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Chapter 2322: Learn to Take a Joke

When Fu Yunjie saw that Huang Xiaolong had comprehended the seventh stele, he clenched his fist, and hatred flashed in his eyes. Not only did Huang Xiaolong comprehend it faster than him, but the recognition he obtained from the stele was even higher!

Huang Xiaolong didn’t stop, and he arrived at the eighth stele.

“Is he really attempting to comprehend the eighth stele?” Someone in the crowd stuttered in disbelief.

“It’s been more than five million years since anyone comprehended the eighth stele! It will really be an eye opener if he manages to comprehend it!”

“Hey, hey, so what if he comprehends the eighth stele? Do you really think that someone with such lousy talent will be able to comprehend so many steles? He spent less than a minute on the steles so far! Everything you see is a lie! My guess is that the law enforcement squad is here to capture him after the examination for interrogation!”

Some of the experts started discussing fervently amongst themselves.

However, none of them dared to yell, and they whispered in hushed voices in fear of the law enforcement squad.

Ignoring the discussion below him, Huang XIaolong placed his hand on the eighth stele.

The entire plaza quietened down.

Seconds pa.s.sed.

Similar to the seventh stele, after twenty second, the eighth stele lit up as holy lights interweaved to form a pillar that pierced into the heavens.

Phantoms of supreme experts appeared and hovered above the bridge and their chants pa.s.sed into Huang Xiaolong’s mind. It was as though they were pa.s.sing down the holy dao directly to their successor.

The four supreme beings, who were currently observing the examination in the void above the bridge, felt a tremor running through their bodies. They turned to stare at the phantoms.

“This brat is too monstrous…. His talent is really heaven defying.” Lord Long smiled bitterly, “Why do I feel like my talent is lesser than trash in front of this kid?”

One of the handsome young man with dark blue eyes smiled bitterly, “Stop talking about yourself. Even I feel this way!”

He was the widely acknowledged future number two in the Holy World! However, he had to admit his inferiority when he looked at Huang Xiaolong’s results.

The Heavenly Master smiled, “Stop making fun of each other. How long do you think he will take to comprehend all twelve steles?”

The last expert revealed a bitter smile. “I’m not playing this game anymore. I estimated that he would take fifteen seconds to comprehend the first stele, but the little monster comprehended it in less than a second and embarra.s.sed the sh*t out of me!”

Lord Long smiled, “That’s right, Brother Wu and I shouldn’t embarra.s.s ourselves further….”

“Back then, I used a total of forty-three minutes to comprehend the twelfth stele!” The handsome young man lamented, “This brat should take nearly twenty minutes… Right?”

Wu Ge, Yu Mingjiang, and the remaining expert was stunned speechless when they heard the conversation between the four supreme beings.

Other than the four supreme beings, no one had been able to comprehend all twelve steles ever since the creation of the Holy Bridge! Even Li Chen, who was acknowledged as the most talented disciple in the Holy Heavens had only managed to comprehend eleven of them!

However, the four of them predicted that Huang Xiaolong would be able to comprehend all twelve steles?!

Moreover, Tyrant Chu had even said that Huang Xiaolong would only need twelve minutes!

As for the clueless people standing under the bridge, they were shocked that Huang Xiaolong managed to comprehend the eighth stele.

Fu Yunjie’s eyes turned red as sinister thoughts ran through his mind. “This piece of sh*t actually managed to comprehend the eighth stele!”

According to the rules of the Holy Heavens, one could become an inner disciple as long as they comprehended six steles! If one could comprehend the seventh stele, they would be able to take an elder as their master!

After comprehending the eighth stele, one could become the disciple of a grand elder!

Feng Yuanyuan turned to stare at Fu Yunjie and she comforted, “Brother Yunjie, don’t worry too much. Even if he manages to comprehend the twelfth stele, he wouldn’t be accepted into the Holy Heavens! How can someone with his talent join the organization? If the Holy Heavens were to accept him, wouldn’t they turn into the laughing stock of the Holy World?”

Fan Xia nodded, “That’s right, Yunjie. The Holy Heavens won’t possibly accept a n.o.body like him as a disciple.”

Their discussion entered Huang Xiaolong’s ears, and he snorted before making his way to the ninth stele.

Without any surprise, the ninth stele lit up after twenty seconds. The only difference this time was that the phantoms above the bridge seemed more alive.

He comprehended the ninth stele!

His achievement meant that he could take a vice hall master, or even a hall master as his teacher!

A huge uproar broke out in the crowd.

Inside one of the luxurious manors in the Holy Heavens City, a bunch of core disciples in the Holy Heavens were talking about the happenings in the Holy World.

“Senior Brother Li Chen, I heard that the Devil Palace recruited a female disciple called Tian Feng a few days ago. Rumor has it that her talent is no lower than Dou Rui from the Devil Palace!” One of the Holy Princes, Lin Yijia, said.

Sitting in the central seat, Li Chen was astounded as he slowly nodded his head, “If that’s the case, we will have to pay more attention to her.”

Another of the Holy Princes, Xie Yao, smiled, “So what if this Tian Feng has talent no weaker than Dou Rui? Even Dou Rui is no match for our Senior Brother Li Chen! Why should we bother with a new disciple?”

“That’s right, Dou Rui’s talent is only a tenth of Senior Brother Li Chen! Senior Brother Li Chen is the strongest among the cultivators of the younger generation!” Chen Kai added.

Lin Yijia’s summoning signal vibrated, and a stunned expression soon formed on his face after he scanned through the report.

“Senior Brother Yijia, that’s…?” Xie Yao asked as a strange feeling blossomed in his heart.

Lin Yijia stared at everyone present and a weird look appeared on his face. “I just received a report that someone comprehended the ninth stele!”

“What?!” Everyone was startled.

There hasn’t been any new disciples who has managed such a feat since a long time ago. Anyone who could do so was destined to rise in the Holy Heavens. Becoming a core disciple was only a matter of time.

Even Li Chen was shocked, “Why didn’t I hear of it?”

The other core disciples were curious as well. No matter what, the other party should have spent a long time on the bridge. It was impossible for them to not receive any news about his performance.

Lin Yijia’s expression became even thicker, “He… He started the test a minute ago!”

Started the test a minute ago!

The main hall fell into silence and everyone stared at him like they were staring at a clown.

Not long after, Xie Yao laughed and broke the silence, “Brother Yijia, when did you learn to joke around?”

Everyone broke into laughter on cue, and even someone like Li Chen shook his head. It was clear that none of them thought that it was possible.

Comprehending the ninth stele a minute after starting the test? What kind of sick joke was Lin Yijia playing on them?

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