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Chapter 3287: Ancestor Yan

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At this moment, several shrill sounds whistled through the air. Three vines extended out from thin air near Jian Chen and Bai Yueye, radiating with powerful energy. They thrust towards Jian Chen and Bai Yueye like three arrows.

Bai Yueye’s expression immediately changed, but at this moment, the vine that shot towards her and Jian Chen changed directions in an extremely strange way, piercing the s.p.a.ce beside them in the end.

This did not just happen with Jian Chen and Bai Yueye but Bai Changlin, Bai Changqing, Bai Ziyi, Bai Xiaolan, and several other OverG.o.ds of the White Emperor clan as well. When they were faced with powerful attacks, the attacks all lost their target in the end and struck thin air.

The remaining G.o.dkings of the White Emperor clan all entered an arduous battle, while many of the remaining clansmen sustained great losses too. However, the five OverG.o.ds were basically unscathed apart from overexerting themselves a little.

At this moment, Bai Yurou had used her secret technique and launched a powerful strike at the cost of her own life force. It was about to collide against the formation.

“Hahaha, Bai Yurou, save your energy. This formation has been a.s.sembled by over sixty G.o.dkings. All of your attacks will be dissipated by the formation before evenly spread on every single person behind the formation. Unless a Primordial realm expert takes action personally, you won’t be able to breach this formation even if you offer up your life.” The arrogant voice rang out again like victory was already within his grasp.

With a powerful group of over sixty G.o.dkings, even if he did not use the formation, he could easily overwhelm Bai Yurou’s group.

However, even when he possessed an absolute advantage, he still chose to trap them in a formation, clearly determined to kill them all here and prevent any of them from escaping.

But at this moment, the expressions of the several dozen G.o.dkings behind the formation all changed, as they could all clearly sense that the formation they had cast under their combined efforts had actually halted for a split second.

It felt like an invisible force had seized the formation, making the formation lose virtually all of its power and effects, turning it into a sitting duck.


At the same time, Bai Yurou’s attack landed on the formation with a rumble. The formation supported by several dozen G.o.dkings was like a flimsy piece of paper, immediately tearing apart and shattering.

With the formation’s destruction, several dozen G.o.dkings clad in black robes were immediately exposed before everyone.

One of the G.o.dkings bled from his forehead. Bai Yurou’s sword had pierced his head after breaching the formation, immediately claiming his life.

“W-why did the formation fall? W-what’s happening?” Several people in black robes hovered in the air. The person in the centre called out in surprise with a shake of his robes.

The voice was identical to the one that rang out in the formation earlier.

With a bang, the black-robed G.o.dking’s head exploded on the spot after being pierced by Bai Yurou’s sword. Bai Yurou surged with great might, turning into a streak of light and crossing through the air, directly extending her sword towards the talking G.o.dking.

Several G.o.dkings followed the black-robed G.o.dking closely. They were like personal guards. When Bai Yurou attacked him, the G.o.dkings took action at the same time to block.

However, Bai Yurou had become extremely powerful due to the secret technique. Even though she still could not rival Primordial realm experts, there were very few G.o.dkings who could still serve as her opponent.

The sword in her hand danced as she demonstrated the might of a supreme G.o.dking. She was unstoppable, repelling four late G.o.dkings in a single clash. Afterwards, her sword continued onwards, slas.h.i.+ng towards the talking G.o.dking.

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The G.o.dking retreated rapidly, but at this moment, Bai Yurou was far too powerful. No one at the same cultivation as her could match her. Even after tremendous effort, he still failed to completely avoid Bai Yurou’s attack. His black robes were torn to shreds by Bai Yurou’s sword qi, revealing a young face.

When Bai Yurou saw the face, her eyes immediately narrowed viciously. She growled furiously, “Bai Changjie, it’s actually you!”

At this moment, the G.o.dkings under Bai Yurou’s lead also recognised who the young man was. Their expressions all became extremely mixed.

Bai Changjie was one the high-ranking members of the White Emperor clan. He belonged to ancestor Yan’s faction out of the three ancestors of the White Emperor clan.

At the same time, he was Bai Yurou’s ancestor.

His ident.i.ty had been exposed, but Bai Changjie did not seem fl.u.s.tered at all. He stared at Bai Yurou calmly and smiled slightly. “Bai Yurou, the ancestor’s evaluation of you was already very impressive, but I didn’t expect him to still underestimate you. You actually managed to destroy the formation even under such dire straits.”

“But that’s fine, as the lot of you will never see the light of day again. Even if you know our true ident.i.ties, you still can’t change anything.”

“Though, with the formation destroyed, killing you all will be somewhat troublesome.”

Bai Changjie’s smile became even more malicious. Then he waved his hand and called out, “Kill them! Remember, leave none alive!”

With Bai Changjie’s order, the sixty-odd G.o.dkings that were originally part of the formation all took action. They split into two groups. One group went after Bai Yurou and the others, while the other group scattered in the surroundings, encircling the area and plugging any holes to ensure that no one escaped.

On Bai Yurou’s side, even a generous estimate amounted to just twenty-odd G.o.dkings, and every single one of them was injured. Their battle prowess was nowhere close to peak condition.

On the other hand, not only did Bai Changjie possess an absolute advantage in numbers, but each and every one of his G.o.dkings was at peak condition.

As a result, as soon as they began fighting, Bai Yurou’s G.o.dkings were completely overwhelmed. Several early G.o.dkings were immediately killed off.

“Impossible. This is impossible. Why is it like this? Why has it turned out to be like this?” Below, Bai Yueye was dejected. She stared at Bai Changjie in disbelief as she shed tears of sorrow.

Jian Chen stood calmly to one side. According to his experiences, he could clearly tell this was internal strife within the White Emperor clan. They had turned against one another due to their personal interests or schemes.

“There’s a Primordial realm expert, a Second Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime. If I’ve guessed correctly, Bai Yurou and the others will really be annihilated here. Looks like someone doesn’t wish to see the White Emperor recover,” Jian Chen thought.

Suddenly, a miserable howl rang out in the sky and blood poured down. Among the G.o.dkings under Bai Yurou’s lead, several more had been killed off. Including Chu Tianxing, only around a dozen G.o.dkings continued to hold on stubbornly.

Suddenly, the remaining G.o.dkings all arrived by Bai Yurou’s side. They were all bloodied as they called out urgently, “Go, young miss! We can die, but you have to live! You have to return to the imperial city alive and pa.s.s the news onto the White Emperor!”

“Young miss, we’ll cover for you. Run!”

The G.o.dkings all offered up their lives to buy a few more moments for Bai Yurou.

Bai Yurou’s presence grew weaker. The secret technique she previously cast had run out, so not only did her battle prowess plummet, but her life force dimmed too. She was basically incapable of fighting anymore.

Teary-eyed, she glanced past the G.o.dkings sorrowfully before immediately making up her mind and flying off into the distance without looking back.

Several of the black-robed G.o.dkings encircling the area struck out at the same time to stop her. Bai Yurou was in a weakened state, so even her talents as a supreme G.o.dking were useless. Even dealing with a regular G.o.dking became extremely difficult.

Obstructed by several black-robed G.o.dkings, Bai Yurou did not try to engage them. After suffering several heavy injuries, she rushed out of the encirclement with a pale face.

Bai Yurou was sheet-white and her face was haggard. She used the rest of her power to fly off in the direction of the imperial city as quickly as she could. She stared at Bai Changjie and the people in black robes with great hatred, having sworn an oath inside already. “Bai Changjie, I will definitely make you pay a heavy price for everything you’ve done today.”

However, soon after Bai Yurou swore the oath, a tremendous pressure suddenly appeared, directly crus.h.i.+ng down on her like an invisible mountain and taking away her breath.

Bai Yurou came to a halt. All she saw was a blue-clothed old man appear right in front of her.

The old man stood with his hands behind his back. He gazed at Bai Yurou calmly, giving off a natural sense of dignity and gravitas.

“Ancestor Yan!” When she saw the old man, Bai Yurou blanked out before realising something. She widened her eyes, and her face was filled with disbelief.

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