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1286 Fight the Skeleton, Possessed by the Black Turtle!

Lu Cheng fled. He covered his a.s.s and sped away, leaving a trail of blood in the air. That spear attack broke his heart.

When he saw Yellow Spring Town from far away, he felt much relieved. The skeleton from the Cave of the Fallen G.o.ds shouldn’t have the audacity to intrude into the town and hunt him down. Forbidden lands were called forbidden lands because they were restricted. Formidable as they were, they couldn’t be unscrupulous. Once the skeleton broke into the town, the Cave of the Fallen G.o.ds would be severely cursed.

Therefore, when he saw the town, his heart calmed down.

Like a falling meteor, he landed on the ground. His face had turned purplish-black as if there were a wave of pent-up anger flowing underneath his skin. His legs were a little weak, and his lips were trembling.

The Nether Prison experts who had fled earlier had returned as well. When they saw Lu Cheng, they were very surprised because they didn’t expect him to come back faster than them.

“Captain Lu Cheng, how did you get back so soon? Have you destroyed that skeleton?” Lu Yang asked excitedly. However, the only response he got was the captain’s cold gaze.

‘This guy has to bring it up!’ Not only did he not destroy the skeleton, but he had even been stabbed in the a.s.s by it! The pain on his a.s.s made him extremely sensitive now.

In Yellow Spring Town, the few Prison Overlords frowned and watched the Nether Prison contestants returning hastily from the outside. They clearly saw Lu Cheng’s injury. Although he tried his best to cover it up, they could still sense the smell of blood coming from him.

“What’s the matter?” Jin Jiao’s eyes narrowed.

“An expert of the Cave of the Fallen G.o.ds has appeared… You can already announce the end of the semifinal. Most of the other contestants are not coming back,” Lu Cheng said, glancing at Jin Jiao with a somewhat bitter expression.

“An expert of the Cave of the Fallen G.o.ds?!”

The expressions of Jin Jiao and the others changed. Why did an expert of that forbidden land appear now? The Prison Overlords exchanged glances and saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

“Is it because of the Senseless Lotus?” Luo Ji said, blinking her beautiful big eyes, her pink hair waving.

The Senseless Lotus was indeed likely to be the reason for the forbidden lands to strike. Since Bu Fang was the one who got the lotus, did this not mean that the expert was looking for him?

After having a few words with the others, Jin Jiao carried his Corpse Ghost Soul Sealing Fan and flew out of the town. Yin Jiao and the others remained behind.

You Ji’s face turned cold. She took a step and jumped into the air, flying out of the town. In a flash, she had caught up with Jin Jiao.

Yin Jiao also wanted to follow when he saw You Ji sped away. However, his feet had just left the ground when Luo Ji pulled him back with a hand.

“The town needs guarding! You stay here with me,” she said, pouting her rosy pink lips.

Bu Fang was surrounded by a shadow and a skeleton. Terrible killing intent spread in the air, and he didn’t dare to move. He could feel the aura of both experts wrapping around his body like silk threads.

These were two peak Little Saints with incomparable strength.

He took a deep breath and focused his eyes, not daring to be careless.

A skeleton in armor… He wondered where did these strange experts come from? Bu Fang did not know when he had offended them. After all, he was a very low-key person.

He glanced around and found the mess all over the ground. It was evident that there had been a fierce battle. There were many broken metal pieces, which looked like the remnants of a puppet. They all exuded a very strong aura, which meant that they belonged to an extraordinary puppet.

All of a sudden, the skeleton’s mouth moved, and an enigmatic voice rang out of it.

“Hand over the… Senseless Lotus…”

The pale blue ghostly fire danced in its eyes, and each of its two hands held a golden spear covered in profound patterns.

‘They’re here for the Senseless Lotus?’ Bu Fang thought to himself. ‘The flower is indeed extraordinary, attracting so many experts…’

However, even he didn’t know what the Senseless Lotus was for. The mysterious existence in the palace told him that if he made it into a dish, it could help him avoid a calamity. In any case, he would not hand it over.

“I don’t have the Senseless Lotus,” Bu Fang said calmly. However, as soon as his voice rang out, his pupils constricted.

A golden spear tore through the void, appeared in front of him, and hit him with a rumble. At this moment, the invincibility of the Vermilion Chef Robe was activated and blocked the attack. Even so, he was knocked flying backward by a tremendous force.

“So strong…” Bu Fang was in a state of shock. The skeleton was too fearsome. He could not even see the trajectory of the spear at all. Had it not been for the invincibility of the Vermilion Chef Robe, he would probably have been pierced by the spear.

“Hehehe… You’d better yield… If you hand over the Senseless Lotus, you may still have a chance to survive.”

The figure in the black mist kept laughing as if to mock Bu Fang. In this expert’s view, Bu Fang was just a One-revolution Little Saint, and such strength was no different from a worm to them. Surrounded by him and the skeleton, Bu Fang would surely die.

The spear flew back and was caught by the skeleton. The ghostly fire in its eyes was beating fiercely as if it was wondering why it had failed to pierce the human with the spear.

Bu Fang took a deep breath. The next moment, several Divine Seal Dumplings appeared and hovered around him. He wasn’t very optimistic. He was well aware of the limitations of these dumplings on experts at this level. Basically, their effect was equivalent to nothing.

He gritted his teeth. ‘Am I going to use the Sword Pot?’ As his trump card, he didn’t expect to use the sword pot so soon. Moreover, he wasn’t sure if it could suppress the skeleton and the mysterious expert in the black mist.

Suddenly, Bu Fang sensed a calling coming from his spirit sea. Frowning, he entered his spirit sea.

As soon as the Divine Dragon and the Vermilion Bird saw Bu Fang entering the spirit sea, they quickly said, “Little Host, your opponents are too strong this time…”

“I know,” said Bu Fang with an indifferent look. He certainly could not escape, and if he really had to fight them, perhaps he could only use the Sword Pot. After all, it was his strongest offensive means so far.

“Let me out,” said a cold voice suddenly. In the spirit sea, the White Tiger raised his head c.o.c.kily and stared at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang paused, then nodded.

The Divine Dragon and the Vermilion Bird were both helpless.

“Little Host is just a One-revolution Little Saint. Although the White Tiger is in charge of the killing, he can only have the fighting capacity of a Five-revolution Little Saint. The opponents this time are two top Little Saints…”

Suddenly, the spirit sea churned, then the ma.s.sive Black Turtle emerged from the water. A mighty gust of air spewed out of his mouth.

Bu Fang’s hair turned white, and his aura changed. He looked straight at the skeleton in golden armor with sharp eyes as his expression turned grave. Without saying anything, he sped through the air, rumbling the air with his oppressive aura.

“Your struggle is futile…” The expert wrapped in the black mist sneered as he watched the white-haired Bu Fang flying through the air.

The skeleton said nothing. The ghostly fire flickered in its eyes, then its golden armor clanged. Its skeletal legs bent and straightened in an instant, pus.h.i.+ng it into the sky and cras.h.i.+ng with Bu Fang.


Suddenly, a deafening roar exploded in the air. It was the roar of a tiger, accompanied by endless anger. At the same time, a white tiger emerged in the sky, raised its head, and roared furiously toward the sky.

The next moment, a huge tiger claw appeared and crashed into the skeleton. Shockingly, the skeleton was slapped back and thrown into the ground, blowing up a huge pit.

In midair, white-haired Bu Fang stood proudly with his hands folded across his chest. “In Howling’s eyes, all the people present are rubbis.h.!.+” he said c.o.c.kily, raising his chin. However, as soon as he finished speaking, his eyes rolled, and his white hair quickly turned black.

The White Tiger reappeared in the spirit sea, lying listlessly in a corner.

“If I were at my peak strength… I can kill these two crawlies with one claw…” He snorted, his nostrils gus.h.i.+ng hot air. He looked unwilling to admit defeat.

The Divine Dragon and the Vermilion Bird both fell silent. After all, they were only Artifact Spirits. Although they could boost Bu Fang’s strength through Spirit Possession, the extent of the enhancement would still be linked to his actual strength. The enemies this time were far too strong.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. Although the White Tiger had knocked the skeleton flying away with a slap, he had also used up all his energy and became extremely weak. He took a deep breath and decided to return to his body. However, at this moment, the Black Turtle, who had been sleeping, suddenly opened his eyes and looked at him.

“Host, let me out.”

An old voice echoed through the whole spirit sea, slightly stunning Bu Fang.

Even the Vermilion Bird and the Divine Dragon were startled, their eyes widening in disbelief.

The lazy Black Turtle actually decided to strike? He had never gone out to fight since the previous host. They didn’t expect that they would have a chance to see him fight this time.

Could it be that…

Before Bu Fang could recover from the shock, the enormous Black Turtle had vanished from his spirit sea.

Rubble tumbled into the deep pit as the skeleton, who had been slapped away by the White Tiger, slowly climbed out. The ghostly fire in its eyes was still flickering, and its aura had become more and more horrible.

At this point, the light screens in various small worlds suddenly became clear. Previously, after Bu Fang entered the Yellow Spring Valley, the screens had become blurred. Now, they could finally see what was happening.

Everyone stared at the light screens with wide eyes. However, what they saw made them all gasp.

“This… What’s going on?”

“What’s that skeleton in golden armor?”

“What’s the little chef doing this time?”

The audience was in an uproar. They didn’t expect that as soon as the light screens became clear, the first thing they would see was the battle of the little chef.

The bones of the skeleton rattled with each other as it grabbed the two golden spears. The ghostly fire in its eyes flickered once more. The next moment, its aura changed abruptly. With a rumble, a terrible aura exploded out from it and swept out in all directions.

Suddenly, a whirring sound could be heard approaching. Jin Jiao and You Ji had finally arrived. When they saw the skeleton in golden armor, their faces changed.

“It’s really an expert from the Cave of the Fallen G.o.ds…”

Jin Jiao’s face turned very unsightly, and he shouted, “Stop it!” Then, he raised his hand, grabbed the handle of the Corpse Ghost Soul Sealing Fan, and jerked it out. The fan immediately burst into a deep blue light and grew huge in a flash. He gave it a hard swing. A tornado that seemed to be able to wipe out one’s soul flew toward the skeleton at once.

Facing Jin Jiao’s attack, the skeleton just threw out a spear. In the blink of an eye, the tornado was scattered, but the spear’s momentum didn’t decrease, and it continued to fly toward Jin Jiao.

Jin Jiao’s face fell, and he quickly lifted the Corpse Ghost Soul Sealing Fan. He managed to block the spear but was knocked to the ground by its tremendous force.

The scene was transmitted through the light screens to various small worlds. Everyone gasped in disbelief.

“How can this skeleton in golden armor be so… strong?”

“That’s an Earth Prison Overlord! I can’t believe he was thrown away by a spear!”

“How did that little chef provoke such powerful existences?!”

You Ji’s face became extremely grave. She pulled out her hefty sword and let out a loud cry, her aura rising steadily. However, just as she was preparing to attack, a cloud of black mist suddenly drifted in front of her.

“Hehehe… After so many years, all the Earth Prison Overlords have changed. Did those Overlords who followed the previous Nether King… die?” A creepy laugh came out of the black mist.

With a rumble, You Ji was also knocked flying backward. She shot through the air like a cannon and smashed into the ground.

The experts who were watching through the light screens had become numb. In the black mist was yet another terrifying existence who could easily knock a Prison Overlord flying away. They couldn’t believe that the little chef was targeted by two such horrible experts. There was no way he could escape death this time!

The skeleton still had a spear left in its hand. It grabbed the spear tightly, the ghostly fire in its eyes flickering. Then, it shot up into the air, turning into a golden shooting star as it approached Bu Fang in midair.

Bu Fang’s eyes were shut. As the skeleton closed in on him, the sharp tip of the spear pointed at him, making the air ring with a whistling sound.

Suddenly, just as the skeleton was within one meter of Bu Fang, the latter opened his eyes and revealed a pair of old eyes that was filled with the vicissitudes of life. At the sight of the eyes, the ghostly fire in the skeleton’s eye sockets immediately twitched violently.

At the same time, Bu Fang’s black hair began to slowly turn dark green…

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