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Episode 13 – War of Kings (2)

My consciousness rose silently and my senses slowly returned to reality.

[Exclusive skill, Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint stage 3 has ended.]

The third stage was more tiring than I thought and I couldn't maintain it for long.

In addition, I found out one more thing that I regretted.

It was that using Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint stage 3 wouldn't always result in gaining a skill. It seemed to be a reward that could be obtained by entering the 1st person protagonist's point of view. Unfortunate, I didn't know the entry requirements.

It would be great if I could get Yoo Jonghyuk's skills every time I fell asleep and used 1st person protagonist's point of view.

I opened my eyes and saw Jung Heewon watching me.

"You were talking in your sleep again."

Talking? No way.

"What did I say?"

“It sounded like… Mother."


Why was I saying that to myself? It was hard to know if this was the truth or not.

Jung Heewon just looked at me with a mysterious smile.

I gave a cursory reply.

"Well, I'm not really worried about my mother. Rather, I have a request for Jung Heewon-ssi."

“What is it?"

“Heewon-ssi, please don't partic.i.p.ate in the Gw.a.n.ghwamun battle this time."


"There is something else you need to do. I can only entrust Heewon-ssi with it."

Jung Heewon licked her lips like she couldn't believe me.

"I will try. What is it?"


The first thing I did after conversing with Jung Heewon was to decide who would stay in Chungmuro and who would go to Gw.a.n.ghwamun.

"Jung Heewon-ssi has a mission and I will decide the rest of the people remaining in Chungmuro."

The other members gulped. They looked like va.s.sals about to be chosen by the king.

“First of all, Gong Pildu and Lee Hyunsung will stay behind."

“Bah, I am just your slave."

Gong Pildu scoffed like he already expected it. The problem was Lee Hyunsung. The slightly pale face was troubled, as if he had somehow missed out on a promotion.

“Hyunsung-ssi must remain. I need someone to protect this place with Gong Pildu-ssi. Hyunsung-ssi can protect Chungmuro and lead the people as well as Yoo Sangah-ssi."

"…Yes. I understand."

His expression was somewhat sad but he had no choice. There was a reason for leaving the Steel Sword behind.

“Hyunsung-sso already has great skills. The problem is that the skill levels are too low. While we are gone, Hyunsung-ssi should increase the proficiency of Great Mountain Smash. Hyunsun-ssi's help will be needed after the end of this scenario.”

Lee Hyunsung's face brightened slightly.

“Yep! Please leave it to me."

Soldiers were the most efficient when following commands and when they had a routine.

Thus, we embarked on the journey to Gw.a.n.ghwamun. Apart from Lee Jihye and Yoo Jonghyuk who were impossible to control, the core members were Yoo Sangah, Lee Gilyoung and Lee Sungkook.

The Chungmuro group members waved as they watched us leave.

"Deputy-nim! Come back safely!"

“You must be safe!"

For a few days now, Yoo Sangah's popularity had pierced the sky. Yoo Sangah only led the people for a short amount of time but everyone was concerned about her. However, Yoo Sangah looked uneasy.

“Dokjssi, will I be a help to you?"

Her self-deprecation had returned. I had to say it this time, even if she would be hurt.

"Yoo Sangah-ssi. You will be disruptive if you keep acting like this."


“Yoo Sangah-ssi is good enough. Would I take someone with me for no reason?"

"I believe in Dokjssi. But I can't be as helpful to you as Heewon-ssi or Hyunsung-ssi…"

“The two of them can't do what Yoo Sangah-ssi can do. Yoo Sangah-ssi is necessary for this plan."

Yoo Sangah's expression slightly relaxed as it was emphasized once again. Yoo Sangah was an exceptionally talented person. She just needed confidence.

“Didn't you study Korean history before?"

“Ah, yes."

Yoo Sangah's expression became brighter once mentions of the past emerged. But it was only for a moment as she quickly became grouchy again.

“…It is useless now."

"It isn't useless. This is why I brought Yoo Sangah-ssi along."

Originally, I hadn't intended to give this role to Yoo Sangah. There was a suitable person if I went down to Gw.a.n.gjin-gu. However, I didn't have time to look for him so Yoo Sangah would have to be enough.

The Yoo Sangah that I knew was smart enough to memorize the entire history of South Korea just to get a first grade degree in Korean history.

"Do you remember the statue of Samyeongdang last time?"


"There will be many similar things on the way to Gw.a.n.ghwamun. There is the National Museum and several statues.

Yoo Sangah shouted once she realized what I was saying.

"Ah! I see. That reminds me, the power of the constellations can remain in relics or remnants of themselves.”

“Yes, Yoo Sangah-ssi's mission is to find such keepsakes or relics."

"I understand! I will use my head.”

“There are some famous people but the more unknown they are, the better."

Despite being on the same level, a constellation's strength varied according to their popularity.

It could be seen in the difference between Samyeongdang and Duke of Loyalty and Warfare.

The items left behind by Samyeongdang were B grade, while the sword left by the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare had the quality to be S-grade.

“We need to gather as much items on the way to Gw.a.n.ghwamun as possible. Our side has a relatively small number of people."

Perhaps the Tyrant King had come with hundreds of incarnations. The plagiarist would have his own forces. I also needed to be careful of the kings who came from Yeongdeungpo, Yongsan and Seongdong-gu.

The latter part of the fourth scenario was just like a proxy war for the constellations. At the end of this scenario, an event greatly coveted by the constellations was hiding.

Unlike before, the incarnations would have a high coordination with their constellations and the risks would increase accordingly. Since many constellations were determined by the history of their lives, Yoo Sangah who knew history would be useful in many ways in this scenario.

Yoo Sangah suddenly clapped.

“Ah, that reminds me of a place."


“I'm not sure if I'm remembering correctly but… there will probably be Gw.a.n.gsengmyo Shrine near here." ()


"Yes, it is on the way and the power of a great person might be there. He isn't South Korean but…"

Not South Korean? I was a reader of Ways of Survival and I had never heard of Gw.a.n.gsengmyo.

In any case, we decided to move according to Yoo Sangah. We walked for a while.

The first one who screamed was Lee Sungkook. "Eh, is that it?"

There really was an old shrine nearby. The Gw.a.n.gsengmyo shrine. There was a place like this in the middle of the city?

I read the description and was even more surprised. Huh, it was this person? It was an unexpected figure.

It was a shrine for one of the best Chinese G.o.d of war.

Yoo Sangah asked with a tense expression.

"Now what…?"

I looked around. An idol couldn't be seen.

“Let's pray."

This was different from Samyeongdang. I wouldn't always be able to get a good reward for destroying the idol.

We collected water from the shrine and prayed quietly. Some time pa.s.sed. Then a system message was heard.

[This shrine has been neglected for a long time.]

[A constellation who loves gaundaos is pleased.]

[A constellation who loves gundaos has revealed his modifier.]

[The constellation 'Lord of the Beautiful Beard, Marquis Zhuangmou' has blessed you.] (TL: Constellation is Guan Yu = Link)

Lord of the Beautiful Beard, Marquis Zhuangmou. He was Chinese but he was a great person almost everyone in South Korean knew.

It was because this constellation was Guan Yu from Romance of the Three  Kingdoms.

[The constellation's blessing increases your strength and physique by 5 for the next 24 hours.]

Lee Sungkook turned rosy like a flower.

“Crazy… Representative-nim, isn't this a complete jackpot?"

“It is a decent start."

I didn't know why there was a shrine for Guan Yu in Seoul but it shouldn't be strange when there was a shrine for the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare in j.a.pan. Guan Yu was world famous, just like the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare.

“I guess it is hard to get an item from here."

"It would've been nice to get something like a guandao…"

He was a great person of China. Even if there was an idol, it didn't mean a good item would appear in South Korea. It was more likely that an incarnation of China had obtained it…

He couldn't be compared to the Great Sage the Equal of Heaven or Uriel, but he wouldn't lose when it came to the Chinese constellations.

Lee Gilyoung grabbed my collar.


The c.o.c.kroach's antennae was moving wildly. I had a bad hunch and saw a group walking in the distance. There were approximately 50 people.

I used Calm Observation and saw that their average physical body stats were around level 40. It was lacking compared to the apostles, but it was still enough to call them elites.

A warlord with 50 elites.

Lee Sungkook muttered, “That armour, somewhere…"

The historical clothing reminded me of a museum gallery. I looked at the members and they were all handsome men.

Lee Sungkook muttered, “Isn't that Hw.a.n.g Sungmin in the first row? He seems to be an entertainer?"

Anyone who saw it would think it was a historical drama filming but bloodthirst was coming from them. A man came forward and pointed his spear towards me.

“Who is blocking the way of the king?"

“Who are you?"

I guessed but I still asked. I thought I would meet this person later but the timing was faster than expected.

A woman's voice was heard from among the group of men.

“That brown flag… are you also a king?"

“…So what?"

“I didn't think there would be a king in Jung-gu. It is amazing."

Her voice was like petals blowing in the spring breeze. It was a stage voice.

I replied, “Kings are now common in this world."

“A king might be common but not just anyone can become king. Everyone, open the path!"

The retainers moved in unison and a woman dressed in a royal costume appeared in the centre of the ranks. Her hair was raised in an elegant manner. She was a stunning beauty that could easily be the heroine of a historical drama.

“Are you Min Jiwon?"

Lee Sungkook stuttered. The woman laughed.

“You recognize me?"

"I am a fan!"

Lee Sungkook stepped forward in a spellbound manner. Fool. The Hypnotist was being bewitched first?

[The exclusive skill 'Permanent Lv. 2' is activated.]

I used it the moment I met Lee Sungkook's eyes.

"I-I-I'm sorry."

The woman's eyes narrowed.

By the way, it was interesting. Lee Sungkook recognized the name Min Jiwon like she was a person who actually existed.

…One of the Seven Kings of Seoul, the King of Beauty was a real person?

I felt a bit strange. It was because the real name of the King of Beauty in Ways of Survival was 'Min Jiwon'.

Was it just a coincidence? I should check it out.

[The exclusive skill, Character List is activated.]

Fortunately, the skill was activated safely.

[Character Information]

Name: Min Jiwon

Age: 26 years old

Constellation Support: Lady of the Brocade Sleep

Private Attribute: Actor (Rare), King of Beauty (Hero)

Exclusive skills: Weapons Training Lv. 5, Military  Command Lv. 2, Love Affair Demon Lv. 4, Skin Correction Lv. 1, A Thousand Faces Lv. 3, Acting Lv. 2…

Stigma: Heavenly Charm Lv. 4, Unique Heroine Lv. 3

Overall Stats: Physique Lv. 18, Strength Lv. 18, Agility Lv. 21, Magic Power Lv. 23.

Overall Evaluation: An incarnation with an excellent sponsor behind her. Her wonderful beauty will s.h.i.+ne even more with the backing of her sponsor. Her army will only be loyal to her unless her beauty fades.

As expected, she was the King of Beauty in the original Ways of Survival.

Looking at Character List, she didn't seem to be a real person… then how did Lee Sungkook know her?

Did it have something to do with Lee Sungkook's entry in the Character List?

I bowed my head once.

"Min Jiwon-ssi, it is an honour to meet you."

"…Are you also my fan?"


She had an outstanding beauty but it wasn't my style. Looking objectively, Yoo Sangah was just as beautiful as her. Lee Sungkook was spellbound due to the unique skill this woman possessed.

I deliberately spoke like I was in a historical drama.

“I'm not a fan. But do you know him? Seongdong-gu's king."

Min Jiwon's expression hardened.


Lady of the Brocade Sleep.

There was only one constellation with such distinctive features in all of Ways of Survival.

"It looks like you have a very high degree of sympathy with your sponsor. Please tell this to your sponsor. It is an honour to meet the last queen of Silla."

Lady of the Brocade Sleep. This was the t.i.tle for the last queen of s.h.i.+lla, Queen Jinseong (Wiki link)

[The sponsor behind 'Min Jiwon' is greatly shaken.]

"Don't panic. Didn't you come to realize Silla's wish?"

It sometimes happened like this. The coordination between sponsor and incarnation was overturned. The sponsor would force their unfulfilled wish onto their incarnation.

It was a mistake often made by the senior constellations. There was a possibility of being destroyed by the posthumous storm.

Min Jiwon narrowed her eyes.


Now according to the development of Ways of Survival, the three areas of Seongdong-gu, Yongsan-gu and Yeongdeungpo-gu were fighting fiercely.

Just like the old days on the Korean peninsula. Then a message popped up.

[A bounty scenario has occurred!]

Huh? Bounty?

[Bounty Scenario – Unification of the Three Kingdoms]

Category: Bounty

Difficulty: ???

Clear Conditions: The great people of Silla want the incarnation of Silla, 'Min Jiwon' to become king of the three regions. Help incarnation 'Min Jiwon' and kill the kings who have the backgrounds of Later Baekje and Taebong. If this scenario succeeds, you will gain the favour of the constellation, Lady of the Brocade Sleep.

Time Limit: 38 hours

Compensation: 2,000 coins.

Failure: ―

I stared at the scenario window blankly while Min Jiwon sent me a coquettish smile.

“My sponsor wants to see your sincerity. Won't you accept? I won't speak much longer. Become my subordinate."

She spoke in such a domineering tone despite only offering 2,000 coins. I couldn't help smiling. This sponsor was completely seeing me as a poor person.

[The constellation 'Prisoner of the Golden Headband' dislikes the sponsor of 'Min Jiwon'.]

[The constellation 'Secretive Plotter' is laughing at the constellation.]

[2,000 coins have been sponsored.]

[5 volumes of Revelation – SSSSS grade Infinite Regressor have been sold on the exchange.]

[You have obtained 5,000 coins as compensation.]

I was curious about what this woman would look like if she heard the messages that I was hearing right now.

What did she want me to do for 2,000 coins?

TL: This chapter was a pain to translate with all the t.i.tles and Korean history. The later part is referring to the The Later Three Kingdoms of Korea (from 892-936). Wiki Link ).

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