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Chapter 3258: The Snow G.o.ddess Appears

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The Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt moved swiftly. With that, he immediately erupted with killing intent, ready to take action.

As a sovereign of a world, he was completely free to do as he pleased. Apart from a handful of experts of the same level, there was nothing else that could strike fear in him. He could do whatever he wanted.

He was aware of Jian Chen’s network. He was also aware that Jian Chen was a sworn brother of the ninth majesty of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng.

Perhaps Jian Chen’s ident.i.ty and relations.h.i.+ps could deter other Grand Primes and make figures like the Saint Monarchs reconsider with a little more worry.

However, it definitely did not affect the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt!

He was a sovereign of the Saints’ World, someone who stood at the same height as the Anatta Grand Exalt. How could someone who merely had connections with a Grand Exalt’s disciple make him take them seriously?

However, right when the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt was about to take action, his figure suddenly halted. The Bloodtear Grand Exalt’s indifferent voice rang out in his ear.

Overarching, you really shouldn’t touch this person!

The Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt’s eyes shone with some surprise, as the speaker was the Bloodtear Grand Exalt!

The Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt immediately began to peer into this matter. With his cultivation, he was basically equivalent to the heavenly ways. The many secrets in the world were basically transparent in his eyes. With a single thought, he could learn the future and see through the past.

But this time, he found nothing at all.

I’m actually incapable of peering into anything regarding this person. I can’t see anything. Blootear, what’s special about this person? Why shouldn’t I touch him? He’s recognised by the twin swords. He’s that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s successor,” the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt asked in confusion.

He and Bloodtear communicated through messaging techniques, so no one else could hear the contents.

Many years ago, I already discovered that he possessed the twin swords. I also wanted to kill him, but… I didn’t have the courage.” The Bloodtear Grand Exalt smiled self-deprecatingly. He made no effort to hide his fears.

What? You… you didn’t have the courage?” Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt’s eyes twitched in disbelief.

Jian Chen will die in the very end, but not by our hands. Killing Jian Chen is a matter of great karma. This is a karma that even you and I cannot endure. Overarching Heavens, we only need to watch. Let’s leave it up to the main star of the show,” the Bloodtear Grand Exalt sighed gently.

The Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt was thrown into turmoil by what the Bloodtear Grand Exalt said. Killing a measly figure who was only a Chaotic Prime would actually lead to karma that even he and the Bloodtear Grand Exalt could not endure. It left him shocked.

D-don’t tell me Anatta…” the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt thought. He could not help but recall how the Anatta Grand Exalt’s presence had descended into disorder when he returned to the Saints’ World, which filled him with various thoughts.

In the current Saints’ World, the only existence that could strike fear into both him and the Bloodtear Grand Exalt was the Anatta Grand Exalt who had comprehended four ways to the limit.

At that moment, the way the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt looked at Jian Chen changed.

At the same time, at the location where the three sovereigns had returned to the Saints’ World, the Anatta Grand Exalt remained exactly where he was. The glow of ways around him fluctuated violently as if he was experiencing an intense turmoil. His emotioned surged violently, leaving his entire presence in a disorderly state.

He remained like this for a very long time, just unable to settle down.

“T-this day… has still ended up coming. W-w-why has it come so quickly…”

“This day shouldn’t have come so quickly. Why, why isn’t it by your side…”

“Why did the people of the Immortals’ World intrude at a time like this…”

“If the people of the Immortals’ World had attacked at another time… if it was by your side, then none of this would have happened…”

The Anatta Grand Exalt murmured softly. His voice was clearly trembling as the glow of the ways shook violently, flickering about.

As a lofty sovereign of the world, the greatest expert of the Saints’ World in this current day, he had already surpa.s.sed everything else, viewing all as ants. His mental fort.i.tude was impregnable, impervious to any external influences. His emotions did not waver.

Yet, at this moment, he completely lost his cool. Emotions that had not appeared for thousands of years bloomed in his heart.

That was a mentality of fear, even wanting to run away, as if he was slightly afraid to face this.

Ever since his fourth way reached completion, the Way of Love, he had completely changed. He was no longer that cold Anatta Grand Exalt of the past.

Elsewhere, the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt erased his killing intent completely, standing beside the Bloodtear Grand Exalt silently.

However, the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt’s sudden change from erupting with killing intent one moment earlier to falling absolutely silent the next left all of the experts present shocked. Their hearts surged.

First, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord had backed down, and now, even the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt who was clearly set on killing Jian Chen had suddenly stopped, instead standing to one side silently, clearly fearful of something.

For a moment, all of the experts were shocked by the immensity of Jian Chen’s backing. They all gasped.

Suddenly, a blizzard erupted in outer s.p.a.ce. Biting cold immediately flooded over from all directions. A throne of ice suddenly appeared with a white, graceful figure seated there, wrapped in wind and snow that obscured her appearance.

“It’s the Snow G.o.ddess.”

“It’s actually the Snow G.o.ddess. I didn’t expect her to come as well.”


Cries immediately rang out with the throne’s appearance. In the next moment, the experts relatively close to the Snow G.o.ddess instinctively backed away.

The Snow G.o.ddess had arrived. She seemed cold and proud. She did not greet the Overarching Heaven Grand Exalt or the Bloodtear Grand Exalt, instead standing up and leaving the throne of ice.

Beneath her feet, a path completely condensed from ice expanded through s.p.a.ce, leading straight over to Jian Chen.

Afterwards, the Snow G.o.ddess set foot on the path as she was shrouded in the wind and snow. Under everyone’s gazes, she walked through s.p.a.ce calmly, approaching Jian Chen step by step.

Very soon, she arrived before Jian Chen. When she arrived there, the s.p.a.ce that had been locked by the Heaven Perceiving Saint Monarch’s secret technique immediately returned to normal.

The twin swords frozen there immediately turned into a streak of light, vanis.h.i.+ng into Jian Chen’s body.

Jian Chen lay in outer s.p.a.ce weakly. There was not a single inch of complete skin on his body. He had been completely disfigured by the Laws of Fire. He turned his head with difficulty, gazing at the figure enveloped in wind and snow before his eyes. His expression became extremely mixed.

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He could not see her face and her presence was extremely foreign, but Jian Chen knew the person standing here was Changyang Mingyue of the past!

The Snow G.o.ddess stopped before Jian Chen as if she was gazing at him. Jian Chen also looked towards the Snow G.o.ddess.

For a moment, these two figures that possessed a tremendous difference in both strength and status just gazed at one another silently. The s.p.a.ce there seemed to freeze.

“Are… you still my… sister?” After quite a while, Jian Chen broke the silence first. His voice trembled slightly. Clearly, talking was very difficult for him, which made his stutter.

“What? Sister? The Snow G.o.ddess of the Ice G.o.ddess Hall is actually his sister.”

“Heavens, what exactly is happening? He’s that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d Violet Heavens’ successor, a person of the Immortals’ World. Why is he the Snow G.o.ddess’s younger brother now?”

“Preposterous, preposterous. Absolutely preposterous!”


There was an uproar. Jian Chen’s relations.h.i.+p with the Snow G.o.ddess left everyone’s mouths agape. Even the seven Saint Monarchs, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord, and so on all gazed at one another in utter shock.

This was the cold and heartless Snow G.o.ddess of the Saints’ World after all, yet she had now suddenly gained a younger brother. That left everyone tongue-tied.

The Snow G.o.ddess ignored the ruckus in the surroundings. She said coldly with her frigid voice that was devoid of emotion, “Relinquish the twin swords and sever all the ties you have with the Immortals’ World. Return to the Ice G.o.ddess Hall with me.”

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