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Chapter 1993: The Swordswolf Adventurers

As the voice rang out, some of the people who were conversing leisurely around the cabin returned to their seats. They sat on their stone pedestal, and afterwards, they emitted powerful pulses of origin energy.

At this moment, all the people in the cabin poured their origin energy into the stone pedestal.

As they poured origin energy into the pedestals, Jian Chen could clearly sense the speed of the s.h.i.+p suddenly increase. It moved faster and faster. In the end, he discovered that all the stars outside the s.h.i.+p were rapidly receding from the s.h.i.+p as streaks of light.

The stars were not moving. Instead, it was simply the s.h.i.+p moving too quickly.

"The speed of the spatial battles.h.i.+p has probably surpa.s.sed Infinite Primes," Jian Chen was secretly surprised by this. Then, he looked at the people who poured origin energy into the stone pedestals as they sat there, and he returned to his position with some doubt.

Next to Jian Chen, master Chanlong was pouring origin energy into his stone pedestal. When he saw Jian Chen and Kai Ya's confusion, he explained, "I bought the tickets to the spatial battles.h.i.+p under tight conditions, and it was not cheap, so I only managed to get three low cla.s.s tickets. All the people in the low cla.s.s cabin need to pour origin energy into the stone pedestals every second day."

"The stone pedestals are linked to powerful formations. All the origin energy that enters the stone pedestal will be taken to the formation that powers the spatial battles.h.i.+p to be used as fuel."

Master Chanlong looked at Jian Chen and Kai Ya, who still did nothing, and said with some helplessness, "Although the price of taking this low cla.s.s cabin is cheap, we have to provide energy for the spatial battles.h.i.+p's movement. This was a condition that came with the ticket. If we don't do this, our right to ride the spatial battles.h.i.+p will be revoked, and we will be thrown out."

"Can we upgrade our flight to a higher cla.s.s?" Jian Chen asked. He did not have enough divine crystals to take a teleportation formation to a different plane, but he believed he could afford to fly at a higher cla.s.s.

After all, he had obtained a large amount of divine crystals from Yaxi Lian. As the commander of the seventh army, Yaxi Lian was far richer than regular G.o.dkings.

Even after he went on a shopping spree in the Xuandao Empire, he had only used up a small fraction of the divine crystals from Yaxi Lian's s.p.a.ce Ring.

"They're already full, so we can't upgrade even if we can afford it. We can only move up if the people in the other leave or die," said Chanlong.

Jian Chen nodded slightly before sitting down on the stone pedestal. He did not copy the other people by pouring his own energy into the stone pedestal. Instead, he removed a large number of thumb-sized high grade divine crystals from his s.p.a.ce Ring. As soon as the divine crystals came in contact with the stone pedestal, the pure origin energy within would be drained away.

Jian Chen cultivated Chaotic Force. It was far more precious than the origin energy that other fighters cultivated. Naturally, he would not pour that into the stone pedestal. As a result, he would rather replace it with divine crystals than use up his own Chaotic Force.

However, Jian Chen's actions attracted the attention of everyone in the cabin. At that moment, everyone's attention was locked onto Jian Chen.

It was not that no one used divine crystals in place of their own origin energy. They were just extremely rare, and they would only use low grade divine crystals.

However, they had not even heard of a person who would directly use high grade divine crystals like Jian Chen.

At that moment, a lot of people looked over enviously. Some of them were jealous.

The divine crystals that Jian Chen had taken out were quite a large sum to many of the people present.

"What an idiot. He's using high grade divine crystals in place of his own origin energy. I'd like to see how long he can last."

"I'm certain that he won't even be able to last for three days. As time goes on, even G.o.dkings can't afford to burn high grade divine crystals like that."

A few people discussed softly, but naturally, Jian Chen heard all of it.

Jian Chen did not speak up about this. However, he also felt very helpless because apart from high grade divine crystals, he only had supreme grade divine crystals in his s.p.a.ce Ring. Moreover, he did not have many loose pieces of divine crystals. Basically, all of them were blocks.

In the blink of an eye, the spatial battles.h.i.+p had already flown through outer s.p.a.ce for close to a month.

Jian Chen used high grade divine crystals continuously during that time to replace his own energy. He had used up several tens of thousand divine crystals.

The people who believed that Jian Chen would not be able to last long gradually changed their minds after they saw how Jian Chen had used several tens of thousand high grade divine crystals in the span of less than a month. Greed and burning desire appeared in their gazes towards Jian Chen.

People who treated several tens of thousand high grade divine crystals like nothing clearly possessed an extremely large sum of divine crystals.

"One day consumes over two thousand high grade divine crystals. I need to spend half a month each month pouring in energy, so a month should consume between thirty to forty thousand high grade divine crystals. That's close to five hundred thousand in a year and a million in two years, which is a block of high grade divine crystal," Jian Chen calculated his expenses.

Burning through a single block of high grade divine crystal every two years was nothing to him right now because let alone high grade divine crystals, just the supreme grade divine crystals he possessed amounted to several dozen blocks. A single block of supreme grade divine crystal could be converted into a hundred blocks of high grade divine crystal.

At this moment, seven people in tight black robes appeared before Jian Chen. They surrounded him, and a middle-aged man smiled, "Brother, may I ask you where you come from and which sect you come from?"

Jian Chen had already sensed their intentions. He could tell from their almost identical attires that they probably belonged to the same organisation.

In the spatial battles.h.i.+p, there were over thirty other people in the same attires apart from the seven of them.

However, the seven people around him right now were the stronger ones. They were all OverG.o.ds. The other people in similar attires were below OverG.o.d.

"I am just a wanderer. I have no sect or master. There's no need for me to mention my name. It's not worth remembering," said Jian Chen calmly as he remained seated on the stone pedestal. Now that he had left the Cloud Plane, he was indeed a wanderer.

Master Chanlong and Kai Ya opened their eyes at that moment as well, staring at the seven people coldly.

The seven men naturally sensed that Jian Chen was with Chanlong and Kai Ya. However, they did not mind at all. After they learned that Jian Chen was only an independent cultivator, the eyes of the middle-aged man who had spoken earlier lit up. He said, "We're the Swordswolf adventurers. The captain and the two elders are currently at the high cla.s.s cabin and they're all G.o.dkings. Brother, would you be interested in joining our group? Although we're not a peak organisations, we're still one with three G.o.dkings. Would you be interested?" As they said that, a pressure radiated from the seven of them, slowly approaching Jian Chen.

Although the middle-aged man had spoken rather politely, the forcefulness in his words was evident. He was basically threatening Jian Chen.

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