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Chapter 2654: Huang Xiaolong, It’s Your Turn Now!

The Moyue Race’s disciples were ecstatic and euphoric after seeing that Mo Wunian had broken through to Primal Ancestor Realm and joined the ranks of invincible Primal Ancestor experts. They had thought that Mo Wunian would defeat Yuan Qianxing, and even if he failed to do so, he would be able to fight Yuan Qianxing to a draw at the very least.

But in the blink of an eye, Yuan Qianxing had smashed Mo Wunian down from high air to the ground in one move, making him cough up blood.

This had caused a tiny crack to appear in their belief, and they were shocked to the core.

Before Mo Wunian had entered the Primal Ancestor Realm, he was capable of defeating early First Resurrection Primal Ancestors, and now that he had entered Primal Ancestor Realm, his strength could only be stronger. But contararily, Mo Wunian was powerless against Yuan Qianxing’s attack, and he was even coughing up blood!

Doesn’t that mean that Yuan Qianxing’s strength…?!

Long Shengtian’s and Fei Yanzi’s expressions changed greatly.

The Otherworldly Mansion Master Mo Zhi frowned subconsciously at this result. Although it had crossed his mind that Mo Wunian would not be Yuan Qianxing’s opponent, Mo Wunian should have at least been able to last some time against Yuan Qianxing, making him pay a big price. But who would’ve thought that Mo Wunian would suffer heavy injuries in just one exchange!

Yuan Qianxing is so terrifying after comprehending the Return to Origin dao art!

Or was Yuan Qianxing concealing his strength in the past?

Everyone was shaken by the strength Yuan Qianxing had displayed, and they sucked in a breath of cold air. There had never been such an ugly expression on Mo Wunian’s face as there was now.


Suddenly, someone applauded and cheered. It was the Myriad Origin Race’s Yuan w.a.n.gfeng.

As the sound of Yuan w.a.n.gfeng’s applause echoed, other Myriad Origin Race experts recovered from their shock and began to clap and shout excitedly. The Enchantress Race’s and Golden Buddha Race’s experts also joined in the excitement.

Yao Ji let out a dramatic giggle, “Mo Wunian, even though you are hailed as Moyue Race’s most talented junior disciple, you are nothing more than rubbish in front of Senior Brother Yuan Qianxing.”

Yuan w.a.n.gfeng let out an unbridled laugh. “The way I see it, even ten Mo Wunians wouldn’t be Yuan Qianxing’s opponent!”

The entire time, Huang Xiaolong was watching with a calm expression.

Yuan Qianxing’s strength surprised him, but then again, he was merely surprised.

Feitian Longpeng felt his throat going dry. He leaned in and whispered to Huang Xiaolong, “Your Highness, Yuan Qianxing…?!”

Feitian Longpeng had an idea about Huang Xiaolong’s strength, and how he had once forced back the Golden Buddha Race’s old ancestor Chan Yuli. Not just that, but he also knew that a group of Flying Heaven Race’s Eminent Elders had failed to suppress Huang Xiaolong despite having activated the Flying Heaven Grand Formation. And yet, he couldn’t help but feel worried after witnessing Yuan Qianxing’s strength today.

After all, the visual impact of watching Mo Wunian smashed down from high air was jolting.

Probably, even the majority of Second Resurrection Primal Ancestor experts would be helpless against Mo Wunian, who had entered Primal Ancestor Realm, but the same Mo Wunian had seemed so weak against Yuan Qianxing.

After glancing at Feitian Longpeng’s conflicted face, Huang Xiaolong smiled and teased, “What, you’re afraid I will lose?”

Feitian Longpeng scratched his head in embarra.s.sment due to Huang Xiaolong’s question. He couldn’t really say to Huang Xiaolong that he was really afraid that he would lose, could he?

On the battle stage, Yuan Qianxing leisurely approached Mo Wunian with his hands clasped behind him, as if he was taking an evening stroll around his back garden.

“Didn’t I say that the two of you should come together, so you could die together? Clearly, you didn’t listen at all,” Yuan Qianxing ridiculed Mo Wunian.

Mo Wunian’s face darkened and robust strands of darkness energy emerged, wrapping around his body, as his icy voice sounded, “Yuan Qianxing, you haven’t won yet, so don’t feel happy too early!”

Mo Wunian’s momentum was stronger than before, and the dark light from his pupils created a world of darkness, and numerous dark saints emerged by his side. Heaven and earth once again plummeted into darkness. Other than Primal Ancestor experts, the rest felt a suffocation from the coercion coming off Mo Wunian.

“Flames of Darkness!”

Mo Wunian’s chilling voice rang once again as his ten fingers moved. Immediately, the Flames of Darkness submerged the land like a tsunami of dark waters, reaching Yuan Qianxing in a split second.

The Flames of Darkness did not have any light belonging to a fire and they resembled black and dark souls, but it’s power was not weaker than the Light of Darkness either. However, the Flames of Darkness’ attacks were more peculiar, making them unpredictable.


Yuan Qianxing harrumphed coldly, and repeated the same move, punching out with both his fists.

“What b*lls.h.i.+t Light of Darkness… and Flame of Darkness? In my opinion, all these were vulnerable attacks!”

A thunderous boom shook the stage.

The airflow became turbulent.

Mo Wunian was sent staggering back for the second time.


A few minutes later.

Mo Wunian was. .h.i.t on the chest by Yuan Qianxing, and sent flying off the battle stage. His body crashed heavily on the ground and his bloodied and sunken chest was fully displayed in everyone’s view, shocking and frightening them.

Gasps could be heard from the crowd. The dao physique was said to be the strongest physique in the world, yet Yuan Qianxing had nearly punched a hole through Mo Wunian’s chest.

Had Yuan Qianxing’s fists landed on a peak late-Ninth Heaven True Saint expert’s body, would that expert have exploded to pieces?

“Too weak, there’s no fun in this.” Yuan Qianxing stood with his hands at his back on the edge of the battle stage, peering down on Mo Wunian on the ground. He went on with thick sarcasm, “You should thank your lucky stars that you’ve entered Primal Ancestor Realm, and possess the dao physique, or you would have died sooner.”

The Myriad Origin Race, Enchantress Race, and Golden Buddha Race’s experts let out deafening cheers.

Mo Wunian’s pallid and defeated face could not hide his unwillingness.

Yuan Qianxing stopped paying attention to Mo Wunian as he turned to his next target, Huang Xiaolong. His face split into a grin, looking a little twisted, “Huang Xiaolong, it’s your turn!”

According to the compet.i.tion rules, Mo Wunian lost when he fell off the battle stage.

“I think Huang Xiaolong is so scared that he can’t feel his legs and he has no strength to walk up to the stage anymore,” a Myriad Origin Race’s expert mocked loudly.

“It’s already an achievement that he didn’t p.i.s.s in his pants,” Yao Ji chimed in.

Harsh sounds of laughter erupted from the Myriad Origin Race, Enchantress Race, and Golden Buddha Race.

Huang Xiaolong raised his foot and walked towards the battle stage. As he pa.s.sed by Mo Wunian’s side, Huang Xiaolong reached out and sent a burst of holy energy into Mo Wunian’s body. Mo Wunian was clearly surprised by Huang Xiaolong’s action, and he sighed, “Junior Brother Xiaolong, be careful!”

His original intention in rus.h.i.+ng forward to challenge Yuan Qianxing was to exhaust some of Yuan Qianxing’s energy and injure him. This way, Huang Xiaolong’s pressure could be reduced slightly. Who would have thought that Yuan Qianxing’s strength would exceed Mo Wunian’s strength by so much? Forget about injuring Yuan Qianxing, he couldn’t even make a scratch on Yuan Qianxing’s body.

“I will,” Huang Xiaolong gave Mo Wunian a rea.s.suring smile and nodded, then went up to the battle stage.

As he watched Huang Xiaolong walk up to the battle stage, Yuan Qianxing chuckled softly, “Huang Xiaolong, has it ever crossed your mind that one day, you might get tortured to death by someone right in front of your woman?!”

His finger pointed at Fei Yanzi.

Below the battle stage, Fei Yanzi was on the verge of running amok.

Huang Xiaolong smiled nonchalantly in retort, “Then, has it ever crossed your mind that one day, you would be tortured miserably by someone else, and you would be so pitiful that you wouldn’t even have pants to cover yourself?”

“Puff-f—!” Perhaps the image of Yuan Qianxing without his pants suddenly barged into some of the disciples' minds, and they couldn’t hold back their laughter.

An embarra.s.sed flush colored Fei Yanzi’s face, as she knew very well that Huang Xiaolong was not merely making a joke out of Yuan Qianxing. Later, if Huang Xiaolong really stripped off Yuan Qianxing’s….?

Fei Yanzi frantically waved away her imagination that was running wild.

Huang Xiaolong’s words drew a cold snort from Yuan Qianxing. “Very good! Huang Xiaolong, you have aroused my desire to torture you to death.” He then took a step forward, and another, approaching Huang Xiaolong. “Don’t even think of running away, the entire battle stage is locked down by my holy energy, you have no chance of stepping out of this battle stage.”

Huang Xiaolong stood where he was, having no intention to move at all, letting Yuan Qianxing close the distance between them.

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