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The four of them arrived at an enormous great hall after pa.s.sing through the Devil King’s Palace gates.

The four walls of this hall were filled with life-like engravings of the ancient Devil G.o.d in intimidating poses. At the very center of the wall in front of them was an eye-catching ancient character representing a devil that exuded a palpitating devil qi, as if it could drown the world in an unforgiving devil qi if it wanted to.

Other than this, the enormous great hall was… empty.

Huang Xiaolong dragged Mo Yis.h.i.+ until they came to the ancient devil character at the head of the great hall. In order to open the great hall’s treasury, the Ancient Devil Clan’s pure bloodline power was also required, which was why Huang Xiaolong did not kill Mo Yis.h.i.+ even after opening the Devil King’s Palace.

Like he did previously, Huang Xiaolong struck Mo Yis.h.i.+’s back to force out his bloodline power, channeling it into the ancient devil character on the wall, which instantly released a black light that filled the enormous great hall.

The hall shook for a few moments, after which rows of jade drawers appeared from the walls. Inside and above these jade drawers were bottles filled to the brim with various kinds of divine pellets.

Other than the lines and lines of bottles, there were countless volumes of secret techniques. If taken to the outside world, any one of them would be considered a priceless treasure.

And at the center of the ceiling, a large black hole that could accommodate thirty people entering at the same time appeared.

Dangling Mo Yis.h.i.+ with one hand, Huang Xiaolong flashed into spatial black hole, arriving above a vast flat plain.

Piled high on this plain were armors of all shapes and sizes, iron and ores, weapons, G.o.dheads, and at the edge of these precious items, undulating hills planted with rare medicinal herbs could be seen. On every hill, counting from the foothills, the ‘youngest’ of these herbs were actually three-million-years-old, and at the top of the hill were therbs aged ten-million-years! At the peak of every hill were at least seven to eight stalks of ten-million-years-old medicinal herbs!

Huang Xiaolong was shocked, unable to hide the excitement compared to his usual indifferent face.

Around this flat plain, there were over two hundred such hills! Meaning there were at least two hundred stalks of ten-million-years-0ld herbs!

‘This…!’ Huang Xiaolong recalled the reward for pa.s.sing the tenth floor of the h.e.l.lion Tower. At that time, he was only rewarded with ten pieces of ten-million-year-old Devil Fruits!

Seeing everything around him, Huang Xiaolong suspected that the ancient Devil King had swept clean all of the Path to h.e.l.l’s acc.u.mulation over a hundred thousand years. Or maybe all of these herbs came from that Promise Gate’s treasury? Otherwise, it was hard to explain how the ancient Devil King collected such a large amount of them!

On the other hand, the ancient Devil King had so many medicinal herbs yet he did not use them to enhance his cultivation? There was also a chance that the ancient Devil King’s own cultivation had reached the very limit of perfection stage late-Tenth Order HighG.o.d Realm and was unable to breakthrough further in the lower realm, therefore, no matter how many medicinal herbs he refined, it wouldn’t play any role anymore, hence leaving all of them behind.

Regardless of what the reason may have been, all of this had now become Huang Xiaolong’s windfall.

Mo Yis.h.i.+’s eyes widened weakly in shock looking at the hills of million-year-old herbs. He looked at Huang Xiaolong, attempting a last struggle, “Huang Xiaolong, for the sake of the fact that I helped you open the Devil King’s Palace, don’t kill me!”

Huang Xiaolong’s indifference returned as his Archdevil Supreme G.o.dhead’s devouring power surged out. In the blink of an eye, Mo Yis.h.i.+ was devoid of any vitality.

Now that they had entered the Devil King’s Palace, letting Mo Yis.h.i.+ go was nothing but trouble. Naturally, Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t leave a scourge alive to come back and haunt him in the future.

The last strand of Mo Yis.h.i.+’s consciousness blurred as his soul was destroyed. After dealing with him, Huang Xiaolong looked at the hills of medicinal herbs around him and the piles of G.o.dheads, inhaling deeply. With these, he could advance to mid-Ninth Order, even peak mid-Ninth Order HighG.o.d Realm! At mid-Ninth Order HighG.o.d Realm, his strength would once more increase by leaps and bounds!

At that time, he would have full confidence that he could kill the Ghost Refining Sect Master!

Without further delay, the four of them began cultivating in the Devil King’s Palace.

Huang Xiaolong started with the medicinal herbs at the top of the hills, going through them peak by peak, without touching those medicinal herbs at the foothills or slope of the hills.

Based on his current refining speed, those medicinal herbs at the foothills and slopes would be gone in a few breaths. Only those five-million-year-old and above would take a little bit more time.

When Huang Xiaolong was still a Sixth Order HighG.o.d Realm, refining ten pieces of ten-million-years-old Devil Fruit took him eight months, whereas now, refining a single stalk of ten-million-year-old medicinal herbs was only a matter of five to six hours.

Therefore, in a short two days, he had refined all the medicinal herbs on one of the hills.

Time slowly pa.s.sed. Days turned into months, and soon, two years were gone.

During this period, not only had Huang Xiaolong refined the medicinal herbs on more than two hundred hilltops, even the rank ten and above G.o.dheads on the flat plain were ‘eaten’ by him, causing his cultivation to finally reach mid-Ninth Order HighG.o.d Realm.

When Huang Xiaolong emerged in the great hall, the Ascending Moon Old Man, Li Lu, and the Spiriting Demon Gates’ Patriarch were each cultivating in different stone chambers at the far end of the great hall.

Compared to two years ago, their strength also took a great leap forward, especially Li Lu’s. After consuming the Yin Yang Divine Flower and Yin Yang G.o.dly Water, her G.o.dhead’s yin and yang forces achieved an optimum balance, increasing her cultivation speed.

The three people’s improvement was clear to Huang Xiaolong with a single swept of his divine sense over them. What he didn’t expect was that Li Lu’s G.o.dhead was actually a top emperor rank G.o.dhead! Moreover, it was a rare and unique Yin Yang G.o.dhead!

Two G.o.dheads, one black and one white, floated above her soul sea, respectively emitting a light and dark element force. Li Lu’s two G.o.dheads also exuded a startling sword qi. This reminded Huang Xiaolong of her martial spirit in the past.

‘I wonder what kind of G.o.dhead Xiaofei will condense when she breaks through to the HighG.o.d Realm.’ Huang Xiaolong thought to himself. Judging based on s.h.i.+ Xiaofei’s Pure Luminance Enlightened Buddha Physique and her talent, the rank of her future G.o.dhead shouldn’t be low.

In fact, had Xiang Mingzhi been more patient before condensing his G.o.dhead, the level he could achieve would definitely be higher than top grade rank ten.

Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong sensed a great energy fluctuation outside the Devil King’s Palace, thus spread out his divine sense to determine the reason.

“The Ghost Refining Sect Master!” Huang Xiaolong quickly discovered the person who had been hiding outside the Devil King’s Palace.

Two years ago, he might not be able to detect his concealed presence, but his current strength had surpa.s.sed the Ghost Refining Sect Master by a mile and more, detecting his presence was nothing difficult.

A faint sneer emerged on Huang Xiaolong’s face, he had planned to look for this Ghost Refining Sect Master; now that the person had dropped on his doorstep out of his own initiative, all the better.

Opening the Devil King’s Palace gates, Huang Xiaolong flew out to meet his opponent.

After hiding outside the Devil King’s Palace for two years waiting for Huang Xiaolong to come out, yet there was no shadow of him whatsoever, the Ghost Refining Sect Master grew impatient and irritated. All of a sudden, he saw the Devil King’s Palace gates open and a figure flying out. Seeing Huang Xiaolong, the Ghost Refining Sect Master’s heart jumped in elation.

‘Huang Xiaolong, you came out at last!’

The Ghost Refining Sect Master jumped to action without hesitation, taking out several hundred heavenly lightning beads he had prepared well in advance and arranging them into the G.o.d Killing Heavenly Lightning Array above Huang Xiaolong’s head with a wave of his hand.

“Huang Xiaolong, go die!” The Ghost Refining Sect Master shouted with a twisted expression, triggering the several hundred heavenly lightning beads.

In a split second, several hundred earth-shaking explosions reverberated through the area.

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