhere online.

'Ma Qing Zhou surrendered to the authorities last night, as shocking secrets are revealed.'

'Qing Zhou shaken, many people in trouble.'

'How did Master Lin do this? Just a few words and Ma Qing Zhou Confesses?'

'Lawless tyrant of Qing Zhou gave himself over to the authorities.'

'Ma Qing Zhou exposes all his patrons and shocks the nation.'

The netizens.

"d.a.m.n! Is this for real? Is this just another fake news campaign?"

"It's not that easy to fabricate all of this."

"I never thought that Qing Zhou was that dangerous and had this kind of people? How lawless is that place?"

"Did anyone notice Master Lin's involvement in this? This is Master Lin we are talking about."

"I noticed. This is the famous Master Lin on Weibo."

"I've followed him before. I think it's because Ma Qing Zhou had a terminal illness and wanted Master Lin to cure him. Lin Fan said that he wasn't a good person and refused to cure him and instead went all the way to Qing Zhou to pay him a personal visit. Now, G.o.dfather Ma has given himself up and what does this all say? Did anyone bother to stop to a.n.a.lyze this?"

"Everything is clear. It definitely is because Master Lin is justice and screwed this brat over really hard."

"Makes sense."

The netizens of Qing Zhou.

"I'm so happy! I woke up to this wonderful news. I'm going to buy fireworks and go for a holiday just to celebrate!"

"Haha! The citizens of Qing Zhou should all take time to celebrate this momentous occasion."

"Thanks to Master Lin. I can't thank Master Lin enough."

"Although I still don't know why Ma Qing Zhou gave himself up, I know that it has something to do with Master Lin. Many thanks to Master Lin."

"Ma Qing Zhou has caused so much trouble in Qing Zhou for so many years and has finally crumbled. All his accomplices have also been exposed and awaiting interrogation. Finally some sweet justice!"

"This case has impacted the citizens of Qing Zhou greatly. Many people have taken to the streets to celebrate."

This case had a huge impact. If they had followed their standard procedure, they would have investigated the case for about a month or so. But it was different this time. Ma Mu Feng had cooperated actively with the police officers and didn't wait for the police to interrogate him slowly. Instead, he said everything that he knew even before the police officers could ask him.

He told them everything, from his account book all the way to the places where he hid his money.

The police officers who were investigating the case couldn't believe what they were seeing. This was never before seen- no criminal would willingly give u everything they knew just like that.

The higher-ups in the police department were paying close attention to the case. They sent down a high-ranking official to handle the case.

They wanted to take the opportunity to bring other evil-doing bigshots to light, with the case progressing at lightning speed.

In one clean sweep, they managed to locate two hundred and thirty people who had ties to G.o.dfather Ma and they began investigating them.

The number of people who were pinpointed grew steadily as G.o.dfather Ma spilled even more of the truth.

A few of the offenders even began to go to the authorities to confess what they did even before they were caught.

At this moment, Lin Fan was already in the taxi. He had already bought his plane tickets and was ready to go back to Shanghai.

He opened his Weibo.

The comments made Lin Fan smile.

"Thank you Master Lin, Qing Zhou is grateful to you forever."

"Thank you Master Lin, Qing Zhou is grateful to you forever."


The comments were coming in torrents. From the top to bottom, it was hard to tell how many Qing Zhou residents went to Master Lin's Weibo to thank him.

Inside the taxi, Lin Fan looked around, rubbing his eyes as he let out a huge yawn.

"Sir, why are you looking at me," Lin Fan grinned, looking back at the taxi driver.

"Are you Master Lin?" the driver asked.

"Yep, that's me," Lin Fan replied.

The taxi driver began to beam with delight after Lin Fan had come clean. "Master Lin, it really is you. I can't thank you enough. You are the hero of Qing Zhou. That Ma Mu Fend has caused us so much despair for too long and after your intervention, Qing Zhou will once again be a safe place."

Lin Fan waved him away calmly. "Nothing much, it didn't really require much effort on my part anyway."

For Lin Fan, this case was really small for him. However, for the citizens of Qing Zhou, this was liberation for them.

The driver took out his intercom, "My fellow brothers, guess who I'm driving? It's Master Lin! He's sitting in my car right now and we're headed to the airport. Do you guys have anything to say?"


Not long after, the intercom was full of chatter.

"Is it really Master Lin? You aren't kidding right?"

"Thank you Master Lin! We taxi drivers have been controlled and exploited by Ma Qing Zhou for too long, and today, we will no longer be exploited."

"My turn! Let me say something! My family was destroyed by that b*stard and my brothers were all beaten up by his men and sent to the hospital. Now that he's behind bars, I am eternally grateful to you!"

The intercom crackled with endless messages of grat.i.tude and Lin Fan felt like he was out of place.

Such a lowly person in face of so much grat.i.tude. He didn't know what to do. He was just bursting on the inside.

"You are welcome guys. This is something small. As long as justice exists, even if I don't bring it, someone else will."

"Correct, justice is with us, and I believe strongly in that. If a pa.s.senger drops something in my cab, I'll definitely contact the pa.s.senger and return it. Even if I don't, I'll find any way to try to get the item back to them."

"Master Lin is just too humble! Brothers, let us go to the airport to send Master Lin off!"

"Right! Let's go!"

Lin Fan was pleasantly shocked, "Eh, you guys really don't have to."

"No, we must. We as citizens of Qing Zhou are really thankful for what you did. This is just a small gesture of our appreciation, and we must take care of you well."

"Well that is for sure. It is my fortune to have Master Lin sit in my car. I won't clean that seat for a month, to leave some of Master Lin's good luck on it."


Lin Fan was speechless. The people of Qing Zhou were too warm and welcoming.

On the road.

A middle-aged man was looking for a car and at that moment, an empty car pa.s.sed by as the driver rolled down the window. "Brother, if I can trouble you. I need to rush to the airport. Master Lin is about to leave Qing Zhou and I must send him off. I'll pay you anything to have your car for the day and you take public transport."

The driver looked at him, processing what he had just said. "What? Master Lin is going to the airport? d.a.m.n! This is such a huge event and I don't know about it? This hero is about to leave! How can we not send him off? Come hop on! It's free!"


On the car, the two guys were chatting.

"Did you know, I was shocked when I watched the news this morning? I thought I was still dreaming, and I didn't think that it was actually real. The government just released a public statement just now, stating that Ma Mu Feng will return all the land that he had acquired in the past, and if he can't pay back, he will give back the land amount in cash. I finally get the land from my old house back!" the middle-aged man said excitedly.

The driver laughed gleefully, "Same, when I was working as a taxi driver last time, it was such a terrible time. Ma Qing Zhou would charge commission twice that of other cities. At the end of the day, we couldn't earn anything. Now, everything will be good and back to normal."

"Careful, don't speed. Although we are rus.h.i.+ng to the airport, we shouldn't neglect our safety."

"Yes, yes. Don't get too excited."

This situation was happening all over Qing Zhou.

And many people came to know that Master Lin was about to leave Qing Zhou.

A few citizens hopped into their cars and sped off to the airport, wanting to catch a glimpse of Master Lin.

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