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Outside of the Huang Clan Manor, all the Huang Family members, s.h.i.+ Xiaofei, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, Xie Puti, the Violet Spirit Devourer Monkey Huang Xiaoyong, Blessed Buddha Emperor s.h.i.+ Fantian, Lil' Tian, and others were sending Huang Xiaolong off.

s.h.i.+ Xiaofei's eyes were red and teary, she already knew how dangerous this term's HighG.o.d Advancement Tournament was. Even though she had always been strong, this time she couldn't hold her tears back.

Huang Xiaolong gently brushed away a tear running down her face, his voice soft and low, "Don't worry, I'll definitely return, and when I come back, I'll give you the grandest wedding." He leaned in, printing a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Being kissed by Huang Xiaolong in public, s.h.i.+ Xiaofei's cheeks turned red at a visible rate. She nodded gently at Huang Xiaolong's promise.

Huang Xiaolong then bid farewell to his parents and others, telling them not to worry about him.

Su Yan said to Huang Xiaolong, "Xiaolong, your Master Feng Yang told us in the past that there will be many late and peak late-Third Order, even Fourth Order HighG.o.d Realm masters partic.i.p.ating in this term's HighG.o.d Advancement Tournament, therefore, it's alright if you don't manage to enter the top one thousand. The important thing is that you return safely."

Huang Xiaolong smiled wryly in his heart, responding with a tease, "Yes, I know mother, I will definitely take a spot among the top thousand and return."

Su Yan smiled, "You brat only know how to make mother happy."

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, Green Dragon Beast King, and Ancestor Bifang who were standing behind Huang Xiaolong felt their faces twitch. Yesterday, after Huang Xiaolong exited seclusion, he went to look for the three of them and had a small sparring session.

They fought three against one, yet they were miserably beaten up from head to toe, truly pitiful. At that point, their handsome faces were swollen into pig heads. Although they had consumed sacred grade divine pellet for healing, different parts of their bodies still felt a faint numbing pain right now.

"Senior Dragon Emperor, is everything alright? Three Seniors don't look that well." Huang Xiaolong's nephew, Guo Xiaofan suddenly said.

Everyone only realized after Guo Xiaofan pointed it out, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, Green Dragon Beast King, and Ancestor Bifang really didn't look well.

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi hastened to explain with a stiff smile on his face, "The three of us went slightly overboard during cultivation yesterday, nothing a few days of rest won't cure."

Green Dragon Beast King and Ancestor Bifang quickly nodded their heads.

The rest were baffled, did cultivating too much cause a person's face to swell and become red and green?

Huang Xiaolong flashed a big grin at him, "I say, Old Dragon, you guys should be more careful in the future."

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi felt the muscles on his face twitch even harder, 'You kid, couldn't you hold back a little yesterday?' Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi grumbled in a voice transmission he sent to Huang Xiaolong's mind. 

Huang Xiaolong replied in the same manner, 'I've already held back yesterday.'

In all truthfulness, during yesterday's sparring, Huang Xiaolong did hold back, otherwise, the old dragon and the other two might be too embarra.s.sed to come out and see people for several months.

Huang Xiaolong exhorted his family about some matters then flew away before many reluctant gazes, further and further away.

A short time later, Huang Xiaolong reached Martial Spirit World's transmission array. This grand transmission array and the ones in neighboring world surfaces had been completed many years ago.

When the guards stationed at the transmission array saw Huang Xiaolong, the Martial Spirit Worlds' highest existence, arriving at the transmission array, all of them bowed low in greeting and swiftly activated the transmission array for him.

Only a long time after Huang Xiaolong disappeared did the guards dare to straighten their backs.

Huang Xiaolong pa.s.sed through several transmission arrays, reaching the Cloudsea Mainland a day later. From there, he flew toward the Black Warrior City. Not wasting even a moment, Huang Xiaolong went straight to the city's transmission array to enter the Black Warrior Inst.i.tute's grounds and flew directly to Feng Yang's manor.

Feng Yang had been waiting for Huang Xiaolong for a few days now. After seeing him arrive, the two of them set out again, leaving the Black Warrior Inst.i.tute, beginning their journey to the Eternal Galaxy.

Although Liu Yun, Chen Yang, and Qi Wen weren't able to partic.i.p.ate this time, the three of them still followed Feng Yang and Huang Xiaolong to the Eternal Galaxy.

Feng Yang's intention was to have them gain experience.

Due to the new regulations, there were no other disciples from the Black Warrior Inst.i.tute eligible to partic.i.p.ate in the HighG.o.d Advancement Tournament except for Huang Xiaolong, thus, there were only the four disciples and their master in their group. This also made Feng Yang secretly lament their Black Warrior Inst.i.tute's poor heritage.

Not long after Feng Yang and his four disciples left the Black Warrior Inst.i.tute, inside the Wuhuang Peak's main hall, the person seating on the host seat was none other than the young man obscured in a mysterious light, the Mirage King.

"Lord Mirage King, Feng Yang and Huang Xiaolong are on their way to the Eternal Galaxy." Beside him, w.a.n.g Na reported.

Mirage King nodded, "I know."

w.a.n.g Na had more to say but dared not.

The Mirage King glanced at her, saying, "The Great Lord will also take part in the coming tournament and will personally deal with Huang Xiaolong. There is no chance Huang Xiaolong will be able to return to Martial Spirit World again. You can slowly grind away the Huang Clan Manor's strength, as for what to do with the Huang Family, I'll leave that to you."

w.a.n.g Na beamed with joy, "Many thanks, Lord Mirage King."

The mysterious light around Mirage King flashed and he disappeared from the spot.

After the Mirage King had left, Grand Elder He Zhiwu took a step forward, a flattering smile directed at w.a.n.g Na gleaming on his face, "With the Great Lord personally making a move, that Huang Xiaolong will be dead for sure! When that time comes, w.a.n.g Na can smoothly take over the Black Warrior Inst.i.tute's position."

w.a.n.g Na threw her head back in a loud spiteful laughter, "The day I take over the position is the day of the Huang Clan Manor's destruction!"

Although there was still half a year's time until the day of the tournament, just like Huang Xiaolong, all of the various Patriarchs brought their partic.i.p.ating disciples and made their way to the Eternal Galaxy.

In a short period of time, people were entering the Eternal Galaxy from all directions.

Due to the far distance between the Black Tortoise Galaxy and the Eternal Galaxy, furthermore, with no transmission array connecting one galaxy to another, more than four months had pa.s.sed when Huang Xiaolong's group arrived at the Eternal Galaxy.

When their group reached the Eternal Mainland more than four months later, they were amazed by the scene in front of them, countless cultivators were flooding over to the Eternal Mainland from all directions.

Many years ago, when Huang Xiaolong first arrived at the Royal Pill City for the Alchemist Grandmaster Compet.i.tion, he was amazed at how big and prosperous it was, but the scene in front of him was even more amazing and astounding. 

Cultivators in the trillions coming over from various galaxies were like fireflies, group after group, flying past them. Huang Xiaolong noticed that the weakest ones of these new arrivals still possessed high-level G.o.d Realm cultivation, whereas HighG.o.d Realm masters that were hard to come across in a thousand years flew by Huang Xiaolong's eyes more than once.

A while later, Feng Yang's larynx moved visibly as he gulped, saying, "Let's head to the Aeon City first to register, then look for a place to stay." With that said, he led his four disciples, flying toward the Eternal Mainland that was larger than the eye could see.

The five of them flew above the Eternal Mainland. Amazement filled them as they were looking at the towering buildings and large cities below, at the huge population.

It felt like there was a city in every direction they looked. There were people everywhere, as well as green forests, rivers, and speckles of flowers; compared to this Eternal Mainland, the Black Tortoise Galaxy's Cloudsea Mainland was simply a poor backward land.

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