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Chapter 456 – Mother (1)

Each day, Haohao's condition worsened further. When he woke up, he would be in so much pain that he could only scream and cry. Ji Man felt so upset that she would rather he stay unconscious. At the very least, he would feel less pain in his sleep.

Guibai very quickly found out that Tanxiang had disappeared.

Did she do this? Ning Yuxuan sneered. A portrait of Tanxiang was painted and sent to the local governmental office. Notices that declared she was a wanted fugitive were hanged up. These notices stretched all the way from the capital to thousands miles away. There was no place for Tanxiang to find sanctuary.

Mu Shuiqing looked at Marquis Moyu, whose brow had remained furrowed this entire time, and sighed. “My lord, in the past, you remembered to never show too much favor on one person. The more you ignored them, the safer they would be. Even if you were going to favor them, you would take measures to protect them thoroughly in advance. Why did you forget this time?”

Ning Yuxuan didn't understand her words. Frowning, he looked at her. “Qing-er, why are you saying this?”

“My lord, you forgot. You have more than one son. But, there's only one son that enters your eyes.” Mu Shuiqing sighed again. “This servant has seen Young Master Xi-er shyly keeping to Madam's side so many times. Just like Madam, a long time before he gets a chance to see my lord. Although his mother is the main wife, he's treated no differently than a b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Compared to the heir, he's really too pitiful.”

Ning Yuxuan froze in surprise for a moment. Soon after, he asked, “You think Hanyun is related to the heir's poisoning?”

“This servant's intention wasn't to slander her.” Mu Shuiqing saluted. “This servant has always served as my lord's ears and eyes and only came here pa.s.s on information that my lord doesn't see. Although this servant doesn't know who poisoned the heir, this servant is sure that my lord caused the heir's misfortune.”

Ning Yuxuan fell silent. He finally nodded and said, “I understand.”

That night, he went over to Lingahn Courtyard. Right now, the plum flowers had blossomed in the courtyard. Liu Hanyun was quietly sitting inside her room. Seeing him entering, she coughed a few times before saying, “This servant greets my lord.”

Her body had becoming increasingly weak. Perhaps, she might even pa.s.s away before Haohao. Ning Yuxuan deeply looked at her before stretching his hand out. “You might as well give me the antidote.”

Liu Hanyun wasn't surprised by his question. Her next bout of coughing was worse than last one. “My lord, this servant doesn't know what antidote you're referring to. This servant's entire room is filled with medicine, but none of them can cure poison.”

Ning Yuxuan pursed his lips and sat down next to her. “I remember that you've always been the one that competed the least. The only time you asked me for a favor, it was only to transfer your brother to the capital so he could take care of your foster mother.”

This was also the reason why he had always treated Liu Hanyun well. Even though her foster mother, Liu-mama, was the empress's loyal servant, Liu Hanyun had never gone against her own morals. She had never tried to get information from him, much less help anyone act against him. She simply wanted to remain by his side.

Liu Hanyun smiled. “My lord, this servant is also a very greedy woman that wants a lot of things. But, this servant knows that there are things the my lord won't give, so this servant has merely lost interest in them.”

“But then, this servant had Xi-er. This servant can give up everything. My lord, can you give Xi-er what he deserves?” Liu Hanyun's eyes were teary as she looked at Ning Yuxuan. “He's also your child. It's only that he's this servant's child. This servant was born from a lowly background and doesn't want other people to look down on my child…”

“No one looks down on Xi-er.” Ning Yuxuan interrupted her, “Do you know why I chose you as my main wife? First, it's because of your magnanimous nature. Second, it's because I want to give Xi-er a good family background.”

Liu Hanyun was taken aback. Her coughing got worse for a moment. Not understanding, she looked at him and asked, “My lord, if you also love Xi-er, why do you only spend time with the heir? Why can't you give some of your time to Xi-er?”

“The heir's mother wasn't by his side in the past two years. If I wasn't with him, what would the heir do?” Ning Yuxuan bitterly smiled. “It's not that I haven't spent time with Xi-er. I just spent more time with Haohao because Xi-er has his mother, but Haohao doesn't.”

Liu Hanyun fell silent, but soon after her eyes reddened. “The heir's mother has already returned. Why does my lord only spend time with them in the western courtyard still? This servant brought Xi-er over several times, but we could only watch the harmonious picture of you three from a distance. Xi-er almost doesn't recognize you…”

Ning Yuxuan stayed silent. This was his fault. He had enjoyed spending time with Ji Man and Haohao so much that he had forgotten everyone else.

He felt slightly regretful. Why had he let so many women get pregnant back then?

“This servant will die this time. My lord, can you keep your promise from last time and take good care of Xi-er?” There was a sweet, rotting taste in Liu Hanyun's throat as she coughed. She covered her mouth as blood soaked through the handkerchief.

Ning Yuxuan frowned. “Give me the antidote for Haohao first.”

“This servant didn't poison him.” Liu Hanyun leaned against the table as she gasped for breath. She stubbornly shook her head. “How could this servant give Xi-er the burden of having a mother a murderer? So, it wasn't this servant that poisoned the heir.”

This reasoning was very persuasive. Ning Yuxuan looked at her for a while before going out to call a doctor over.

The doctor came over and said it was an old illness. She only had a few days remaining.

Ning Yuxuan personally searched her room and didn't find the antidote, so he left.

The heir wouldn't be able to last a few more days, and Liu Hanyun was in the same state. Ji Man stayed by Haohao's side. She didn't eat or drink. She opened and closed her eyes. Could she dream again and bring Haohao along with her in the dream to modern-day?

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