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Chapter 1400: The search

Time ticked on as everyone went about their businesses.

The masked dance is approaching.

Everyone who attends must wear a mask.

This social event is aimed at getting the top political representatives to get chummy with one another.

Connections can open up or close doors.

Naturally, there are rival and allied factions among them.

Lautreamont is a va.s.sal state of Chevron Kingdom so the two countries shared a good rapport.

But, their standing with Zepharos Empire is terrible.

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Chevron fought against Zepharos in a previous war.

Lautreamont is also a core strength of Chevron Kingdom.

The dragon riders are a major pain in the neck for the Zepharos empire. If possible, the empire would like to wipe Lautreamont Knightdom off the map.

This would make invading the Chevron Kingdom easier too.

At the summit, many nations will likely take a side or voice their neutrality. It is also expected that the nations will try to make policies favorable to them at the summit.

This dance is like a warm-up to that event.

With masks on, the various factions can mingle on an almost anonymous basis.

Hence, the attendees are mostly here to gather information and strike alliances.

Only representatives and their subordinates can partic.i.p.ate in the summit.

However, the masked ball is open to everyone, including a.s.sistants of the various factions.

Wu Yan & co decided that Milgauss must come here tonight to start his nefarious plans.

For safety purposes, delegates of the nations were told to remain stationary in their airs.h.i.+ps. Only representatives can bring their subordinates out of the airs.h.i.+ps to attend events.

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There is a chance that Milgauss is after the other delegates. In this case, he would attend this event. If he is just after the summit then he will stay in his airs.h.i.+p until then.

There is another thing to note too. Attacking during the summit will most likely earn the ire of all the nations regardless of how Zepharos Empire might try to spin the story.

Eliminating the improbable alternative leaves Milgauss with the only option of attacking during this dance.

The masked dance is the perfect chance to move around and attack.

It would also fit Milgauss’ promise to do something big at a banquet.

Wu Yan & co are here just in case Milgauss makes his move tonight.

In a large hall reserved for a ball…

This hall is situated on the top floor of the capital’s castle.

Known for being practically built, only the ballroom is designed with Chevron-inspired architecture. The lamps are all powered by Fafnirites. These lamps can power on with words. The soft glow of these magical lamps can put the hearts of wary travelers at ease.

In the hall, the mood is festive.

The attendees arrived in all sorts of clothes and different styles of masks. Most of them wore masks that showed only their eyes and mouths.

There are also people in full masks.

They are hiding their features because they would be recognized immediately.

With a cheerful melody playing in the background, scores of dance partners spun merrily away as they showcased their dance moves. There are also people lounging near sofas and eating near the banquet tables. These people preferred chatting over dancing.

Wu Yan is in his tailcoat. He roamed his gaze over the attendees from behind his black feathered mask.

Silvia is also standing by Wu Yan’s side.

She tied her hair up in a mature hairstyle with a red ribbon to top off her glossy golden locks.

She wore a white long-sleeved glove that went well with her blue dress. Her narrow waist and the wide girth of her dress caught the eyes of many attendees.

Some of the males here couldn’t stop looking at her. Her mask couldn’t hide her elegance and beauty. They were on the verge of rampaging.

Silvia can sense the raging hormones of the young n.o.bles here. She linked her arm up with Wu Yan’s to give the impression that they are a couple although she is also struggling with the embarra.s.sment of being this close to her crush. By the way, many hearts were crushed when they saw Wu Yan had bagged Silvia.

Wu Yan is also enduring his urges.

Silvia is already rocking a supermodel figure. Her divine mountains were wrapped around his arm in a devilish embrace that made his nerves tingle. He recalled her salient figure in the bath that day as his mouth went dry.

Silvia is also reminiscing about that day. Her heart raced so fast Wu Yan can feel her heartbeat in her arm.

No, I can’t do this…

Resisting the urge to cop a feel. Wu Yan diverted the topic.

“Where is Veronica?”

“She won’t be attending…”

Silvia answered eagerly.

“She isn’t the type to attend an event like this.”



Silvia mumbled hesitantly.

“Sister, she doesn’t like to wear dresses.”

Wu Yan almost burst out laughing.

Making an armor-enthusiast like her wear a ball gown is definitely going to make a few heads roll.

“Do you see Milgauss and his boss among them?”

Silvia looked around.

“Milgauss has silver hair and a distinctive mask, spotting him shouldn’t be a prob-”

Wu Yan identified his target in the middle of his sentence.

There he was, the guy in a cold mask and silver hair.

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