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Chapter 1615: A b.l.o.o.d.y Battle Against the Evil Spirit (Five)

A Primordial G.o.d Silkworm had used all its vital energies that had descended in the face of a crisis that threatened an entire world to weave the Primordial G.o.dsilk. As a result, the Primordial G.o.dsilk was one of the supreme treasures in the world. It was extremely rare and precious. Once the powers inside fully awakened, it would not be easy for Jian Chen to refine it with his current strength. He would need quite a long time against its resistance.

However, as the Primordial G.o.dsilk was fulfilling its reason of existence, using its power against the evil spirit, it could not resist. As a result, Jian Chen's refinement of the Primordial G.o.dsilk was extraordinarily successfully, advancing at an exceedingly rapid rate.

A while later, Jian Chen completely refined the Primordial G.o.dsilk through the method he had learnt from the sword spirits. Only then did he understand the terrifying and vast level of power that remained hidden within the Primordial G.o.dsilk. The power was as tremendous as the oceans.

However, Jian Chen could sense that the power did not seem to be very offensive at all. It only possessed a natural advantage over the evil spirit, and it was exactly because of this advantage that its gentle powers could bring great harm to the evil spirit.

At the same time, Jian Chen could clearly sense that the tremendous power hidden within the Primordial G.o.dsilk was being drained at a terrifying rate. Clearly, the Primordial G.o.dsilk was consuming its power to deal with the powerful evil spirit outside, and it was consuming the power rapidly.

"The Primordial G.o.dsilk won't be able to keep the crisis in check for long. We have to remove the threat before all of its power is used up." Jian Chen knew that time was tight. Without any deliberation, his consciousness returned to his own body after he refined the Primordial G.o.dsilk.

The Primordial G.o.dsilk could deal with the crisis of the world, but the Primordial G.o.dsilk was not necessarily able to eliminate it. He had learnt from the sword spirits that there were times in history where the crisis of the world counterattacked and suppressed the Primordial G.o.dsilk instead, ultimately destroying it and all the life in the world.

Jian Chen could immediately sense that he had gained a connection with the Primordial G.o.dsilk after sending his consciousness back to his body. At that moment, he seemed to feel that the Primordial G.o.dsilk had become a part of himself as if it was his arm or leg. He could control it as he wished, except he had just refined the Primordial G.o.dsilk, so he was still extremely unfamiliar towards the silk's usage and control.

However, it was also at this time that Jian Chen suddenly sensed an extremely great threat. The threat was not from Jian Chen but the Primordial G.o.dsilk. The evil spirit seemed to have charged up all its power at that moment. Its blood-red mist had condensed into a three-hundred-meter-tall figure and devastating energy pulsed wildly. The power was so great that Jian Chen's expression immediately changed drastically.

The evil spirit had already finished charging up its strongest attack. It wanted to smash through the Primordial G.o.dsilk's restraint in a single blow.

Jian Chen obviously understood this. He knew that the evil spirit's attack was extraordinary from the sense of threat. Even though the Primordial G.o.dsilk specialised in suppressing the evil spirit, this strike would bring devastating damage.

Jian Chen bellowed out and utilised his connection with the Primordial G.o.dsilk to control the power hidden within with great unfamiliarity, pus.h.i.+ng the Primordial G.o.dsilk to its peak power.

Immediately, the Primordial G.o.dsilk shone with dazzling light. It was as resplendent as the sun, illuminating the dark s.p.a.ce. Under Jian Chen's control, the power within had all surged out, and the evil spirit's figure immediately began to disperse at a rapid rate under the glow.

The Primordial G.o.dsilk could display much greater power after Jian Chen refined it. However, Jian Chen could not lighten up at all because the sense of threat from the Primordial G.o.dsilk did not lessen at all. Instead, it even grew in intensity.

The Spiritking also sensed the devastating power being charged up in the evil spirit. His face changed. Without any hesitation, he immediately retreated as quickly as he could, shooting off into the distance in a split second.


Suddenly, an explosion that could shake the entire universe erupted. The devastating power that the evil spirit had been charging up exploded loudly, rampaging through s.p.a.ce as an unimaginably terrifying force. It destroyed and collapsed whole regions of s.p.a.ce, reducing them to darkness.

At that moment, the evil spirit had used a move akin to self-destruction. In order to break free from the Primordial G.o.dsilk, it went as far as using all its power to explode with the greatest force it could display.

If it did not take such action, it would not have been able to break free from the Primordial G.o.dsilk. Not only was its power being eaten away under the restraint of the Primordial G.o.dsilk, its ability to devour the essence of the universe was being suppressed as well.

The Primordial G.o.dsilk was like a tiny boat on the raging seas before the violent power. It began to tremble and shake as its golden light flickered. The power within it was being consumed at a shocking rate.

Blood sprayed from Jian Chen's mouth, and he shot backwards like a cannonball. In the end, if the Primordial G.o.dsilk had not blocked over eighty percent of the power, he probably would have died from the self-destruction of the evil spirit. Even though it was just less than twenty percent of the power, he still suffered extremely severe injuries.

The Primordial G.o.dsilk became dimmer and dimmer. After the devastating attack struck it, it only endured for a few seconds before snapping gently in the end. Its golden light was completely extinguished, and the violent power swallowed it.

A huge black hole had formed in the centre of the explosion. The energy in the surroundings churned as it shook up s.p.a.ce. The black hole possessed a terrifying force of suction, swallowing up everything in its surroundings. It was also because of this black hole that the terrifying energy from the explosion did not expand much as the force of suction restrained it.

Not only were a few neighbouring asteroids and planets sucked off course and gradually approached the black hole, even all the planet that the Tian Yuan Continent was on, the two halves of the moon, and the sun slowly moved towards the black hole.

The Origin realm experts of the two worlds who had gathered just above the planet moved together. They controlled the G.o.d-slaying Formation and produced a resplendent sword Qi that shot off into the distance. It ripped through s.p.a.ce and created a boundary between the planet and the black hole to stop its suction.

The black hole was terrifying; it could devour everything, but their attack from the G.o.d-slaying Formation neared G.o.dhood, so they could resist its power.

"Has the crisis been eliminated?" Jian Chen stood in the distance as he bathed in Radiant Saint Force. He stared ahead with a pale face. He still possessed a weak connection with the Primordial G.o.dsilk. He knew it had snapped, but what he was truly worried about right now was the crisis.

However, the existence of the black hole before them from the destruction of s.p.a.ce prevented them from extending their souls over there even though the suction was nothing to them.

"Dahahaha, it has finally been destroyed. Without that thing which suppresses my existence, how will the food resist me now?" At this moment, a thought expanded and steeped through s.p.a.ce. Red mist churned near the black hole. In a short while, it condensed back into the figure of the evil spirit.

The black hole did not affect it at all despite their proximity. However, it was clearly weaker than before.

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