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Chapter 3334: The Peace Ruler

“The Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King sure knows how to create trouble. He’s actually made so many enemies.” Jian Chen shook his head speechlessly before turning to Bai Yurou. “Bai Yurou, you have some grievances with the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King. Now that he’s serving me, what are your thoughts?”

Bai Yurou’s gaze became slightly mixed in response. She bowed slightly. “The difference in strength between me and the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King is overly large. I’ve yet to consider the matter of revenge.”

Jian Chen said in thought, “However, as long as I’m around, the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King won’t be able to harm you. But I will be leaving some day. Once I’m gone, the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King probably won’t spare you without me holding him back. As a result, you need to focus on increasing your strength during this period.”

“Your grievances with Ceremonial Bell can only be resolved through your own efforts!”

“I’m already filled with grat.i.tude over how senior protected the White Emperor’s faction. I would never ask for anything more than that!” Bai Yurou immediately cupped her fist.

“Yeah.” Jian Chen nodded and said in thought, “But you don’t have to worry too much. When the time comes, you can just join Jade Heaven. With your talent, that’s obviously nothing difficult.”

Afterwards, Jian Chen discussed some details with Jian Feng and Li Jiangshan. Only several hours later did he leave the Sword Emperor’s estate with Xia Jianming and Bai Yurou, returning to the Xia Merchant Union’s courtyard.

At the same time, Jian Feng handed over all of the tax revenue Sword Emperor city had gathered over the past few years, becoming the first emperor to pay his dues out of the nine emperors.

The tax revenue of an imperial city obviously included the government income from all of the towns and villages. It was an extremely tremendous sum.

After Sword Emperor city, the eight other imperial cities handed over their tax revenue and various other sources of income and wealth very soon, such that Jian Chen gathered a tremendous amount of wealth in a short amount of time.

This could be described as an astronomical sum in the Wood Spirits World, enough to leave countless people green with envy. However, it was nothing to Jian Chen, as he had seen his fair share of things before.

Compared to the Tian Yuan clan, the tax revenue of the Peace region was insignificant.

However, it happened to serve a great purpose for him right now.

Afterwards, Jian Chen handed all of the revenue to Xia Jianming so that he could manage it. He simply tossed all of his affairs to the people around him.

Three days later, the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King who patrolled the Peace region returned to Jian Chen’s side and handed over several dozen s.p.a.ce Rings. He said politely, “Sir, there are six imperial cities that have tried to conceal some of their revenue. I’ve chased it all down now. Please check through them!”

Jian Chen scanned through them with the senses of his soul. There was another great sum in the several dozen s.p.a.ce Rings.

“Are you sure this is tax revenue they tried to hide and that you didn’t forcefully take it from others?” Jian Chen furrowed his brows. There was a sizable amount of wealth in the s.p.a.ce Rings, equivalent to a third of everything the nine imperial cities had handed over earlier.

“I would never!” The Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King’s expression changed as he immediately swore, “Please do not worry, sir. I followed your instructions strictly. I definitely did not overstep any boundaries. I would never overstep any boundaries!”

“Alright.” Only then did Jian Chen’s expression soften. “Severely punish everyone who concealed their tax revenue. Let this be a warning to the entire Peace region. However, do not harm any of their lives.”

“Yes, sir!” The Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King took his leave.

“Master, now that you’re a ruler, you should have a divine palace of your own. Only that would match your esteemed status. It doesn’t seem particularly appropriate for you to remain in Sword Emperor city.” Xia Jianming mentioned this proactively after the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King had left.

“Yeah, fair enough. I’ll leave this to you.” Jian Chen agreed after a moment of hesitation.

Afterwards, Xia Jianming personally tended to this matter, gathering several tens of thousand cultivators across the Peace region to construct a glorious divine palace in the centre of the Peace region.

The divine palace was named the Divine Palace of Peace. It was the residence specially prepared for the Peace Ruler.

With the completion of the divine palace, Jian Chen formally moved in as the lord of the Peace region, while Bai Yurou and Xia Jianming moved in with him.

Even the clansmen from the White Emperor clan all moved into the Divine Palace of Peace under Jian Chen’s suggestion.

Meanwhile, Jian Chen became known as the Peace Ruler!

The moment the Divine Palace of Peace was constructed, the nine imperial cities all sent some of their G.o.dkings to the Divine Palace of Peace to form a special division of royal guards belonging to the ruler, protecting the prestige and dignity of the Divine Palace of Peace.

On this day, a group of over a hundred G.o.dkings led by two Primordial realm experts flew out of the Divine Palace of Peace in a glorious fas.h.i.+on. They surrounded a luxurious carriage, rus.h.i.+ng into the air mightily and making their way towards the Jade Centre Domain.

“It is the royal guards from the Divine Palace of Peace. T-the ruler is setting out. The Peace Ruler has set out.”

“Quick, move aside. This is the ruler’s carriage.”

“When the Peace Ruler by, land on the ground immediately. Don’t fly in the air.”

“Greetings, Peace Ruler.”

The Peace Ruler setting out immediately led to quite a disturbance. Wherever the carriage pa.s.sed by, the cultivators in the air all landed on the ground and bowed politely towards the carriage.

“The Peace Ruler? Why does this t.i.tle sound strange?” Jian Chen could not help but rub his nose awkwardly and smile wryly when he heard how the Wood Spirits referred to him.

He was the only one in the carriage. Xia Jianming and Bai Yurou stood beside the carriage like guards.

“Though, travelling like this sure is troublesome. It’s much slower.” Jian Chen shook his head helplessly. According to what he originally suggested, he could go wherever he wanted with the Laws of s.p.a.ce. It was convenient and fast.

However, Xia Jianming felt like he was supposed to do something special, as the Peace Ruler was formally visiting the Jade Heaven Domain, which was why he arranged all this.

The carriage glided through the air and reached the border between the Peace region and the Jade Heaven Domain very soon. 4887

“Greetings, Peace Ruler!”

Respectful voices immediately rang out from below. Experts from the Peace region were stationed here to maintain the pa.s.s, collecting fees from all the cultivators that entered the Peace region.

Now, the Peace region had become a place of transit between the three domains. If people from the three domains wanted to move between them, they had to pa.s.s through the Peace region. Just the fees that they collected daily led to a tremendous amount of income.

Of course, they had only begun collecting fees like this after Jian Chen became the lord of the Peace region. No one had been bold enough to do something like that during the age of the nine imperial cities.

The carriage pa.s.sed through and directly entered the territory of the Jade Heaven Domain before venturing deeper and arriving at the Divine Palace of Jade Centre very soon.

The Jade Heaven Ruler personally received them, welcoming Jian Chen to the Divine Palace of Jade Centre with the greatest courtesy possible by extending a rainbow bridge condensed from energy.

“Jade Heaven, I’ll cut right to the chase. I’ve come to visit because I want your help with something.” Jian Chen sat in a wheelchair and allowed Bai Yurou to push him along in the Divine Palace of Jade Centre.

The Jade Heaven Ruler wore a green dress. She was slender and had extraordinary charms. “Please speak freely, Peace Ruler. I’ll definitely help you if it’s within my ability.”

“I require Lifesoul Flowers, so I hope you can gather all the Lifesoul Flowers in the Jade Heaven Domain for me,” said Jian Chen. Even though he had obtained a large number of Lifesoul Flowers from the Jade Centre Domain and Grand Heaven Domain in exchange for holding off the Ceremonial Bell Heavenly King in the past, they were not all the Lifesoul Flowers from the two domains.

“All of them?” The Jade Heaven Ruler narrowed her eyes slightly.

“That’s right!”

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“Alright, no problem. I will give you all the Lifesoul Flowers in my Jade Centre Domain.” The Jade Heaven Ruler agreed in an extremely straightforward manner. She did not ask for the reason, directly agreeing to his request.

“Besides that, I require some inner cores of sacred beasts too, hopefully at the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Infinite Prime,” Jian Chen continued.

“We happened to have hunted a large number of sacred beasts out at sea a while ago. My Jade Centre Domain has some of the inner cores you require, so you can take all of the Ninth Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime inner cores,” the Jade Heaven Ruler said without hesitation.

Jian Chen was left rather surprised by how easily the Jade Heaven Ruler had agreed to all of his requests. This time, he had brought a large number of resources with him because he was prepared to exchange for them.

But he had never thought that the Jade Heaven Ruler would not even have any interest in discussing the price with him, giving them for free without even batting an eye. It would even be everything she possessed too, without any hesitation.

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