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Chapter 2727: The Power to Destroy a City (II)

The thirty-six lords had all witnessed exactly how Jian Chen slew the Sword Wielding King and Proud Ice King. His strength struck fear into the hearts of the thirty-six lords, the people responsible for protecting Darknight City.

The thirty-six lords surpa.s.sed the one hundred and eight kings in both ranking and status, but all of them knew that in terms of strength, they were not exactly better than the one hundred and eight kings. At least, a crus.h.i.+ng difference in strength would never appear between them.

As a matter of fact, there were a select few among the one hundred and eight kings who were no weaker than the thirty-six lords in battle prowess. With the powerful attacks of the Laws of the Sword, the Sword Wielding King had just barely made it into the ranks of these stronger kings.

Even the Sword Wielding King who was not much weaker than them had died so quickly. If it was a lord instead, they would probably just last a few more blows at most.

In other words, the outsider was so powerful that any single lord would experience a crus.h.i.+ng defeat if they faced against him alone!

Bai Jin clearly understood this. After nodding, he immediately psssed down orders for the remaining kings to keep Jian Chen busy, while the thirty-six lords would immediately cast down the Heaven's Net Formation in the outskirts of the city.

A total of one hundred and six peak G.o.dkings clashed with Jian Chen high above Darknight City. The deafening booms constantly rang out as the powerful energy wreaked havoc in the surroundings, forming violent shockwaves that gushed out.

When these shockwaves reached the city below, many structures collapsed. Countless simple yet ancient buildings were reduced to ruins. The formations that protected these structures were unable to withstand such power.

Darknight City had already been reduced to a mess. Many cultivators of the Darkstar race fled from the city in fright, as if it was the end of the world.

In a corner of Darknight City, the old male G.o.dking who had been drinking in an inn was now standing on a rooftop. He held a flask in his hand as he watched Jian Chen fight off the G.o.dkings. His heart surged.


A flask fell out from his hand and smashed to pieces. The alcohol within soaked his cloth shoes, but he paid no attention to it at all. He only stared into the distance in utter shock.

"W- who is this person? H- he's actually so powerful. I- is he the successor of a Grand Exalt?" The old man murmured subconsciously. In his understanding, probably only the successor of a Grand Exalt could demonstrate such impossible battle prowess, even though he had never seen the successor of a Grand Exalt.

At this moment, there was a startling explosion in the distance. The G.o.d Tier Battle Skill from one of the kings had been nullified as powerful pulses of energy swept into the distance, pus.h.i.+ng the old man back. With every step that he stumbled, he left behind a deep footprint in the ground.

The old man was now several dozen kilometers away from the battle.

"The Darkstar race has been disgraced in this battle. Once the battle ends, the Darkstar race will probably target us outsiders with even more prejudice. I can no longer remain in Darknight City." The old man hesitated. After a moment of internal conflict, he turned around and flew away from the city.

To the other side, the battle drew closer and closer to the city lord's estate while everyone revolved around Jian Chen. The battle between him and the one hundred and six kings had reached great intensity. They fought with everything that they had.

The kings of the Darknight City did not hold back at all against someone as powerful as Jian Chen. They unleashed all everything they had. Various powerful secret techniques and G.o.d Tier Battle Skills illuminated the sky, letting loose earth-shaking power.

In a time like that, they could no longer afford to pay attention to the city below. It no longer mattered if the city was destroyed, because all of them understood that killing Jian Chen was the greatest priority, more important than anything else. If they let someone like him live, allowing him to remain within the Darkstar race, the threat he would pose to the race would be just too great.

Jian Chen became more vicious as the battle went on. Wrapped in the Laws of Strength, every swing of his two-handed axe was brutal, making the air boom. Every single swing could send a powerful expert flying. None of the kings could endure a strike of his axe.

If it were not for all the people working together and keeping him busy, preventing him from launching consecutive attacks against the same person, they probably would have all been dead now.

"d.a.m.n it. If the Proud Ice King and Sword Wielding King were still alive, how would this outsider would still be alive…"

"The deaths of the two kings prevent us from using the Formation of the Hundred Kings. Otherwise, killing this person would have been as simple as crus.h.i.+ng an ant…"

The kings that battled Jian Chen called out. Many of them had been sent flying by a single axe swing from Jian Chen, which vexed and aggrieved them, considering how great their statuses were.


At this moment, a miserable cry rang out. The supreme quality saint artifact spear in a king's hand had been cut in half by Jian Chen's axe. The axe continued onwards, striking his chest with absolute strength.

However, his cry only lasted for a single moment before vanis.h.i.+ng. The Laws of Strength channeled into his body directly crushed his soul, killing him off!

The third king was dead!

"Destruction Spear King!"

Many kings cried out in the surroundings. Three kings behind Jian Chen directly launched a sneak attack against him. Three supreme quality saint artifacts stabbed towards Jian Chen's head and heart with powerful pulses of energy.

The axe in Jian Chen's hand moved with his body. With a sudden turn, his axe swung around and clashed with the three supreme quality saint artifacts.

He remained where he was, unaffected, while the three kings stumbled backwards due to the great force.

However, just when Jian Chen had repelled the three kings, a sword silently appeared behind him like a venomous snake, thrusting out like a bolt of lightning. A figure flashed behind him.

This was the Dark Shadow King. He turned into a phantom shadow, concealing his presence and hiding in s.p.a.ce to launch a sudden attack.

Jian Chen sneered. He did not turn around. Instead, he reached backwards and grabbed the sword, which was followed by a swing of his axe.


The Dark Shadow King failed to dodge the swing. He was cut in half and his soul failed to escape either. He was killed off.

The fourth king was dead!

Following the Dark Shadow King, more kings died one after another.

The seventh…

The eighth…

The ninth…

The thirteenth…

In just a short while, twenty kings had died one after another. With the death of so many kings, the remaining kings felt cold all over. They were in fear.

The outsider was just too powerful, so powerful that he was basically a deviant. Many of the kings had developed fear for him after fighting for so long.

Yet, the Heaven's Net Formation from the thirty-six lords had still not been completed.

Suddenly, the entire sky lit up. A bright streak of light shot out from the city lord's estate, appearing and vanis.h.i.+ng in a flash like a bolt of lightning. It arrived before Jian Chen in a single moment. Sharp sword intent swept through the surroundings, forming something akin to a invisible prison that kept Jian Chen trapped. The attack had the power to freeze a region.

The city lord of Darknight City, Bai Jin, had taken action. As soon as he launched an attack, earth-shaking might would follow. Sword Qi filled the surroundings, just as if a lord had descended upon his domain.

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