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Descent of the Phoenix – 13-Year-Old Princess Consort Chapter 619 You Dare to Bully My Wife [1]

Extremely murderous freezing-cold eyes.

LiuYue opened her ice-cold eyes and stared chillingly at the Kuoba Chief who was coming over.

Looking at LiuYue’s cold eyes, Kuoba Chief involuntarily s.h.i.+vered. What a pair of sharp, cold eyes. What an angry, murderous air.

For a moment his hair almost stood up straight.

He twisted and did not look anymore at LiuYue’s eyes anymore. He stood behind LiuYue’s body and sighed deeply, “What powerful eyes. But I came prepared.”

His hands reached in front of LiuYue. A thick cloth suddenly tightly covered LiuYue’s eyes.

How could the LiuYue who could barely move be the opponent of Kuoba Chief? The struggles were futile and her eyes were firmly covered.

Her eyes were covered, body couldn’t move, and eyes couldn’t see. She could only hear. Her tightly-tied hands clenched.

“Dare to touch me and you would die without a burial place.” Unafraid, the blindfolded LiuYue was calm like the one about to be a.s.saulted was not her. Only the bone-chilling words spat out one by one revealed a murderous air.

“Haha, I want to see how I would die without a burial place then.” The indecent laughter sounded in her ears. A rough hand touched LiuYue’s shoulder.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen such a beautiful woman in my life. Haha.” The laughing sounds reverberated in the small, prison chamber. That stinking mouth slowly stretched down towards LiuYue’s head and neck.

“Hiss.” The sound of a rip in her dress sounded. LiuYue felt a chill on her body. The dress was torn in half. The wet whip tightened on her skin.

There were no exclamations or cries for help.

Calm, like the calmness of an outsider.

But her tightly-bound fists clenched tightly. The whip tightened and bit more and more into LiuYue’s skin.

Bright-red blood dripped drop by drop from her fist onto the ground.

“Hiss.” The sound of her dress being ripped sounded again. LiuYue felt a chill on her leg.

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