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Chapter 3197: Surpa.s.sing the G.o.d of Formations

Eventually, Huang Xiaolong’s group left the plaza. As He Zhen tapped on a point in the void, rays of light lit up the skies and the entire group disappeared in front of everyone.

In the next moment, Huang Xiaolong and the others arrived back in the Purple Lightning Manor.

Gasps were heard in the crowd.

“G.o.d of Formations!” An expert adept in the art of formations yelled.

“No! He has already surpa.s.sed that level!” Someone else muttered in a serious voice.

Surpa.s.sing the G.o.d of Formations…

Everyone stared at the skies in shock.

That could only mean that the person had reached the peak of the art of formations!

In the Huang Long World, someone hailed as the G.o.d of Formation had reached the highest level in the art of formations. However, there was still a level higher than that in the Blazing Dragon World! Like the different level of comprehension of each element, the art of formations was also cla.s.sified into different tiers. When someone reached the peak of the art of formations, they would have surpa.s.sed the level of a Formation G.o.d!

In the Huang Long World, He Zhen was the strongest when it came to laying down formations. If he claimed to be the second best, no one would ever be able to surpa.s.s his level to take the throne! His talent in the art of formations was second to none, and that was also how he gained his t.i.tle as the Myriad Formations Devil! He had been following Huang Xiaolong for quite some time now, and with the constant discussions with the man himself, he managed to reach the level only recorded in the legends of the Blazing Dragon World!

“I wonder if he managed to comprehend the power of s.p.a.ce… If he did, that would be extremely terrifying…” One of the world masters whispered.

Even the Mysterious Pool Black Devil and the Golden Bamboo Old Ancestor felt their expressions changing. A supreme expert who had surpa.s.sed the level of a G.o.d of Formations comprehending the power of s.p.a.ce… That was something they didn’t even dare to imagine! They knew exactly how powerful an expert well-versed in the art of formations would be after he comprehended the power of s.p.a.ce as they had crossed paths with one, but the person who disappeared in front of their eyes was someone who had comprehended the art of formations to the highest level!

They might not be afraid to run into an expert at that level, but they knew that even with their strength, they would run into a lot of inconvenience!

Gu Chunguang looked towards the Purple Lightning manor and a weird light flashed in his eyes. “Is the Purple Lightning Young Master someone from another world?”

He knew the ident.i.ties of everyone in the Blazing Dragon World who comprehended ten or more elements to perfection level. As such, he was sure Huang Xiaolong was someone who came from another world. Of course, as the oldest world in the universe, experts from all around would stream into the Blazing Dragon World from time to time and it wasn’t a surprise if Huang Xiaolong was actually from another world.

A deep look could be seen on Di Yu’s face, but he chose to remain silent. When Huang Xiaolong sent Di Xiaolong and the others flying instantly, his bloodline showed visible signs of reaction.

The feeling was extremely complex. He felt a sense of familiarity that he had never felt before…

Could it be?!

Di Yu shook his head as he felt that something like that wasn’t possible.

Seeing as Huang Xiaolong had already left with all the treasures, the experts standing around felt that there was no point in staying around. The events that happened in the Radiance of Spring Chamber of Commerce was one that would cause the Blazing Dragon World to tremble.

The Sixth Princess of the Extreme Heaven Celestial Empire, Zeng Ying, left before anyone could figure out what was going on. Like how she appeared, no one saw her leave.

When Huang Xiaolong returned to the Purple Lightning Manor, he opened the grand formation immediately in order to get rid of the prying eyes of those outside the region. When he was sure that no one else would be able to spy on him, he sent a punch flying through the void.

As his fist tore through multiple layers of the void, it flew towards the Extreme East Old Man who was fighting with Yuan Tianyi somewhere outside the Blazing Dragon World.

Even though Yuan Tianyi had returned to his true form, he couldn’t deny that he had only reached perfection level in eight different elements. Compared to the eleven that the Extreme East Old Man had comprehended, he was very much lacking. He only managed to hold out due to the power of his fleshy body, and as multiple palm prints slammed into his body, streaks of blood formed as he suffered serious wounds. If not for his body being extraordinarily large, the strikes would have long since blown a hole through him.

The Extreme East Old Man sneered when he looked at Yuan Tianyi in his sorry state, “Hehe, I’ll deal with you before taking care of your master.”

“When I’m done, I’ll put the two of your corpses in the same grave and allow you to reincarnate as one!”

His laughter rang through the skies, but before he could say anymore, a terrifying blast appeared from the void behind him. Unable to think too much, the Extreme East Old Man sent a palm strike backwards with all the power he could muster. Even so, he was sent flying.

A look of shock formed on his face when he realized the power contained in the punch that hit him. Eleven elements at perfection level?!

“Who!” Roaring in rage, his voice echoed through the starry skies. However, he couldn’t detect the presence of anyone other than Yuan Tianyi who was standing opposite him.

Releasing his dao soul, he failed to notice any anomaly.

“Motherf*cker. Are you messing with me?!” He sent a palm strike towards the void where the punch seemed to come from, but other than several spatial tears, nothing happened.

Of course, Yuan Tianyi wasn’t standing there for fun. When the Extreme East Old Man was rampaging about, his attack arrived.

Without any choice, the Extreme East Old Man could only turn around to face Yuan Tianyi.

In the instant that he turned around, another terrifying wave of power appeared behind him. Like before, it contained the power of eleven elements at perfection level. However, he could feel that the sneak attack was several times stronger than the last!

As he was sent flying again, he vomited a mouthful of golden blood.

“This…” Fear finally gripped his heart.

He was someone who had comprehended all thirteen elements, with eleven of them at perfection level! His power of s.p.a.ce was at the major completion stage, and the power of time was at the minor completion stage! Even if the other party had comprehended eleven elements to perfection level, how could he be so helpless?!

No… How could the other party be so d.a.m.n strong?!

Of course, there was a reason behind the difference between the first and second attacks. Huang Xiaolong used the cosmos energy contained in three small worlds to unleash his first strike, but in his second punch, Huang Xiaolong also used the power of his Dao Physiaue of Heaven and Earth!

The two attacks were something Huang Xiaolong did without even utilizing his Huang Long Bloodline, or any parts of the Huang Long Armor Set! Despite that, a simple punch was more than enough to make the Extreme East Old Man suffer grievous wounds.

Even so, the Extreme East Old Man had no intentions to continue the battle. After pus.h.i.+ng Yuan Tianyi away, he tore through the void and ran away in haste.

Seeing the Extreme East Old Man making his escape, Huang Xiaolong snorted in contempt. With the old man’s strength, Huang Xiaolong would need to transform, but that would alarm the True Dragon Huang Clan. As such, he could only allow the old man to escape for the time being. When they ran into each other in the future, Huang Xiaolong made a mental note to beat the guy up before ending it once and for all.

When he reached perfection level in all thirteen elements, he would no longer have to worry about the True Dragon Huang Clan.

When he saw that his opponent had escaped, Yuan Tianyi tore through the void and returned to the manor. After Huang Xiaolong tossed over some Blue Lotus Liquid, he used that, along with his power of nirvana, to recover.

Several days later, his injuries had almost fully healed.

“Your Highness, I…” A look of shame could be seen on Yuan Tianyi’s face when he spoke to Huang Xiaolong.

Waving his arm to dismiss Yuan Tianyi’s concerns, Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “There’s nothing to be ashamed of. You only reached perfection level in eight different elements. It’s normal for you to lose to the Extreme East Old Man. Just enter seclusion in the Sun Moon Furnace. When you reach perfection level in ten elements, you’ll be able to defeat the old man with ease.”

Now that Yuan Tianyi had already reached the peak of the major completion stage in two other elements, reaching perfection level was only a matter of time.

Soon after, Huang Xiaolong completely opened the formations around the manor before entering seclusion with Yuan Tianyi, Li Shuo, and He Zhen.

All one hundred fierce souls were left in the manor to prevent anything from disturbing them.

When he entered seclusion, Huang Xiaolong knew that he wouldn’t emege until he completely refined all the herbs and the corpse of the Universe Tyrant Dragon.

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