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Chapter 104 - The Seven Great Sins

Not only was Nangong Cheng was stunned, everyone at the scene was stunned too.

What kind of background does Qin Nan possess to be allowed to take two pieces of treasure?

Looking at everyone’s expression, Old Zhang could not help but let out a wry smile in his heart. He had been the Master of Ceremonies for at least a hundred different auctions, but it was his first time encountering such a situation too. However, he did not dare to blame it on Qin Nan; even though he had no idea what his ident.i.ty was, he could easily guess it according to the elder’s att.i.tude.

At least, in terms of prestige, Nangong Cheng was completely outmatched by Qin Nan.

“Alright, the next item is known as the Celestial Sword, which was made with material acquired from a meteor. It can easily slice through iron like dirt…” Old Zhang cleared his thoughts and continued to introduce the treasure.

The disciples and Nangong Cheng finally recovered from their shock.

The crowd of disciples now glanced toward Qin Nan respectfully; they no longer had the same playful att.i.tude.

As for Nangong Cheng, his face turned extremely dull. If it weren’t for the remaining rational thoughts in his mind, he would definitely become enraged and attack Qin Nan.

Two items which he was interested in had both been taken by Qin Nan. How could he not be angry?

The truth which Nangong Cheng did not know was that the first time Qin Nan took his item, it was because he had threatened Qin Nan before, and Qin Nan hated those who threatened him the most—hence he took the Seven-Colored Flower. As for the second time, it was because Nangong Cheng took the initiative to challenge Qin Nan, in addition to the fact that he was slightly interested in the Ambergris—thus he took it away.

“Young Master Qin Nan, we should be careful with this Nangong Cheng later.” Bai Heng immediately reminded.

“Don’t worry.” Qin Nan shook his head. This had been his att.i.tude since the beginning, handling the soldiers with the generals, and the flood with the soil[1], and fighting back when people offended him in the first place.

After a period it took for three incense sticks to burn, the auction had sold fifty plus pieces of treasure; Qin Nan found quite many of them to be relatively interesting.

Old Zhang let out a cough, before he straightened his face and said, “Now that the auction is approaching its end, the next item is the finale of our auction. Let the disciples bring up the final piece of treasure: The Seven Great Sins!”

After hearing this, everyone’s eyes were filled with curiousity.

“The Seven Great Sins? What is this?”

“I never heard of it before, but I’m sure it’s nothing simple.”

“No doubt.”


While the crowd was immersed in their chatter, seven tenth-layer Body Tempering Realm cultivators went up to the stage, each carrying a wooden box.

The seven disciples arranged the wooden boxes in order, then opened the lids in an orderly fas.h.i.+on.

Following this, the disciples found themselves inhaling deeply.

In the seven boxes, were seven ancient sabers, dark like the night sky. Every saber had a different shape, but they all emitted the same icy aura, together with an incredibly sharp icy reflection.

Not only that, it felt like the seven sabers were attracted and linked to each other, as if they had the urge to merge as one.

“There’s something weird about these seven sabers.”

Qin Nan secretly executed his Eyes of the Divine Battle Spirit, and he instantly detected a mysterious force within the seven sabers. The force was extremely powerful, but remained in a deep sleep, showing no signs of waking up.

Looking at the expressions on the crowd’s faces, Old Zhang could not help but feel satisfied as he said, “These seven ancient sabers combine into one, with the name of the Seven Great Sins. They were unexpectedly found by one of the elders of the sect in historical remains. After being inspected by the sect, the background of these seven ancient sabers still remain a history, but their sharpness and their material are on par with Mystical Weapons…”

After hearing this, the crowd fell into a dead silence; no one among the disciples was not shocked.

As everyone knew, weapons were cla.s.sified into five groups of: Mystical Weapons, Houtian Weapons, Xiantian Weapons, Emperor Weapons, and Dominator Weapons. Although Mystical Weapon was the worst grade, only a few among the Luohe Kingdom and the top four sects possessed a Mystical Weapon—it was extremely rare.

Even the inner disciples of the Mystic Spirit Sect would not have a Mystical Weapon each.

A Mystical Weapon, as the name suggested, meant that the weapon possessed a hint of consciousness. If the weapon were to be refined, it would be able to unleash great power.

At that instant, everyone’s breathing turned heavy. They did not expect the outer domain auction to have such a rare piece of treasure.

Upon seeing everyone’s reaction, Old Zhang immediately yelled out, “This set of the Seven Great Sins has a base price of fifty thousand Xiantian Pills, with increments of at least ten thousand Xiantian Pills. Let the bidding begin…”

After Old Zhang finished his sentence, outside of his expectations, the whole place fell silent instead of turning lively.

This caused Old Zhang to be shocked momentarily, before he realized everyone was staring at Qin Nan, as if they were waiting for Qin Nan to speak.

“I forgot about him.” Old Zhang rubbed his forehead, before a wry smile appeared on his face and he then asked, “Junior Brother Qin Nan, do you want this set of the Seven Great Sins?”

Everyone’s gaze became nervous upon hearing this.

From Old Zhang’s att.i.tude, they could tell that if Qin Nan were to speak, then the Seven Great Sins would surely belong to him.

“HAHAHA.” Nangong Cheng bursted out laughing all of a sudden, and then said with a mocking expression, “Today I, Nangong Cheng, can not believe you’re able to take a third piece of treasure for free! I bet one hundred thousand Xiantian Pills!”

The disciples could not help but feel confused after hearing this.

At this instant, Nangong Cheng still dares to mock Qin Nan?

Qin Nan glanced at Nangong Cheng, before saying ,”These Seven Great Sins are just what I’ve been looking for. I’ll take it.”

After hearing this, Old Zhang immediately declared in a loud tone, “The Seven Great Sins now belong to Qin Nan. This will be the end of the auction.”

Many among the disciples all sighed in disappointment. They were really interested in these Seven Great Sins, but they could not do anything but watch helplessly as Qin Nan took the item straight away with his formidable background.

That being said, they did not hate Qin Nan at all; even if Qin Nan did not take it, it would have ended up in Nangong Cheng’s hands.

As Nangong Cheng saw Qin Nan retrieving the Seven Great Sins, he did not show any anger. Instead, there was a smile on his face as he said, “Congratulations Junior Brother Qin Nan on receiving the Seven Great Sins. Initially, I was told by Senior Brother Leng Feng to bid for this set of the Seven Great Sins, but I did not expect you to take it. By the way, Senior Brother Leng Feng really likes this set of the Seven Great Sins. After he’s back from his mission, if he knows you took this set of the Seven Great Sins, he will definitely come and have a talk with you.”

After finis.h.i.+ng the sentence, the smile on Nangong Cheng’s face blossomed even more as he felt incredibly good right now.

He had been suppressed by Qin Nan three or four times in a row; now that he was able to trip up Qin Nan for the first time, why wouldn’t he be happy?

Despite that, everyone’s face twisted upon hearing Leng Feng’s name.

Even Bai Heng’s face contorted as he said, “Senior Brother Leng Feng, it’s him! d.a.m.n it, this Nangong Cheng has set us up on purpose!”

“Why? Who is this Senior Brother Leng Feng?” Qin Nan remained expressionless, and asked in a calm tone.”

“Among the outer disciples, we are cla.s.sified into the outer domain and inner domain. The disciples of the outer domain are all in the Body Tempering Realm. Only those who have achieved the Xiantian Realm are cla.s.sified to be in the inner domain.” Bai Heng took a deep breath and continued with an unpleasant expression, “Senior Brother Leng Feng is ranked tenth among the inner domain disciples. He is extremely cruel to those who offend him, and they have all been murdered by him.”

Qin Nan nodded his head; his face remained expressionless.

Even though Nangong Cheng had purposely set him up, as he took the path of practising the saber as his main weapon, this set of the Seven Great Sins was perfect for him. Despite offending Leng Feng, he would still voice out and take it.

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

[1] TL Note: This is a popular saying in Chinese, which refers to dealing with problems according to the situation when the time comes.

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