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Chapter 2466: Xiao Baili’s Complete Dao Saint G.o.dhead

In the next second, the crowd saw the ghost soldier’s caved-in chest had returned to normal, as if all his injuries had healed in the blink of an eye, as he continued to attack Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong was slightly shocked seeing this, as these Ghost Talisman Holy Ground’s ghost soldiers really lived up to their reputation.

After a series of quick exchances, the fifty ghost soldiers realized that Huang Xiaolong’s attacks could not break the defenses on their bodies, thus their attacks grew increasingly aggressive and crazy. Ghostly shrieks sounded with every swing of their fists, and their fists force turned into a tide of yin ghosts that dominated the battle stage stage, bedazzling the crowd below.

From a distance, it appeared as if Huang Xiaolong was besieged and overwhelmed by a sea of ferocious ghosts. Huang Xiaolong struck out desperately with his palms and fists as if he was trying to shoo away these ghosts entangling him.

However, the more Huang Xiaolong tried to shoo away these ghosts, the number of ghosts entangling him increased. In the end, all around Huang Xiaolong, from above his head to his legs, there were shrieking yin ghosts. Furthermore, Huang Xiaolong’s speed was obviously reduced as time pa.s.sed.

Soon, more and more people noticed this situation, and shockingly they realized that these ghost soldiers were more terrifying than they had imagined.

Gui Buw.a.n.g smiled watching the battle on the stage, and the worm-like ghost runes on his face wriggled around, enhancing his eeriness.

The Holy Race’s Xiao Baili’s brows creased slightly, and he said to Bai Moyang, “Master, is Huang Xiaolong going to lose?”

Bai Moyang shook his head, “ It’s hard to say.”

One of the Holy Race’s Eminent Elder smiled and said, “I say, this Huang Xiaolong ain’t as powerful as rumors claim to be. He can’t even deal with the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground’s ghost soldiers, yet he wants to challenge the entire Holy World. What a joke!? The preparations we’ve made for so long are in vain. I think without Baili going out, any one of our disciples can easily defeat him!”

Experts in the crowd shook their heads in resignation, watching Huang Xiaolong’s movements become slower, as he was entangled by numerous ghosts, unable to extricate himself.

“It looks like one thing restrains another.” The Scarlet Flame Holy Gate’s Patriarch sneered mockingly, “Although Huang Xiaolong’s defenses and power are amazing, he still can’t withstand these ghost soldiers’ yin soul force. These ghost soldiers’ yin soul force has already encroached into Huang Xiaolong’s body, and not even his All-Bodhisattvas Saint G.o.dhead’s power could expel it. It will be increasingly hard for him to employ the energy in his body. Therefore, his movements and reactions are becoming slower and slower!”

The Scarlet Flame Holy Gate Patriarch, Blue Whale Race Patriarch, and the others, who had grudges with Huang Xiaolong, naturally wanted to see Huang Xiaolong die at the hands of these ghost soldiers. The more miserable he became, the happier they would be.

As for Xie Yao, as he saw that Huang Xiaolong had fallen downwind in the battle and looked strenuous as he tried to hold on, he was about to whoop out in joy when four blazing fires flew out from Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Roars of four divine fires’ spirits rang through the Mirage Pavilion.

The four divine fires’ spirits, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise, flew in circles around Huang Xiaolong, and the light from bright burning flames shone out from the Mirage Pavilion towards the s.p.a.ce outside.

The yin soul force that invaded Huang Xiaolong’s body was all burned till nothing was left.

Huang Xiaolong’s body rose high into the air, and with a twist, he transformed into a giant blue dragon!

Everyone was stunned speechless, watching Huang Xiaolong suddenly turn into a giant blue dragon. During this split second, Huang Xiaolong’s dragon claw slammed onto the stage.

“Four Seas Heavy Palm!” Huang Xiaolong’s icy voice rang in everyone’s ears.

In an instant, a storm of giant dragon claws’ force turned into tides of boundless four seas, slamming on to ghost soldiers on the stage.


Just like a meteor of chaos mountains. .h.i.tting the earth at the same time, the entire battle stage quaked violently as if the world was falling apart.

All ferocious yin ghosts disappeared, and there were no shadows of the ghost soldiers. Instead, there were the flattened bodies of ghost soldiers on the stage. The ghost swords were crushed to smithereens under the force of Huang Xiaolong’s attack.

The power of one attack was so terrifyingly overwhelming!

Everyone was jarred by the abrupt change.

Originally, everyone in the crowd had thought that Huang Xiaolong was bound to lose, seeing him being suppressed by the mult.i.tude of yin ghosts. Who would’ve thought that Huang Xiaolong would suddenly transform, and one dragon claw would turn defeat into victory!

Li Chen, Xie Bufan, Dou Rui, Lin Xiaoying, Tan Juan, Ji Xinyi, and the others stared at the blue dragon in absolute shock. Dragon Race?! A blue dragon at that?

Between this heaven and earth, they had never heard of the existence of a blue dragon….

Before anyone reacted, Huang Xiaolong had returned to his human form, and landed on the stage again. He walked towards the ghost soldiers. Although these ghost soldiers were flattened by Huang Xiaolong’s dragon claw, they had not died yet. Their flesh was wriggling on the stage floor, while yin soul force circulated around their bodies as they tried to recover.

But would Huang Xiaolong allow them to recover? His palms extended out and the suction force from his palms peeled these ghost soldiers off the stage, right to his front. He circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium and began devouring these ghost soldiers.

Although these ghost soldiers were cultivated with secret methods, similar to puppets,, they were still humans with high talents at the core. They too had complete dao saint G.o.dheads, saint bloodlines, and saint physiques.

But, just as Huang Xiaolong was about to devour these ghost soldiers, Gui Buw.a.n.g harrumphed coldly and a powerful surge of yin soul force rushed towards Huang Xiaolong.

Since Gui Buw.a.n.g was a Ninth Heavens True Saint expert, merely a fraction of his yin soul force was extremely powerful. If Huang Xiaolong was. .h.i.t by this attack, he would suffer severe injuries to his soul even with the protection of his three holy souls.

Wu Ge had been keeping an eye on Gui Buw.a.n.g the entire time. Hence, the moment Gui Buw.a.n.g made a move, Wu Ge caught it immediately. There were no flamboyant movements, but a golden light glimmered in his eyes, and its power collided with Gui Buw.a.n.g’s yin soul force.

In high air, the two opposing forces collide endlessly.

Sensing this, the surrounding experts swiftly acted, forming protective barriers to protect the disciples of their own forces.

Both Wu Ge and Gui Buw.a.n.g retreated one step from the impact of the rebound.

“Gui Buw.a.n.g, you dare to sneak an attack?!” Wu Ge’s eyes were icy cold as he barked, “Did the Ghost Talisman Holy Ground appear again just so you can be exterminated once more?!”

But Gui Buw.a.n.g was unfl.u.s.tered despite having his sneak attack impeded by Wu Ge, and he chuckled in response. “Don’t be so serious, Grand Hall Master Wu Ge. I was merely testing how st.u.r.dy the stage’s protective barrier is just now, and I have no intention of doing anything to Huang Xiaolong.”

Wu Ge snorted in disdain, “If this happens again, then don’t blame me if the Holy Heavens holds you inside the Mirage Pavilion forever!”

Gui Buw.a.n.g chuckled, but did not say another word.

At this point, Huang Xiaolong had already finished devouring those ghost soldiers.

The Holy Heavens’ hall masters’ and grand elders’ tensed nerves relaxed. There were big smiles on their faces as they cheered, clapping their hands.

The Holy Race’s Bai Moyang also clapped and shouted ‘good’ several times. The Holy Race’s experts also followed their patriarch’s action.

Gui Buw.a.n.g’s gaze coldly swept over Bai Moyang, with a gloomy face.

On the other hand, Huang Xiaolong’s attention was on Xiao Baili.

In a flash, Xiao Baili went up the battle stage.

This time, the Holy Race were only sending Xiao Baili. It was obvious they had great confidence in him.

On the battle stage, Huang Xiaolong and Xiao Baili stood face to face.

The noisy crowd suddenly quieted.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Xiao Baili. Others, probably, could not sense the other aura hidden within Xiao Baili’s body, but Huang Xiaolong, who had three holy souls, detected it. This aura was what gave Huang Xiaolong the feeling of danger.

A light flickered in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes. One point was clear that this aura or energy did not belong to Xiao Baoli. Could there be a True Saint Realm’s existence within Xiao Baili’s body? Or did the Holy Race deliberately seal a terrifying power inside Xiao Baili’s body?

“Huang Xiaolong, your talent is indeed the highest one amongst the younger generation I’ve come across so far, but unfortunately, both of your complete dao saint G.o.dheads have only evolved close to the top twenty ranks. Therefore, your current strength is far from enough to be my opponent,” Xiao Baili spoke after a moment.

Then, he summoned his complete dao saint G.o.dhead out from his body.

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