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Chapter 3085: What are You Talking About

Sun Shanglong heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Xie Li wasn’t planning to take his anger out on him. He looked at Huang Xiaolong with pity.

He didn’t know what relations.h.i.+p Huang Xiaolong and the three-headed beast had with the Leiyu Creed, but he knew that no one would be able to protect the man now.

With the Tyrant Beast Creed pointing their spearhead at the kid, even the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce would have to think twice if they wanted to intervene. Otherwise, Xie Li wouldn’t have dared to interfere with the Ice Orchid Banquet.

There were even rumors going around that the Tyrant Beast Dao Venerable had some relations.h.i.+p with the various commanders of the World Master’s manor.

Zhang Qin and the others looked at Huang Xiaolong with a mocking smile.

When everyone was planning to watch Huang Xiaolong accept his fate, Lei Yu finally failed to control his laughter as he burst out laughing.

Lei Yu’s laughter shocked everyone present.

Xie Li and the rest couldn't help but frown.

“Brat, even if the Tyrant Beast came down himself, he will have to get on his knees and call me his lord! You’re just a little ant who can’t even count as garbage! Are you really sentencing me to death?” Lei Yu looked at Xie Li and chuckled. “You f*cking idiot. How dare you call for my master to kneel here till the end of the banquet…”

Lei Yu’s words shocked everyone present.



Xie Li’s expression turned dark and he roared in rage. “How dare you!”

How dare a mere mount insult him?

However, Lei Yu wasn’t someone he could mess with. Before Xie Li could make his move, a single kick sent Xie Li flying. A mighty hall master of the Tyrant Beast Creed was flattened like a pancake in the ground beneath Lei Yu.

The surroundings weren't even affected after Lei Yu sent Xie Li into the ground. He merely turned into another piece of human-shaped decoration on the pavement.

Everyone standing around sucked in a cold breath.

One had to know that as a hall master of the Tyrant Beast Creed, Xie Li was definitely a Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable. He wasn’t someone a normal peak-level Ninth Esteem Dao Venerable could beat, but a mere mount had crushed him with a single stomp!

Sun Shanglong’s expression changed. He might not have known how strong Xie Li actually was, but he knew that his strength was something he could never hope to match. However, even someone like that was crushed beneath the feet of the beast! If he really went through with his plan, wouldn’t that mean…?

Xu Shuang felt a cold breeze brus.h.i.+ng against him. When he had thought of grabbing Huang Xiaolong’s purple mountain previously, he hadn’t thought that far ahead.

As for Zhang Qin and the others, they jumped in fright.

No one had expected Huang Xiaolong to make a move right outside the gates of the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce.

Turning to look at Zhang Qin and the expert from the Mysterious Sparrow Creed, Huang Xiaolong muttered, “You can make your move too.”

The blood drained from their faces.

“Don’t go too far!” Suppressing the fear in his heart, the expert from the Mysterious Sparrow Creed continued, “I’m an eminent elder of the inner pavilion of the Mysterious Sparrow Creed! Are you really planning to make us your enemy?!”

Lei Yu sneered. “What the f*ck is the Mysterious Sparrow Creed? Never heard of it! Are you a cross-breed between a chicken and a wild dog?”

The experts standing around sucked in a cold breath.

Who would have thought that the mount of the youngster before them would say that to someone from the Mysterious Sparrow Creed?! Wasn’t he going too far?

The Mysterious Sparrow Creed might not have been stronger than the Tyrant Beast Creed, but they were still a monster in the Origin Heavenly Cave. Even creeds ranked among the top ten ranks wouldn't dare to say that to the members of the Mysterious Sparrow Creed!

The expression of the eminent elder sank, and he released his aura. Strong flames burned around him as fire spirits started to appear in the skies.

Holes appeared in the skies as the flames threatened to destroy everything in its path.

“That’s the Mysterious Sparrow Purple Flame! Other than the power of absolute flame, it’s one of the strongest flames out there!”

The Mysterious Sparrow was one of the strongest spirits of creation born during the creation of the world. It was comparable to the Phoenix Race, and the Mysterious Sparrow Purple Flame was a scary power.

“Eminent Elder Zhu Jingchen had definitely reached the large completion stage when using the Mysterious Sparrow Purple Flame! He’s even stronger than Xue Li! It won’t be easy if the three-headed beast wants to defeat Eminent Elder Zhu Jingchen.”

Releasing his Mysterious Sparrow Purple Flame, Zhu Jingchen alarmed many experts around the entrance of the Ice Orchid Hall. Even Feng Yuxuan and the Ice Prince were alarmed.

“That’s the Mysterious Sparrow Purple Flame from the Mysterious Sparrow Creed. I wonder who challenged him…” Yang Yu, the Star Lightning Dao Venerable gasped in shock.

The Star Lightning Dao Venerable was ranked twentieth in the Origin Holy World.

Ordinarily, the top-ten ranked creed wouldn’t attend a small banquet like the Ice Orchid Chamber of Commerce.

As such, Yang Yu was one of the most influential people in the banquet.

When everyone was guessing what had happened, a disciple ran in to report to the Ice Prince. “Xue Li and Zhu Jingchen ran into a youngster riding on a three-headed beast. Xie Li was crushed into the ground by a single stomp by the beast…”

“The three-headed beast crushed Xie Li with a single stomp?!” someone yelled in shock.

Everyone knew how strong Xie Li actually was.

However, they were curious as to why they couldn’t feel a thing when Xie Li was defeated.

Feng Yuxuan’s eyelids started to twitch when she heard the description of the beast. Young man riding a three-headed beast… Wouldn’t that mean…?

“That’s right! The three-headed beast crushed Hall Master Xie Li into the ground! The young man is currently challenging Eminent Elder Zhu Jingchen of the Mysterious Sparrow Creed.”

The Ice Prince was about to speak, but Feng Yuxuan got to her feet. She ran towards the entrance of the hall, and her actions shocked everyone.

“Young Lady!” The Ice Prince followed behind her, and when everyone saw that both Princess Feng Yuxuan and the Ice Prince had rushed out, they ran out along with them. After all, they were curious to see who would dare to challenge someone from the Mysterious Sparrow Creed.

As soon as they arrived, they saw Eminent Elder Zhu Jingchen turning into a ma.s.sive Mysterious Sparrow that charged at Huang Xiaolong.

Right before he could arrive, a pillar of flame rose into the skies and pierced through the giant Mysterious Sparrow. The Ice Prince and the others watched as Zhu Jingchen soared through the skies. He turned back into his human form and a tiny hole could be seen on his forehead.

The hole burned right through to his brain, and it shattered Zhu Jingchen’s G.o.dhead. Even his soul was shattered as all signs of life left his body.

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