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Chapter 3170: Never Seen Anyone that Brags Like You

“Xiaolong, you take Xiaofei and the others away first, we’ll follow up soon,” said the little cow righteously as she raised her chest.

Looking at the little cow’s torso that had grown a lot since he last saw her, Huang Xiaolong laughed inwardly while on the surface, he rea.s.sured them, “Don’t worry. They are merely peak half-True Saints.”

Originally, Old Man Grandmist, Fortune Emperor, and the others wanted to persuade Huang Xiaolong to leave first with the ladies, but when they heard Huang Xiaolong’s words, all of them were dazed on the spot.

s.h.i.+ Xiaofei, Li Lu, Yao Chi, Fang Xuanxuan, Bei Xiaomei, and Peng Xiao stared at Huang Xiaolong with astonishment.

“Xiaolong, could it be you….?” s.h.i.+ Xiaofei was still in disbelief even as she asked the question.

Huang Xiaohai suddenly gasped loudly, “Big Brother, could it be that you’re stronger than a peak half-True Saint?!”

Stronger than a peak half-True Saint?!

Huang Peng, Su Yan, Old Man Grandmist, Bei Lengyang, and everyone else looked at Huang Xiaolong, including the Chen Family’s two remaining Venerable Sovereign guards, and the restaurant staff.

Clearly, the Chen Family’s two guards and the restaurant staff were shocked. Could this young man be stronger than a peak half-True Saint expert?!

They had witnessed this young man kill the First Order Venerable Sovereign Chen Xu, so maybe, this young man was really stronger than a peak half-True Saint expert!

Huang Xiaohai’s loud laughter broke the tense atmosphere. “Didn’t I tell you that with Big Brother’s talent, after tens of thousands of years, he must be a great expert, haha!”

A chuckle escaped Huang Xiaolong’s lips. This brat.

Hearing Huang Xiaohai’s words, the two Chen Family’s guards exchanged a glance and one of them sneered at Huang Xiaohai. “Tens of thousands of years? In other words, several tens of thousand years ago, he was merely a Venerable Sovereign like you guys? You think he can be stronger than a peak half-True Saint in that time? Let me tell you that it’s impossible even for our Deer Spring Holy Land’s number one genius!”

“Each small order advancement from Sovereign Realm to Venerable Sovereign Realm is as hard as ascending to the sky, especially after entering Ninth Order Venerable Sovereign Realm, and advancing into half-True Saint is even harder as one has to survive the tribulation. Even so, that’s only the First Order half-True Saint, Second Order half-True Saint, all the way up to the Ninth half-True Saint Realm! At peak half-True Saint, one must successfully grab Saint Fate, integrate with Saint Fate before one can break through to True Saint Realm!”

The Huang Family, s.h.i.+ Xiaofei, Li Lu, and the others listened with agape expressions.

The Chen Family’s guard continued with a derisive sneer on his face. “Take our Deer Spring Holy Land’s Saint Luquan, an unparalleled genius, and even so, he cultivated for several million years before breaking through to True Saint Realm. So do you think your brother can do better? What a joke! It’s the biggest joke in the world!” he said while pointing at Huang Xiaolong.

His words were like a basin of cold water over Huang Xiaohai’s head, chilling him to the soul.

Huang Peng, Su Yan, s.h.i.+ Xiaofei, Li Lu, Old Man Grandmist, and the others newly born hope and joy was quickly extinguished, and the smiles on their faces stiffened.

The restaurant staff clearly exhaled in relief, as he had really thought that Huang Xiaolong might be a True Saint expert.

In the end, he was just a b.u.mpkin, who had only cultivated for less than a hundred thousand years.

Huang Xiaolong merely smiled at the Chen Family guard’s words, as he couldn’t be bothered to explain to a guard, and it was unnecessary. Even if he explained, the guard might not know about the Dao Venerable Realm, or what were absolute powers, much less about the G.o.d of Creation.

Huang Xiaolong pulled over Lin Xiaoying, Fe Yanzi, Feng Yue, and Yin Yue, introducing them to Huang Peng, and Su Yan, “Father, Mother, let me introduce my friends to you,” he added with a chuckle, “Don’t worry so much, all of them are experts stronger than True Saints. That so-called Chen Family’s old ancestor, any one of them can deal with him using a pinky!”

Huang Peng, Su Yan, s.h.i.+ Xiaofei, and others looked awestruck.

Stronger than True Saint?! What realm is that?

Then came a harsh snicker from one of the Chen Family guards. “Stronger than a True Saint? Punk, are you telling me these women are Primal Ancestor experts? There are countless Primal Ancestor experts in our Cangqiong Holy World, and each one of them are hidden experts, the real pillars of our Cangqiong Holy World. Even the Deer Spring Holy Land’s patriarch, Saint Luquan, has never met a Primal Ancestor expert, and you’re saying these few women are Primal Ancestor experts? On top of that, they are your friends? Someone like you who isn't even a True Saint is friends with Primal Ancestor experts?”

“I’ve seen people brag, but no one brags like you do!” The guard firmly refused to believe that Lin Xiaoying, Fei Yanzi, Feng Yue, and Yin Yue were Primal Ancestor experts.

If the guard knew that Feng Yue, and Yin Yue were existences above Primal Ancestor experts, he would have died from having his gallbladder bursting from fear.

Huang Peng, Su Yan, s.h.i.+ Xiaofei, and the others, who had yet to recover from their shock, were hit with another bolt of shock.

Lin Xiaoying, Fei Yanzi, and the other two ladies looked at the Chen Family guard with hostility, but Huang Xiaolong did not say anything, and the four ladies did not want to leave a bad impression on their future father-in-law and mother-in-law, or else, they would have sent the guard to reincarnation long ago.

Huang Xiaolong continued to introduce the four ladies to his family, s.h.i.+ Xiaofei, and the others, ignoring the Chen Family guard’s sarcastic remarks.

The four ladies were extremely nervous and shy facing Huang Peng and Su Yan.

Huang Peng was beaming, but Su Yan shot Huang Xiaolong several fierce glares which made Huang Xiaolong slightly embarra.s.sed.

“Big Brother, we’d better leave quickly,” Huang Xiaohai couldn’t help urging. Huang Peng and Su Yan also joined in.

Huang Xiaolong was speechless, and it looked like his parents did not believe his words.

Right at this time, suddenly, several sounds of rapid whistling winds came from the air. From the horizon, a group of experts clad in dark blue brocade robes were flying towards the city. There were several hundred people in the group.

Seeing this group of people, the Huang Family’s group paled. The group of experts’ attire identified them as Chen Family’s experts, and no one had expected them to come so fast.

Seeing the group, the two remaining Chen Family guards laughed triumphantly.

“It’s our patriarch, our patriarch has come in person! Let me tell you that although our patriarch is not a peak half-True Saint, he’s still a supreme existence of an Eighth Order half-True Saint, and he is one of the Deer Spring Holy Land’s top ten experts!” one of the Chen Family guards lauded.

Eighth Order half-True Saint!

One of Deer Spring Holy Land’s top ten experts!

Everyone in the Huang Family’s ascension group paled. According to the Chen Family guard’s explanation, they already had an understanding of what an Eighth Order half-True Saint meant.

Above the Ninth Order Venerable Sovereign was First Order half-True Saint. To them, an Eighth Order half-True Saint was a monstrous existence.

Moments later, the Chen Family Patriarch arrived on the scene with many of Chen Family’s experts. Originally, the Chen Family Patriarch was leading a group of experts out for another matter when he had suddenly received a report that his nephew, Chen Xu, was killed. He had hurried over immediately, hence their response was speedy.

“We greet the Patriarch!” The two guards hastened forward to salute.

The Chen Family Patriarch looked icily at the two guards and said, “Failing to protect your master, you’ll receive punishment when you go back!”

The two guards trembled but did not dare to make any excuses.

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