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Chapter 1187 A Pa.s.s to the Abyss

An Invitation?

Realm Lord Di Tai frowned and held the black invitation between two fingers.

The invitation was not made of paper but a kind of strange black ore. It was extremely exquisite and drawn with strange patterns. However, these were not important when compared with its content, which was also the reason that made the realm lord’s expression change.

Ying Ya smiled gently. He seemed to be very satisfied with Realm Lord Di Tai’s expression, knowing that no one would remain calm after reading the invitation. The reason was simple: the content was too shocking.

Ya Ya seemed to be surprised by the change in the realm lord’s expression, and she looked over in puzzlement.

The cynical look on the realm lord’s face was gone as he read the invitation with a frown.

The content was written in golden characters. Ya Ya was somewhat dazed when she glanced at them, but she saw a few familiar words such as abyss, remains, tournament… and they immediately aroused her interest.

She had been in charge of organizing the records of the Immortal Chef Tournament, and through those few words, she managed to relate the contents of the invitation. Her eyes grew wide instantly, and she looked incredulously at Realm Lord Di Tai.

“Your Highness… Could this invitation be… an invitation to the Abyssal Qilin Chef Feast?!”

The Abyssal Qilin Chef Feast was a grand event. All the Qilin Chefs of the Nether Chef Clan, the Immortal Cooking Realm, and the Earth Prison would go to this feast at the same time.

Of course, if this were just a feast, not all people would go. The main reason that everyone would go was that it was a Divine Chef remains, and the feast was just an excuse to open it!

The people in the Immortal Cooking Realm were no strangers to remains. These were many remains in the realm, which scattered in the wilderness and contained legacies left behind by some ancient Qilin Chefs or Divine Chefs.

In fact, the main reason that these remains scattered all over the place was that all the Qilin Chefs and Divine Chefs of the Immortal Cooking Realm fell too fast in a calamity, and they didn’t have time to prepare the remains.

But now… the Nether Chef Clan sent someone to give them an invitation to the Abyssal Qilin Chef Feast? What was their purpose? What were these people trying to do?

At the moment, the Immortal Cooking Realm and the Nether Prison were sworn enemies. The Nether Prison was extremely strong, and just its Nether Chef Clan alone was enough to destroy the Immortal Cooking Realm. However, now that the Immortal Tree had revived, and with its strength that was as powerful as a Great Saint, the Nether Chef Clan didn’t succeed in invading the realm.

That made it all the more impossible for the Nether Prison to send them an invitation to the Abyssal Qilin Chef Feast!

“Your Highness, this is a trap!” Ya Ya’s eyes shrank as she decided in an instant.

An expert of the Nether Chef Clan was setting a trap for Realm Lord Di Tai to jump into it. Mainly, that expert believed that no Qilin Chefs could resist the temptation coming from a Divine Chef remains.

It was also one of the reasons why Ying Ya was so confident.

“Your Excellency, now that you’ve received the invitation, I’m taking my leave. I presume Your Excellency will not keep me here. Messengers are not to be killed even when two powers are at war… I hope that in the future, I can challenge the genius chefs of the Immortal Cooking Realm…” Ying Ya said with a smile. His waving white hair made him look even more handsome.

Liu Ya, standing beside him with a cold face, seemed to notice the hostile glances from the top of the wall. A black light flashed in his hand. The next moment, a kitchen knife that looked like a watermelon knife appeared in his grip as a murderous aura exploded out of him.

He had no fear of fighting the whole city alone!

“Your Excellency, think about it. There are only three days left… If you miss this opportunity, it’s going to be really hard to come across another opportunity to break through,” Ying Ya said with a smile. After saying that, he turned into a streak of black light, shot across the bridge toward the bronze gate, and disappeared in just a flash.

Ya Ya watched the two vanis.h.i.+ng figures with some reluctance.

Without question, those black-cloaked experts should be the top geniuses from the Nine Revolution Nether Chefs Clan as the auras they exuded were extremely terrifying. They could be used as a bargaining chip if she could capture them. A pity that both of them were too slippery.

Realm Lord Di Tai fell silent and didn’t say anything.

Ya Ya turned and looked worriedly at him.

“Your Highness, this is definitely a trap set by the Nether Prison. If you go there in person and get captured by the Nether Prison experts, it will be a disaster for the Immortal Cooking Realm!” Ya Ya said seriously.

The realm lord put away the invitation and sighed. He didn’t reply to Ya Ya but just looked at the towering Nether Prison wall in the distance.

What exactly did the Nether Chef Clan want to do?!

“I’ll talk to you back in the city,” said Realm Lord Di Tai. When he had finished, he turned and shot into the city.

Ya Ya had no choice but ordered the others to guard the city, then followed the realm lord.

Realm Lord Di Tai didn’t discuss this in the fifth layer. Instead, he returned to the first layer, went to the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion, and summoned all the people in the current upper echelon of the Immortal Cooking Realm, including Gongshu Baiguang and City Lord Zou to discuss this major event.

That’s right, this was definitely a major event, and a huge one. After all, it was related to a Divine Chef remains and a Divine Chef legacy.

For Qilin Chefs, this event was too tempting. Even Realm Lord Di Tai was tempted. Ya Ya was dead set against it, however.

Gongshu Baiguang had not reached the level of a Qilin Chef, and after carefully considering it, he agreed with Ya Ya.

City Lord Meng Qi and City Lord Zou, on the other hand, remained silent. As Qilin Chefs themselves, they understood the difficulties of a Qilin Chef, and how terrible the temptation of a Divine Chef legacy could be.

No wonder Realm Lord Di Tai would hesitate in the face of this opportunity. It was indeed a rare one.

As a result, the vote was two to two, and the realm lord was once again trapped in a dilemma. If truth be told, Realm Lord Di Tai also knew very well that the invitation was highly likely a trap. Once he left the Immortal Cooking Realm and the protection of the Immortal Tree, he could be easily captured or even killed by a Nether Prison Great Saint.

As the backbone of the Immortal Cooking Realm, if he died, the whole realm would plunge into complete chaos.

This was the risk. However, opportunities and risks always came together, and this was what put him in a dilemma. After all, the Immortal Cooking Realm really needed a Divine Chef.

There was a lot of arguing in the Immortal Kitchen Pavilion’s meeting room.

Although Gongshu Baiguang’s status was lower than the rest, he made his utmost efforts to fight for his point of view. It was an extremely important decision to make, so they all had to be very cautious. Just as Realm Lord Di Tai said, the Immortal Cooking Realm really needed a Divine Chef, but the realm could not lose its realm lord as well!

“That’s enough… Stop arguing. This is indeed a difficult decision to make.”

Realm Lord Di Tai stroked his smooth chin and added, “If we agree to the invitation, we must go to the Abyss. Although it isn’t located in the Nether Prison, it has been occupied by the Nether Prison since tens of thousands of years ago. The trip will be fraught with dangers…”

“That’s why Your Highness must not go,” said Ya Ya and Gongshu Baiguang.

“Your Highness, if there really is an opportunity to become a Divine Chef, you can actually give it a try. After all, risks and opportunities coexist. The Immortal Cooking Realm has been in peace for far too long…” Meng Qi and City Lord Zou both expressed their views.

Realm Lord Di Tai frowned and exhaled deeply. Then, his eyes suddenly lit up.

“Well, we won’t reach an agreement even if we keep arguing here. Let’s go find someone…” the realm lord said.

That gave everyone a pause. They didn’t understand what he meant.

However, Meng Qi quickly came to her senses and realized who the ‘someone’ the realm lord referred to.

It was a good idea.

At Immortal Chef Little Store in the first layer…

Bu Fang sat curled up in a chair in front of the restaurant, basking in the warm sunlight. He was holding a teapot, and from time to time, he would pour some refres.h.i.+ng tea into his mouth. He felt extremely comfortable whenever the tea fragrance entered his mouth.

The leisurely life was really addictive.

Lord Dog had also crawled out and laid in front of the door, basking in the warm sunlight as well with his eyes narrowed and a lazy look on his face.

Foxy was lying on Bu Fang’s shoulder, twitching her furry tail.

Suddenly, several figures slowly appeared from a distance. The familiar auras they exuded made Bu Fang open his eyes.

‘It’s rare for these few people to appear together.’

He squinted in their direction and saw Realm Lord Di Tai and the others heading toward him.

Even then, they saw Bu Fang curled up comfortably in the chair.

“It seems you’re having a good time here. Are you satisfied with yourself after becoming a Third Grade Immortal Chef?” Realm Lord Di Tai said, flipping his golden hair.

The others looked worried and only nodded at Bu Fang.

“I’m just cultivating my mind and taking a break,” Bu Fang replied, then straightened up and took a sip of the fragrant tea. After that, he exhaled a warm breath before adding, “Why are you all here together? What do you want from me? Well… Let’s get this straight. I’m not giving you my Peris.h.i.+ng Pot.”

“You stingy fellow…” Realm Lord Di Tai rolled his eyes and said, “Do I look like someone who would ask for your Peris.h.i.+ng Pot?”

“Including yesterday, you’ve asked for my Peris.h.i.+ng Pot for eighteen times, which I’ve rejected,” Bu Fang said expressionlessly.

“Fine, fine, fine. I know you won’t give me the Peris.h.i.+ng Pot. What a stingy guy… You don’t really know how to share with others. Look, I’ve brought something good to share with you now…” After saying that, the realm lord shook his hand and produced a black invitation shrouded in wisps of Nether energy.

Bu Fang’s eyes narrowed. Without question, the thing in Realm Lord Di Tai’s hand didn’t come from the Immortal Cooking Realm.

Lord Dog, lying on the ground not far away, opened his drowsy eyes and seemed somewhat surprised.

“How did you get that thing?” Lord Dog’s gentle and charismatic voice rang out.

“What is this?” Bu Fang asked curiously. Lord Dog seemed to be quite familiar with it.

“That is a pa.s.s to the Abyss… Bu Fang, boy, isn’t your Abyssal Chilli Sauce produced from the abyss? They are the same Abyss…” Lord Dog yawned.

“Yes. What this mangy dog said is correct. This is a pa.s.s to the Abyss…” said Realm Lord Di Tai. “However, it is sent to me by someone at the behest of the Nether Chef Clan’s Divine Chef. He said it is an invitation to the Abyssal Qilin Chef Feast… It’s a meet-and-greet feast, but in fact, it is specially held for the Divine Chef’s remains and legacy.”

He looked at Bu Fang and asked, “Bu Fang, my little friend, do you think I should go or not?”

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. ‘This invitation is sent to him at the behest of the Nether Chef Clan’s Divine Chef? Even an idiot knows there must be a trap. Why did Realm Lord Di Tai ask me such a stupid question?’

“You can go… if you want to court your death.” Bu Fang rolled his eyes.

Just when Bu Fang expressed his disapproval, Lord Dog got up with his eyes lit up, saying seriously, “No… You should go.”

That gave everyone a pause. They looked over and saw Lord Dog’s bright eyes as if he had thought of something that made him very excited.

No doubt, this dog with some old stories was about to… stir up trouble.

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