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Chapter 1553 - The Sudden Danger

Breaking through to higher levels was something that every cultivator had to go through.

As such, there were countless tips on how to break through to the higher levels listed in the Ten Thousand Dao Immortal Badge.

"Become an inner disciple of the Sanqing Ancient Sect, and you'll be given a chance to cultivate in the Sanqing Soaring Heaven in seclusion."

"Become an outer disciple of the Heaven Illusionary Ancestor Sect and complete a Di-grade quest, you'll be given a Heaven Illusionary Flower, which can help your cultivation improve by two layers."

"The Dragon River Forbidden Place has opened. If you can make your way to the deepest part and absorb the Dragon River Qi, it will bring great benefits to your cultivation."

"Wen Lan Immortal Emperor has said that those willing to serve him for a hundred years will be given three Wen Lan Pills. They can also cultivate in his Blessed Immortal Land, the Bodhi Deity Garden in seclusion for ten years."

"If your cultivation isn't strong enough, you can head over to Fatangtian Small Immortal Realm to take part in the Hundred G.o.ds War..."

Qin Nan scanned the tips.

There were actually just a few ways to improve his cultivation. He could either join a formidable faction, visit a forbidden place or battleground, or gain experience through fights.

Qin Nan was not really interested in joining a faction for the time being.

Even though he could easily become a core disciple, or even the successor of a Nine Heavens Supreme easily with his current cultivation and talents...

It also meant binding himself during the process.

He was extremely clear with the path he had decided to take. Why would he bother applying chains to himself?

"Such a pity, my cultivation is still too weak. Otherwise, it will be quite interesting to visit other Small Immortal Realms, or even establish by own Blessed Immortal Land."

Qin Nan murmured.

Among the thirty-three Small Immortal Realms in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, not every Small Immortal Realm had Supreme Daoism factions, or factions ruled by Peerless Rulers like the Shangxingtian Small Immortal Realm.

Some Small Immortal Realms were basically desolated and filled with danger. At the same time, there were lots of fortunate encounters that even Peerless Rulers, or Nine Heavens Supremes had trouble acquiring.

However, a cultivation of the Earth Immortal Realm was necessary to visit these places.


Qin Nan's attention was caught by a piece of information all of a sudden.

"If your cultivation has reached the Earth G.o.d Realm, you can visit the Liuhuang Battleground. The place was opened three thousand years ago, and it has stayed open since then. It's a great place to cultivate in seclusion."

"Currently, among the three Supreme Daoism factions and the other factions ruled by Peerless Rulers, many disciples, even those that had mastered the Four Extremities were visiting the place."

"Apart from being a suitable place to cultivate in seclusion, there are also quite a lot of fortunate encounters and successions."

Any ordinary forbidden place was no longer able to intrigue Qin Nan, but a place where even Four Extremities geniuses were interested in, and had stayed open for such a long time seemed quite interesting to him.

"Senior Blood-Eye, do you know about the Liuhuang Battleground?"

Qin Nan withdrew his thoughts.

"Liuhuang Battleground?" The Blood-Eye Earth G.o.d was startled, before he smilingly said, "If you asked me some other places, I might have no clue, but I do know a thing or two about this place."

"The place was once an Immortal Ancient Battleground, but since it has stayed open until now, the number of successions and fortunate encounters in it greatly decreased, thus it is no longer the level of Immortal Ancient."

"Some cultivators who failed to become an immortal would visit the place to try their luck, to attempt to ascend as an immortal again."

Qin Nan's eyes flickered. He did not expect that the place was once an Immortal Ancient Battleground.

The Blood-Eye Earth G.o.d immediately understood Qin Nan's thoughts through his reaction, "That being said, in order to enter the place, we'll need to visit the Liuhuang Heavenly River and acquire the Liuhuang Rock."

Qin Nan was startled, "Liuhuang Rock?"

The Blood-Eye Earth G.o.d nodded and said, "The Liuhuang Qi of the Liuhuang Battleground is somewhat terrifying. Even Heaven G.o.d Realm experts were unable to withstand it. Everyone has to rely on the protection of the Liuhuang Rock."

"The rock is very strange too. Sometimes, a Human G.o.d Realm expert is able to acquire lots of them, but a Heaven G.o.d Realm expert could not even get a single one."

"In simpler words, strength doesn't really matter. It's all based on luck."

There was something he did not mention either. It was possible to buy the Liuhuang Rocks, but even a single piece would cost a fortune. The Drought Demon Heaven G.o.d immediately gave up on the thought after he saw the price.

"Sounds interesting, let's go take a look."

Qin Nan immediately made up his mind without hesitation.

"The Liuhuang Heavenly River doesn't have a teleportation portal. We'll need to fly directly to it."

As the Blood-Eye Earth G.o.d finished the sentence, he entered the rift, followed by Qin Nan.

During the journey, the Blood-Eye Earth G.o.d gave Qin Nan some of the Immortal Arts he had mastered. The latter gladly comprehended them.

Time gradually pa.s.sed. A day was gone fairly quickly.

During this time, the two had flown over lots of enormous cities, mountain ranges, forests, and rivers, allowing Qin Nan to witness lots of scenic views.


Suddenly, Qin Nan and the Blood-Eye Earth G.o.d halted simultaneously and glanced into the distance.

They just sensed a murderous intent coming from ahead.

"Tsk tsk, Blood-Eye, I didn't expect to see you here. That old man Drought Demon has been dead for so long, but you're still alive." Following a sinister voice, an old man in a black robe approached from the distance. He looked at Qin Nan and said, "So this is the successor that the old man Drought Demon has found?"

As he was talking, his body unleashed an overwhelming G.o.d force, unleas.h.i.+ng black rays to seal off the place.

His cultivation was also in the half-Heaven G.o.d Realm!

Besides, the aura his body was unleas.h.i.+ng felt slightly stronger than the Blood-Eye Earth G.o.d's.

"You are Long Xuanling's man? How did you find us?"

The Blood-Eye Earth G.o.d was startled.

"So he's one of Long Xuanling."

Qin Nan immediately came to a realization.

When he received the Drought Demon's succession, there was one condition he had to accept. He was told to kill a person called Long Xuanling after he became an immortal.

However, he did not expect to stumble into one of his subordinates so soon.

"Hehe, I don't mind telling you, Senior Long Xuanling has earned the favor of a Supreme Elder in the Heaven Illusionary Ancestor Sect. He is about to achieve the Greater Success Stage of his art, and become an Earth Immortal."

"Do you think he can't sense your presence when you are practicing the Drought Demon Weaponry Immortal Art?"

"Of course, Senior Long Xuanling wasn't too sure either, so he sent me here to take a look. To my surprise, it's really you."

The old man in a black robe stepped forward, like a hunter about to attack his prey.

Even though the Blood-Eye Earth G.o.d's cultivation had surpa.s.sed his expectation, he was still extremely confident in killing the two.

"Greater Success Stage? Earth Immortal?"

The Blood-Eye Earth G.o.d was astounded. His face turned slightly pale.

Qin Nan frowned too. Somehow, he could sense that the conflict between Drought Demon Heaven G.o.d and Long Xuanling was not as simple as it seemed.

The Blood-Eye Earth G.o.d was still hiding something from him.


The old man's eyes burned with a white-green flame. His figure expanded rapidly as a pair of horns grew out of his forehead. He lunged at the two like a peerless demon.

Qin Nan felt great pressure. Even his breathing had come to a stop.

The difference in cultivation between the old man and he was simply too huge.

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