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Chapter 3128: The Dust Settles

All three Grand Prime ancestors of the Chillwind sect had perished!

The icicles that had completely absorbed their memories hovered quietly before the Snow G.o.ddess.

The throne of ice and snow condensed behind the Snow G.o.ddess. She sat down on the throne and extended a slender, snowy-white finger, pointing at one of the icicles gently.

Immediately, the memories within the icicle flooded out towards her. She filtered out all of the random memories, possessing absolutely no interest in the experiences and the secrets that the three ancestors had grasped over the years. She only searched for everything related to the Fame Reverend.

It was as if she was trying everything to find the Flame Reverend’s traces.

Very soon, the Snow G.o.ddess checked through all of the memories from the three ancestors. She completely understood the various agreements that the three ancestors had made with the Flame Reverend, but unfortunately, she did not find any information regarding his whereabouts.

The three ancestors of the Chillwind sect had been telling the truth. They truly did not know where the Flame Reverend was!


The three icicles filled with a tremendous amount of memories exploded. All of the memories that the three ancestors of the Chillwind sect possessed vanished into the surroundings as countless fragments.

The Ice G.o.ddess’s gaze was extremely cold as if she was hiding a fuming wrath. Failing to find the Flame Reverend’s whereabouts left her greatly infuriated.

In the next moment, she vanished. When she appeared again, she had already returned to the Snow sect’s discussion hall. She gazed down with her cold eyes that were devoid of all emotions at the Icecloud Founding Ancestor who knelt on the ground with the lower half of her body already turned to ice.

“Icecloud, you interfered with my matters without permission. Originally, that is a crime punishable by death, but in consideration of your kind intentions, I can spare your life. You have escaped with your life intact, but you still must be punished. I punish you to kneeling for ten thousand years for the crimes you have committed,” the Snow G.o.ddess said coldly.

“T- thank you for sparing my life, your highness,” the Icecloud Founding Ancestor said in a trembling voice.

The Snow G.o.ddess extended a finger. A cl.u.s.ter of Laws of Ice immediately enveloped the Icecloud Founding Ancestor. Surrounded by the laws, she immediately turned into a life-like statue.

She remained in the same, kneeling posture, completely sealed in ice as if she was imprisoned.

After witnessing the Icecloud Founding Ancestor’s fate, all of the Primordial realm experts throughout the Snow sect fell silent. Their eyes were filled with great grief and sorrow.

However, they were not surprised by this either, as this was the Snow G.o.ddess that they knew. She was eccentric, cold, and merciless.

Behind the throne of ice and snow, Shui Yunlan also gazed at the Icecloud Founding Ancestor with mixed feelings. She was reluctant to see this.

However, she dared not speak for her because she understood her ident.i.ty. In positive terms, she was the prospector of the Snow G.o.ddess.

But in negative terms, she was actually just a maidservant.

How could maidservants speak up to their masters?

The s.p.a.ce in the discussion hall suddenly cracked open. Two restrained women flew out of the crack under the guide of a certain power.

The two women were the Icepeer Founding Ancestor of the Snow sect, as well as one of the four great protectors of the Ice G.o.ddess Hall, Wu Han.

“Y-y-y-your highness-” But as soon as she saw the Snow G.o.ddess seated on the throne, Wu Han immediately became sheet-white out of fright. She directly collapsed on the ground as her lips trembled.

The Icepeer Founding Ancestor was extremely composed in comparison. Ever since the Icecloud Founding Ancestor imprisoned her, she had already prepared herself mentally for a situation like today.

It was just that this day had arrived far sooner than she previously expected.


The Snow G.o.ddess’s cold snort rang through the air. The entire discussion hall seemed to plummet into a h.e.l.l of ice.

In the next moment, the Snow G.o.ddess, Shui Yunlan, the Icepeer Founding Ancestor, and Wu Han vanished. The Snow G.o.ddess had taken all of them away.

The tremendous pressure that enveloped the entire Snow sect vanished. Even the heavy snow inside the sect gradually weakened. Everything gradually returned to normal.

Inside the discussion hall, all of the Primordial realm experts gathered there eased up. They all realised from these subtle changes that the Snow G.o.ddess was truly gone for good this time.

“The Icecloud Founding Ancestor has vanished!”

Suddenly, a cry rang out. Only now did everyone notice that the Icecloud Founding Ancestor sealed in ice had also gone missing.

As the Primordial realm experts gazed at each other, a noisy clamour abruptly rang out from outside.

The Primordial realm experts from planet Cangmang who the Snow G.o.ddess sealed in ice had also vanished, only leaving behind the G.o.dhood cultivators frozen there.

The Snow G.o.ddess had taken away all of the Primordial realm experts from planet Cangmang!

In the Heavenly Crane clan, on the Soaring Snow peak, ancestor Lan, ancestor s.h.i.+, and ancestor Tian all currently gathered together. Their faces were all filled with undisguised worry.

“Even now, there’s been no activity from the Snow sect. What have they been up to exactly? They’ve made us waste three Ancestral Blood pills for nothing.” Ancestor Tian was exasperated. He was extremely displeased with how the Snow sect had not followed the plan, but he could not help but feel worried either. Once the Snow sect was destroyed, the Heavenly Crane clan definitely could not stop the Heaven’s sect alone.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but the terrifying presence that erupted in outer s.p.a.ce is gone. That’s an Eighth Heavenly Layer Grand Prime after all. An expert like that has suddenly appeared outside our Ice Pole Plane. I don’t think this is as simple as it seems on the surface. It might be connected to the Snow sect,” ancestor s.h.i.+ said in thought.

“What’s so strange about that? When the first majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng hunted down the Flame Reverend and the Heaven-splitting Ancestor back then, didn’t she pa.s.s by the Ice Pole Plane as well? And just recently, we sensed the leader of the Myriad Bone Guild’s surging presence. It’s far too normal for these supreme experts to pa.s.s by the Ice Pole Plane. You don’t have to connect everything to the Snow sect,” ancestor Tian said in objection.

Ancestor Lan said nothing. Her bright eyes twinkled as she thought about something.

But at this moment, heavy snow suddenly began to fall on the Soaring Snow peak, coupled with the arrival of a suffocatingly-great pressure. A throne of ice and snow appeared above the mountain peak out of thin air.

Before the throne, all of the Heavenly Crane clan’s protective formations were basically non-existent. They failed to obstruct it at all.

The Snow G.o.ddess sat on the throne of ice and snow, peering down on everyone like a G.o.d, viewing all life as ants.

When ancestor Lan, ancestor s.h.i.+, and ancestor Tian saw the throne of ice and snow, they all became startled. Their hearts surged.

“Greetings, your highness! Welcome back!”

Without any hesitation, the three ancestors of the Heavenly Crane clan immediately bowed down, showing great respect, but they were all filled with excitement.

The return of the Snow G.o.ddess made them realise that the Ice Pole Plane which had spent many years in chaos would finally experience days of peace again.

With the Snow G.o.ddess around on the Ice Pole Plane, just which foreign organisation still possessed the courage to stir up trouble here?

The Snow G.o.ddess was emotionless, completely ignoring ancestor Tian and ancestor s.h.i.+ as if these two Grand Prime ancestors of the Heavenly Crane clan did not exist. Her gaze was very cold, landing directly on ancestor Lan. She said coldly, “You sure are bold to interfere with my matters.”

“I understand my crimes. I accept all punishment your highness has for me.” Ancestor Lan did not bicker, nor did she try to explain herself. She understood that not only was it useless with the two G.o.ddesses, it would even make things worse.

“If that’s the case, then get ready to be sealed for ten thousand years,” the Snow G.o.ddess said coldly. Immediately, cold air wrapped around ancestor Lan. Ice crystals immediately appeared beneath her feet, rapidly spreading across her body.

From her feet, her body gradually became sealed in ice.

Witnessing this, ancestor Tian and ancestor s.h.i.+ on the side immediately began to panic. They wanted to argue for her, but when they opened their mouths, they could not say anything at all.

As experienced experts of the Ice Pole Plane, they understood the two G.o.ddesses’ temperaments all too well. They understood that they would probably face the same fate as ancestor Lan if they spoke up at a time like this.

Sensing that her body was being sealed in ice, ancestor Lan’s heart sank abruptly too. Suddenly, she seemed to remember something. She immediately said, “Your highness, Jian Chen has close ties with our Heavenly Crane clan. When he left the Ice Pole Plane, he once said this.”

“He said that no matter how his sister turns out, she’ll always be his sister, one of the people he holds most dear.”

When Jian Chen’s name reached the Snow G.o.ddess’s ears, it was like a clap of thunder had erupted in her head, making her mind shake. Her thoughts were thrown into chaos as well.

Even her body stiffened slightly. Her emotionless eyes also rippled at that moment.

However, this state only lasted for a few seconds. The Snow G.o.ddess suppressed all of these negative emotions and recovered her coldness. The ice crystals on ancestor Lan spread much faster too.

In a single instant, ancestor Lan’s expression had been frozen. In that posture, she had been completely sealed in ice.

Sigh!” The moment she was completely sealed in ice, a gentle sigh echoed through her heart.

The Heavenly Crane clan was not the end. Soon afterwards, the Snow G.o.ddess appeared in various places across the Ice Pole Plane, visiting the various peak organisations on the plane. Some of the ancestors suffered the same fate as ancestor Lan, being completely sealed in ice.

There were also some peak organisations that faced destruction. Their entire sect, whether good or evil, regardless of gender or age, had all been turned into ice sculptures.

However, the ice sculptures that they had turned into were different from ancestor Lan and the Icecloud Founding Ancestor. Ancestor Lan and the Icelcoud Founding Ancestor only had their bodies sealed in ice. Their souls were still unscathed, so their thought process remained the same as before.

As for these organisations where all of their people had been reduced to ice statues, not only were their bodies frozen, but their souls had been frozen too.

The Chillwind sect was one of the organisations that had been completely turned into ice statues.

The Moon G.o.d Hall was not spared either!

Earlier, in order to capture the Flame Reverend, the Snow G.o.ddess had hidden herself the entire time, just in case she alarmed the enemy and allowed him to escape prematurely.

Now, since she was unable to locate the Flame Reverend, there was obviously no reason for the Snow G.o.ddess to continue hiding.

As a result, her actions on the Ice Pole Plane were without a doubt a public declaration that she had returned.

For a moment, the Ice Pole Plane was thrown into a commotion. No one paid any attention to the organisations the Snow G.o.ddess destroyed, nor did anyone pay attention to the human-shaped statues standing throughout the Ice Pole Plane, as nothing was more important to the Ice Pole Plane than the Snow G.o.ddess’s return.

Everyone cheered loudly for the Snow G.o.ddess’s official return.     

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