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Chapter 925 - Green Hat Skeleton

Hua Lie was Hua Dichen's father.

A few days ago, Hua Dichen had tried to harm him at the Middle Sector City, and now his father had announced that the inner disciple trial would be taking place earlier. It was difficult for Qin Nan to believe that it was just a mere coincidence.

The hall fell silent for a few breaths' time, before the Peak Leaders expressed their thoughts.

"I'm fine with that!"

"I agree too, we will be able to observe their true strength earlier."

"That's a great suggestion."

Most of the Peak Leaders nodded in agreement, while a few frowned and remained silent.

Hua Lie scanned the surroundings and nodded in satisfaction, "Since everyone is fine with the idea, that shall be the case. Make sure every inner disciple is at the dojo in two days to partic.i.p.ate in the trial! Oh, by the way, Peak Leader Qin Nan…"

He glanced in Qin Nan's direction and said in a calm tone, "Since your Human Peak doesn't have any inner disciples, I guess you will have to take part in it yourself."

The Peak Leaders were startled hearing this.

Especially Xuan Li, whose eyes flickered with excitement.

As everyone knew, Qin Nan's Martial Spirit was only first-grade Tian ranked, and judging from his aura, his cultivation was at most at the second-layer Martial Progenitor Realm. If he were to take part in the inner disciple trial…

"I'm fine with that."

Qin Nan nodded without hesitation.

A conspiracy?

It didn't really matter!

Now that he had found the Beast-Hitting Stick, and with his current cultivation, it was impossible for any inner disciple of the Dragon Emperor Clan to stand a chance against him.

Besides, the prize of an inner disciple trial like this would be quite rewarding, thus he would not mind taking part either.

After all, he had remained low-key for quite a long time. It was time to finally show these guys what he was capable of!

A flicker could be seen in Hua Lie's eyes as he wore a calm smile, "That's settled then. The top ten Peak Leaders shall stay, we'll need to discuss with the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast about the prize for the winners of the trial."

Saying this, he waved his hand to dismiss the crowd.

The Peak Leaders acknowledged and left the hall.

As soon as Qin Nan stepped out from the hall, Xuan Li's cold voice appeared in his mind, "Qin Nan, I don't know how you've fooled my son, but this time, I'll let you know how terrifying the power of the Skyhowl Wolves Tribe is!"

Qin Nan turned around.

Xuan Li flew into the distance without looking at him.

"This guy…"

Qin Nan shook his head speechlessly before returning to the Human Peak.

Lately, the Human Peak had experienced significant changes every day. It was relaxing just to stay within its proximity.

"Xuan Yue and senior are cultivating in seclusion, thus I shall not disturb them. Let's take a look at the skeletons." Qin Nan's eyes flickered with antic.i.p.ation as he proceeded to the Dao Origin Crystal, leaving the two hounds and one mouse behind.

As soon as he arrived, his eyes were filled with astonishment.

Each of the eight half-Martial G.o.d Skeletons had a faint mystical glow circling around them, with a peak Martial Sacred Realm aura, resulting in an astounding sight.

Furthermore, in the eyes of the half-Martial G.o.d Realm skeleton that had absorbed Vital Qi previously, there was a pink flame burning within them, as it sat with its legs crossed while breathing in a steady pace.

Its cultivation completely surpa.s.sed the other skeletons, achieving the half-Martial Progenitor Realm!


The skeleton opened its eyes and said with a pleasant yet slightly hoa.r.s.e voice.

It appeared that the skeleton was once a female.

"I never thought it would have some kind of self-consciousness." Qin Nan was surprised, who waved his hand and inserted another five streams of Vital Qi into the skeleton, "From today onward, you'll follow my orders. Maybe I should give you a name, how about Xiao Hong?"


The skeleton shuddered slightly. Although she was not too satisfied with the name, she chose to accept it since Qin Nan had just given her five streams of Vital Qi.

"Cough cough." After being aware of her disdainful gaze, Qin Nan scratched his head awkwardly, before a thought crossed his mind, "Do you still remember who you were?"

It would be terrifying if the half-Martial G.o.d Realm skeleton still possessed its memory.

A half-Martial G.o.d was definitely stronger than Martial Monarchs!

"Master, I can't remember…my past." The skeleton lowered her head as the pink flames in her eyes dimmed, "But I still remember a Monarch Art."

"Monarch Art? What is it? Show me." Qin Nan was excited.

The Monarch Art of a half-Martial G.o.d must be extremely powerful!

"Sure, master!" The skeleton clumsily rose from the ground. Obviously, she was still not used to her new 'body'. Following this, she held her palms together and uttered an ancient chant, causing a shocking force of the Heavens and Earth to surround her.

"Such power!" Qin Nan was astonished.


The skeleton tapped in Qin Nan's direction.

Following a thud, Qin Nan felt something extra on his head.


Qin Nan's expression stiffened as he got a glimpse of it.

On top of his head was a one-zhang tall green hat, which had a blurry outline, as if it did not really exist.

What kind of useless Monarch Art was this?

Giving me a green hat1?

"Be gone!"

Qin Nan snapped and unleashed a ferocious might, but the green hat remained on his head, as if it was not affected.

"Master, this is the G.o.dly green hat. Once you're targeted by it, it will remain stuck on your head…" Xiao Hong said with a hint of joy.


Qin Nan raised his right arm and slashed the so-called green G.o.dly hat in half.

"Master, you're so powerful!" Xiao Hong blurted out with astonishment, as if she did not expect Qin Nan to nullify her move with ease.

"Forget it, I'll let you cultivate!"

Qin Nan felt a headache. He had initially thought the Monarch Art would be incredibly powerful, but despite his antic.i.p.ation, it turned out to just be giving the target a green hat, and it seemed like this skeleton was quite dumb.

Therefore, he decided to let it cultivate. With a flicker, he found himself a spot and began inspecting the Beast-Hitting Stick.

However, little did Qin Nan know that after he left, Xiao Hong giggled pleasantly.

...Meanwhile, in a secret hall at the Blue-Glow Unicorn Peak...

"Dichen, the inner disciple trial will be taking place in two days." Hua Lie's voice could be heard coming from the rift.

"Thank you, father."

Hua Dichen brought his fists together with a grin.

Oh, Qin Nan...

In two days, you will either surrender to me, or...


[1] TL Note: 'Wearing a green hat' is a modern slang in Chinese. Refer to:

Translator: XephiZ

Editor: DOCuinn

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