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Chapter 1084

Under the green sky, in the verdant forest.

There is a small stream flowing quietly down from a serene mountain. Everything seemed like it belonged to a green painting, peaceful and ordinary.


Yet, this peace didn't last long. The sound of someone flying through the area broke this peace. A burst of light shot over here from far away. Suddenly, the jet of light stopped while leaving trails of smoke and dust in the sky.

Wu Yan looked down at the winding forest underneath him. He wiped away the sweat on his forehead after taking a look behind him. The green mist area was already behind him.

"Phew, that was dangerous. I didn't think it would be so annoying to deal with..."

Sylph who was in Wu Yan's embrace started nodding. She looked at the misty area they left behind.

"That place is wide and it had perception-fooling properties. If it didn't converge at one point in an attempt to trap us then I am afraid we might have a harder time finding a way out.


Wu Yan sighed.

"The fog screwed itself over, let's just end this chapter on that point..."

He said while gazing at the green mist from afar.

The green storm suddenly dissipated as it returned to its dormant state. Even from this distance, Sylph and Wu Yan can still see the green fog threatening to cover everything, although at a slow pace.

Even more vexing, the green fog formed an encirclement around the area where Wu Yan and Sylph fell prey to the green fog.

In other words, Wu Yan and Sylph would have encounter the fog no matter which direction they took. They couldn't escape the trial of a perfect dream and the annoying illusions.

Wu Yan looked at Sylph.

"Did you also fall into the dream realm?"

Sylph nodded.

"I was holding your hand when we went in. Then, my hand felt empty. When I realized it, I was already alone..."

"Next thing I knew, a Doppelgänger appeared in front of me. She shot me with an arrow and I entered a dream realm."

"I see..."

Wu Yan started musing out loud.

"What kind of dream was it?"

"You married me."

Sylph didn't bother hiding her dream. She also didn't sound coy. She didn't understand how her simple words affected Wu Yan greatly.

"It was a dream where you married only me, you didn't bring along the other girls by your side."

Wu Yan started sweating while laughing awkwardly.

The dream is a manifestation of her deepest desire. If Sylph saw herself getting hitched to Wu Yan as the sole wife then...

Sylph actually doesn't want to share Wu Yan with the other ladies like Hinagiku and Mikoto?

Wu Yan shelved that thought.

"Then, why did you leave that dream?"

"That dream had a fatal error."

Sylph coldly a.n.a.lyzed.

"A flaw? What do you mean?"

"Father congratulated me."

Sylph explained.

"It didn't sound like what he would do. If I really did get married, my father will probably find a crime to pin my husband to the stakes or some other method of execution."

Wu Yan almost lost the ability to compute levitation functions. His face was also drenched in cold sweat.

Looks like he underestimated the doting father's immense overprotectiveness towards his daughter.

I have to be careful from now on.

Sylph slightly smiled when she saw Wu Yan's sweating look. This laugh only lasted one or two seconds before disappearing. She started looking around.

"We are out of the green mist's encirclement but it seems like we are still confined within somewhere..."

Wu Yan was plotting various plots to waste Kate before he gets done in. He stopped his plots while glancing around.

Wu Yan and Sylph noticed that they were in a mountain range with hills so immense that it seemed like the mountain range stretched into the heavens.

They frowned at the sight of the mountain range.

"Don't tell me we have to navigate this mountain range to get out of the no-magic zone?..."

Wu Yan looked up at the nearest mountain. Nope, he can't find the peak or anything resembling the summit.

Truly, the mountain range went into the clouds.

"Jeez, don't tell me we have to fly up there to find the mountaintop?..."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"This is the Guardian Tree's trial? It just looks like the tree's trying to block anyone from entering the core palace..."

It's obvious he would think like this.

With magic and douqi sealed, it already turned cultivators into mere mortals who can't fight back at all. Wu Yan can still fight without douqi and magic so he's an exception.

Now, with this super tall mountain range around them, how is a mortal supposed to overcome this?

Moreover, one has to do this within 10 days...

Sylph also considered this point. She raised an eyebrow while shaking her head.

"The Guardian Tree will never give someone an impossible trial."

Sylph replied.

"Also, father already told us that the Tree sets trial based on the partic.i.p.ant. The stronger the partic.i.p.ant, the harder the test. The more the partic.i.p.ants, the harder the trials..."

"You're saying this test is so hard because we are too powerful?"

Wu Yan gasped.

"We are only tier 8 and tier 9 respectively, if the trial is already this hard then the demiG.o.ds..."

"There is also the chance that it's so hard because you have abnormal abilities..."

Sylph gave her opinion.

"The Guardian Tree is impartial. With so many abilities and abnormal skills, you would have pa.s.sed a normal trial all too easily..."

"I mean..."

Wu Yan felt helpless.

"Fine, let's see if we can fly up there..."

"Yeah, let's do that..."

Sylph nodded.

"With your ability, it should be easy..."

Wu Yan rolled his eyes at the princess. He inhaled deeply before flying upwards, carried by the magnetized iron sand.

Wu Yan and Sylph looked smaller than specks of dust when compared to the gigantic mountain range. They were like the iron sand carrying them, tiny and minuscule. Yet, the minuscule existences flew as if they accepted the challenge given to them.

They endured the intense waves of gust and the chilling low temperature. Wu Yan and Sylph regulated their breathing. With the wind's violent whispers in their ears, the duo flew up towards the clouds.

Stopping somewhere above the cloud, they looked around to find the peak.

Terrifyingly enough, the mountain range still stretched higher into the heavens.

If there is a s.p.a.ce beyond this sub-s.p.a.ce then surely the summit must be near the end of s.p.a.ce.

Sylph felt dizzy. Meanwhile, Wu Yan's eyes lit up, he pointed in one direction.

"Look, over there!"

Sylph looked and...

There is a big hole near one corner of the mountain range. It looked like a giant mouth waiting to devour unsuspecting visitors.

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