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Chapter 422: I Will Take Revenge!

The Qi Family Elders spread out, blocking all escape routes the instant Qi Lei tore off all pretense.

A Qi Family Elder shouted angrily, “Kill w.a.n.g Dingzhi first, then all Asura’s Gate male disciples in Enigma City. Capture the remaining female disciples as playthings for our Qi Family’s disciples!”

“That’s right, if these Asura’s Gate female disciples dare to resist, strip them naked and parade them around the city for three days! Then kill them!” Another Qi Family Elder supported.

Clearly, these Elders were truly enraged by the fact that w.a.n.g Dingzhi dared to kill their Qi Family’s Elder Qi Tian and so many core disciples and high-level guards.

Fighting one on one, they were not w.a.n.g Dingzhi’s opponents,  but their Qi Family had four Saint realm experts. Four Saint realm experts attacking together, they could absolutely kill w.a.n.g Dingzhi!

Qi Lei let out a loud bellow, his momentum rose to the peak as he summoned his martial spirit, an enormous eagle. The eagle was entirely black, emitting layers of black halo.

Qi Lei immediately soul transformed and lunged toward w.a.n.g Dingzhi in attack.

The other three main Saint realm experts of the Qi Family followed suit, soul transforming, and joined Qi Lei in attacking w.a.n.g Dingzhi.

Judging from Qi Lei’s actions, it seems that he intended for the Elders to handle Huang Xiaolong and the Asura’s Gate disciples. However, just as Qi Lei and the Qi Family’s other three Saint realms experts leaped toward w.a.n.g Dingzhi, a powerful surge of energy suddenly spiraled from the ground.

Alarmed, the four of them saw four palm imprints piercing s.p.a.ce, arriving in front of them in the blink of an eye.

When the four raised their hands in defense, the imposing palm imprints vanished from sight, yet Qi Lei and the three Qi Family’s Saint realm experts’ bodies quivered for an instant, then, like withered leaves blown away by the wind, four figures were sent flying out.

A resounding boom was heard, the four people plummeted to the ground through the Qi Family’s main hall roof.

The other Elders that prepared to attack Huang Xiaolong remained frozen on the spot, staring dumbly at their Patriarch, their family’s four Saint realm experts. Not one person utter a sound.

At this moment, perhaps due to feeling too full or because he was frightened, one of the Qi Elders farted big time. The stench and loud noise came too sudden, snapping the rest of the Elders back to their senses.

However, they weren’t in the mood to find out what made that particular Elder release such a big stinky fart as they hurried to Qi Lei and the three Saint realm experts’ side.


“Grand Elder Qu Yunhai!”

The group of Qi Family Elders clamored in panic, everyone was confused and in disarray.

Moments later, the four of them were helped up from the floor.

“It was you!” Qi Lei stood up, fearful eyes staring at Huang Xiaolong. The person who attacked and injured that earlier was Huang Xiaolong.

One move!

That young man merely used one move! This black-haired young man they disregarded only used one move!

Huang Xiaolong stepped out, slowly walking in Qi Lei’s direction.

Only now did Qi Lei and the Elders notice that w.a.n.g Dingzhi followed behind the black-haired young man with a respectful demeanor; no, w.a.n.g Dingzhi was exactly like a flattering slave!

Everyone one on the Qi Family’s side was dumbfounded.

“Who are you?!” Qi Lei shouted, “Behind our Qi Family is the Cosmos G.o.d Cult! We’re Cosmos G.o.d Cult’s people, what do you want to do?!”

Although they were dumbfounded with w.a.n.g Dingzhi’s fawning slave behavior, neither Qi Lei nor the Elders linked the black-haired young man to Huang Xiaolong.

Subconsciously, they rejected the idea; how could the Asura’s Gate Sovereign suddenly leave the headquarters, and how could that person appear in their Enigma City?

Huang Xiaolong chuckled coldly, “Of course I know that your Qi Family is a dog reared by the Cosmos G.o.d Cult.

The Qi Family was Cosmos G.o.d Cult’s dog!

Huang Xiaolong’s blunt statement made Qi Lei and the Qi Family Elders look ugly. Although the Qi Family was influential in Enigma City, to the extent of being able to suppress the City Castellan, at the end of the day, they were just a dog kept by the Cosmos G.o.d Cult!

They wanted to deny, but it was a plain fact.

Qi Lei collected himself fairly quickly, saying coldly, “Even if our Qi Family is nothing but Cosmos G.o.d Cult’s dog, we’re still a dog that has its use. If you kill us, the Cosmos G.o.d Cult will not let you go, you’d better think twice!”

Huang Xiaolong didn’t bother with Qi Lei further, he turned to w.a.n.g Dingzhi, saying, “Pa.s.s my order down, all Asura’s Gate disciples are to block all exits in Enigma City, not one Qi Family disciple is allowed to leave the city.”

“Yes, Sovereign!” w.a.n.g Dingzhi was surprised but he complied with Huang Xiaolong’s order.

“Sovereign?!” Qi Lei and everyone else caught w.a.n.g Dingzhi’s salute to Huang Xiaolong, and similar to Qi Tian’s reaction, after a brief moment of blankness, all of them were struck with fear.

The black-haired young man’s ident.i.ty was glaringly clear, there was only one person that w.a.n.g Dingzhi could refer to as Sovereign.

The Asura’s Gate Sovereign!

After giving w.a.n.g Dingzhi an order, Huang Xiaolong walked straight into the Qi Mansion’s main hall.

Qi Lei couldn’t maintain his calm facade any longer, staggering back in panic.

Huang Xiaolong pointed a finger in the air, the Absolute Soul Finger instantly pierced through Qi Lei’s brows.

Qi Lei tumbled down, dead before he hit the floor.

The Qi Family’s Elders turned sickly pale watching this.

Out of nowhere, one of the Qi Family’s Elder leaped to the sky, trying to make an escape. Huang Xiaolong waved his right hand and a golden round ring flew out at rapid speed, catching up to the Elder in no time at all. In a bright flash of light, that golden ring locked the surrounding s.p.a.ce. That Elder was ‘pinned’ to the air, unable to move at all.

This golden ring was the Heavenly Treasure number nine, the G.o.d Binding Ring.

Every Heavenly Treasure had its own magical effect. As Huang Xiaolong’s strength continued to rise, the uses and prowess of these Heavenly Treasures were discovered by him, displaying them one after another.

Huang Xiaolong blasted the Qi Family Elder into pieces with a Great Void Divine Fist after pinning him in place with the G.o.d Binding Ring; with fluid movements, he took out the Supreme Ghost Flag and absorbed that Qi Family Elder’s soul into the flag, turning him into one of the ghost spirits.

The other two Saint realm warriors planned to run as well, but witnessing that Elder’s end scared their movements to an abrupt halt.

“Young n.o.ble Divine Dragon, we’re willing to betray Cosmos G.o.d Cult and swear fealty to Asura’s Gate!” One of the two Saint realm experts fell to his knees in fear, anxiously pleading Huang Xiaolong: “Don’t kill us!”

The other Saint realm expert reacted, quickly falling to his knees and begging for mercy as well. In a split second, all the Qi Family Elders knelt down like tumbling trees, kowtowing incessantly for their lives to be spared.

A light flickered in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, his initial plan was to uproot this Qi Family, annihilate every Qi Family disciple in Enigma City. But now, looking at these Qi Family Elders, he had a change of plans.

Enigma City was extremely crucial as the border adjacent to Cosmos G.o.d Cult’s territory, it would be best to have more Saint realm experts a.s.sisting w.a.n.g Dingzhi in guarding the Enigma City.

“Open the barrier to your soul sea!” Huang Xiaolong ordered.

“Open our soul sea barrier?!” The Qi Family experts were stunned.

In the end, these Qi Family experts could only listen like well-behaved children, letting down the barrier to their soul seas, enabling Huang Xiaolong to brand their consciousnesses.

While this was taking place outside, in a secret chamber deep within the Qi Mansion compound, other than his destroyed Qi Sea, most of Hu Guang’s injuries were suppressed after taking the Qi Family’s elixirs that they had treasured for many years.

Staring at his own two blunt arms, Hu Guang couldn’t repress the anger taking over his heart.

“I will take revenge! I want to hack that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d into a thousand pieces! I will let him taste pain a thousand times, no, a million times worse than mine!”

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