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Chapter 2985: Soaring Dragon Terrace

After entering the Holy Dragon World, Huang Xiaolong ordered the Tortoise Ancestor to shrink his body down to the size of a small house.

The Holy Dragon World was created by the first generation of dragons, and it was refined by the experts of the Dragon Race for countless years. Compared to the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave, it was at least a hundred times larger.

As one of the largest creeds in the Divine Tuo Holy World, the Dragon Fish Creed ruled over the Dragon Fish Heavenly Cave, and it was one of the largest regions controlled by any power. Even so, the Holy Dragon World was a hundred times larger!

One could say that the Holy Dragon World was indeed boundless…

As Huang Xiaolong rode on the Tortoise Ancestor’s head, laughter entered his ears. “Look at that! Someone is riding on the head of a tortoise! Hahaha! That’s such a dumb creature for allowing him to ride on it! How cute!”

Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes and turned around, only to be greeted by a group of people flying towards him. There was a young lady leading the way, and her cute little dimples showed when she smiled at Huang Xiaolong. Her smile was infectious, and Huang Xiaolong subconsciously felt the corners of his mouth pulling upwards. There were several disciples beside her, and it was clear that they were people of status.

Behind them was a group of guards, and the person who spoke was the lady with the dimples.

As the Tortoise Ancestor turned to look at her, and a frown nearly formed on his face. He had existed since time immemorial, and he knew that even if he wasn’t the strongest cultivator in the Divine Tuo Holy World, he was close. How could a little brat describe him as a dumb creature?! She even said that he was cute!

He had discovered their cultivation realms a long time ago, and he wanted to see which True Saint had the guts to describe him that way.

If this was him at his prime, an uncountable number of True Saints would have died if he so willed it. He only needed to breathe heavily to slay people at their level, but since Huang Xiaolong was remaining silent, he didn’t dare to say anything.

A giggle left her lips when she saw the Tortoise Ancestor’s eyes looking at her. “Look, look! It’s so cute when it's angry!”

As she approached, she spoke to Huang Xiaolong, “Hey uncle! Your tortoise is really cute! Can I ride on its head too?”


Huang Xiaolong stared at her with a blank expression on his face as his thoughts returned to the lower worlds. In the past, that was how Bei Xiaomei addressed him, and this was the first time in the Divine Tuo Holy World someone called him that!

A mult.i.tude of thoughts ran through his mind, and Huang Xiaolong seemed to have lost himself in his memories.

“Fourth Princess, it’s just a black tortoise! Spiritual beasts at this level can be found everywhere! If you really wish to ride on one, I’ll capture Gold Tortoise Beasts when we return!” One of the male disciples behind her chuckled out loudly.

The lady didn’t respond at all, and she looked at Huang Xiaolong with an expectant expression.

Huang Xiaolong nodded slightly, and he laughed, “Alright.”

A look of joy flashed through her face and she revealed a sweet smile before climbing up on the Tortoise Ancestor’s head to sit beside Huang Xiaolong.

Seeing as the princess was sitting on the tortoise’s head, the male disciples who followed behind her stared at each other and frowned.

Just as they were about to get on, a ray of dark green light flashed to block them.

“Not everyone can get on my pet tortoise.” Huang Xiaolong didn’t bother looking at them as he spoke.

The disciples who were stopped raged the moment the words left his lips.

“Brat, do you even know who we are?! We are the princes of the Apsara Dragon Country!” One of the men clad in red robes snapped. “Do you know the consequences of offending us?!”

They felt utterly insulted when a commoner who rode on such an ordinary tortoise slighted them.

“Apsara Dragon Country?” Huang Xiaolong nearly laughed out loud. “I’ve never heard of it.”

Indeed, why would Huang Xiaolong hear of them when he had the power to wipe them out of existence with a single thought?

“You!” The princes felt their intestines going green when they heard what he said.

“Enough. Chen Chaoyi, do you really think you’re bigshots in the Apsara Dragon Country? Go away and stop following us!” The lady turned and sighed. “If you’re not willing to, you can always leave.”

Chen Chaoyi forced a smile as he laughed awkwardly, “Fourth Princess, we didn’t mean to insult the man. However, he’s someone whose ident.i.ty is unknown, and he might have other motives for getting close to you!”

“Do you think you can hide your intentions from me?” The lady known as the Fourth Princess sighed again before turning around to ignore them. A sweet smile formed on her face again when she looked at Huang Xiaolong. “Uncle, let’s go!”

Patting the Tortoise Ancestor’s head, they took off into the air.

The princes of the Apsara Dragon Country could only follow behind the tortoise obediently.

“Humph! When we get back to the Apsara Dragon Country, I’ll show him!” Chen Chaoyi glared at Huang Xiaolong with a sinister gaze.

“Should we do a detailed investigation on this brat’s ident.i.ty?” someone beside him frowned. “He didn't even care about our ident.i.ties when we brought it up. He might also be someone important…”

“How can someone important be riding on such an ordinary tortoise? A normal animal like that can be bought from the markets for a dime a dozen! I even checked with my Heavenly Dragon Eye… This kid doesn’t possess a shred of energy in his body!” Chen Chaoyi sneered, “If you’re too much of a wimp, I’ll do it myself!”

Huang Xiaolong and the Fourth Princess were chatting merrily on the head of the Tortoise Ancestor as they soared through the skies. Even though this was their first meeting, the princess was someone extremely easy to talk to. Huang Xiaolong found her pretty similar to Bei Xiaomei, and he didn’t seem as reserved as before.

He soon learned that she was called Chen Qiaoer, and she was the Fourth Princess of the Apsara Dragon Country.

“Uncle, didn’t you buy this tortoise from the markets? Oh, did you manage to tame it outside? Is this a mutant black tortoise? The sh.e.l.l seems a little strange…” Chen Qiaoer giggled. “The lines on the sh.e.l.l makes it look so much more mysterious!” She pointed at the grand dao inscriptions on the surface of the Tortoise Ancestor’s sh.e.l.l and exclaimed.

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but laugh. “I managed to tame this tortoise in a place called the Blue Lotus Pond. It should count as a mutant black tortoise… The lines on the sh.e.l.l describe the most intricate laws of grand dao for the water element. If you manage to comprehend the meaning of the lines, not too many people in the Holy Dragon World will be able to defeat you.”

Chen Qiaoer was stunned for a second before breaking into uncontrollable laughter. Her eyes became crescents as she nearly doubled over in amus.e.m.e.nt. “Uncle, you’re hilarious! Wouldn’t that mean that this tortoise you’re riding on could be one of the strongest experts in the world?”

Huang Xiaolong didn’t explain himself as a smile hung on his face. He didn’t expect her to believe him in the first place.

Soon after, he asked about the situation in the Apsara Dragon Country.

One had to know that the Apsara Dragon Country was one of the countries under the Six Vision Sacred Land. That’s where they were currently in, and Huang Xiaolong’s heart trembled slightly. “Isn’t there something called the Soaring Dragon Terrace in the Six Vision Sacred Land?”

In the past, his father had remained in the Holy Dragon World for some time. He had left behind several items, and the Soaring Dragon Terrace was one of them!

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