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Chapter 614: Ocular Technique

Translator: Yorasu Editor: Fireclaws

Chapter 615 – Ocular Technique

“It ended?”

“Never would have I imagine that the one to survive till the end turned out to be him.”

The teachers were amazed.

The illusion showdown of the beginner cla.s.s finally ended.

Because of Su Hao's existence, this showdown took a totally different route than the previous one! What made one even more surprised is Su Hao actually ma.s.sacred everyone with his almost zero talent. Literally more than half of the students were killed under his hands!

No matter which batch it is, this achievement is second to none.


The illusion domain deactivated!

Since Su Hao left, there was no sign of life left in the domain; therefore, it returned to nothingness and re-entered the Nitai artifact.

Under Synchronous Playback.

Su Hao saw it clearly.

So that was the mechanism behind it!

This powerful, terrifying domain which amazed people, was powered through numerous teachers with the usage of a Nitai artifact. With the usual means, this can never be achieved.

At that time, the illusion domain vanished.

All the students regained consciousness!

“Sigh, I failed again!”

“Wonder who survived till the end…”

“It should be Su Minghui.”

“Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d killed me from behind?”

The scene was chaotic.

Many students woke up in a grumpy mood.

It's fine if they lost in an illusion battle but this time, they got killed without even know the ident.i.ty of that person. Obviously, their hearts felt unrest.

However, there were also many students who saw Su Hao making his move.

The moment they woke up, they charged aimlessly at Su Hao, “Su Hao, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”


Countless attacks were incoming.

These were attacks from those raging students. They believed that their strength is far superior to Su Hao's. To be backstabbed by Su Hao, they were really unwilling. Thus, while being influenced by anger, they seemed to have ignored this one fact.

Now, it was a reality.


Many figures got blasted away.

They flew back, leaving behind a string of bright red blood in the air.

The scene went silent.

Right at this moment, those students who had just woke up began to turn pale.


In the illusion domain, they are powerful; but in reality, Su Hao's actual combat strength is too powerful. Who dares to point a knife at him?


Su Hao's cold eyes swept across them.

“Sor… Sorry…” A student said timidly.

After staring at them coldly for a second, he retracted his gaze. The atmosphere in the square was dead silent. For such an incident to happen, it was out of everyone's expectation.

And Su Hao's domineering move had woke them up!

One of the top ten most violent men!

Su Hao!

No matter what kind of mastery he has in illusions, he's not a character that they could mock easily.

On the stage.

The teachers watched the scene quietly before finally coughing for a second and announced the result of the a.s.sessment. When Cla.s.s Eight was announced ranked first, it stunned everyone.

Everyone knew Su Minghui is strong, but the other students from Cla.s.s Eight are too far behind. They're basically just some burden to be carried…

If one is to evaluate their strength, Cla.s.s Eight should be around fifth to sixth place, right?

Then, when the personal ranking was announced, when they had a look, everyone was petrified.

Where is Su Minghui!

Su Minghui's name was at the bottom. Not only was Su Minghui near the bottom, but the other geniuses were also near the bottom! Although they were among the top, their scores also weren't much higher than ordinary students. On this personal ranking list, there was this one name which placed higher than anyone else.

Su Hao!

Everyone was shocked and couldn't believe what they had seen.

Forget about his abnormal strength, his illusions level should be at the bottom, right?

With literally zero talent, how could he be first?

Unfortunately, no one gave them the answer.

Then, it was time for the teachers to announce the name of students who qualified for the intermediate cla.s.s. Basically, it had long been prepared before this illusion showdown even began. The original list plus Su Hao, a total of 19 students!

There is only one intermediate cla.s.s, and everyone is placed into it.

“From today, you are students of the intermediate cla.s.s.”

Teacher Mo updated the information for these students.

The rest of the students enviously looked at these people. Being able to enroll in the intermediate cla.s.s before graduation means that they would not stop here. Their potential hasn't been exhausted, and they're qualified to step into the next level! When the public's eyes swept across Su Hao, their complexion became even more complicated.

This man, he entered here… about a month ago right?

With just such a short period of time, he directly stepped into the intermediate cla.s.s!

What was even more terrifying is that he is still a level one professional esper. They took a second look and confirmed it. Yes, he's still the same level one professional esper!

This has never been seen in the history of the intermediate cla.s.s.

Because when one's talent is related to illusion, as long as the mastery in illusion progresses, that the talent would grow at the same time. Thus, the level in the professional realm would naturally keep up with the progress since the professional realm is all about talent path.

But Su Hao…

He's an exception!

His talent didn't improve at all!

This clearly proved that he had zero talent in illusion!


Their eyes were filled with shock.

After announcing the results, the illusion showdown between the beginner officially ended. Only a small number of students actually had some real progress in this showdown.

Just as the teachers were prepared to leave, Su Hao suddenly voiced out.

“Teacher, so we're now officially intermediate cla.s.s students?”


Teacher Mo's halted his step and he turned around, looking at this unique student of his.

“So… can we partic.i.p.ate in the intermediate cla.s.s's illusion showdown?” Su Hao asked.


Everyone looked at Su Hao.

What did he say just now?

The a.s.sessment of the illusion showdown is carried out from beginner to intermediate and lastly, advanced After all, the teachers here have limited working power. The illusion showdown consumes a lot of energy, and they are forced to a.s.sess separately. But for a student who had just finished fighting in the beginner cla.s.s' showdown and wishes to partic.i.p.ate in intermediate cla.s.s'…

He's the one and only!

In the past, when one just won the entire showdown or enters the intermediate cla.s.s, usually, he or she would just decide to spend some time digesting the newly earned knowledge and stabilize their strength. If they get injured before managing to finish the digestion, then the gains definitely won't outweigh the losses.

Thus, most would just opt to cultivate.

Under this situation, who would actually go to intermediate cla.s.s to be abused?

Now, Su Hao made an alternative decision.

“You can.” Teacher Mo pondered for a moment before replying.

“Alright!” Su Hao nodded and left as the atmosphere instantly exploded.

“F*ck, he's too arrogant!”

“Could it be that he didn't absorb any essences?”

“Is it possible? Without absorbing essences, how is he ranked first? I guess he wants to get some easy harvests from the intermediate cla.s.s, but those students are all abnormal!”

“That's obvious. There are even level eight professional espers in the intermediate cla.s.s.”

“He's overconfident.”

Everyone mocked him.

Su Minghui and the others sighed while revealing a bitter smile. Only they knew the truth that Su Hao not only absorbed their essence but also ransacked nearly everyone's essence. Plus, he was able to comprehend what he absorbed in a short period of time and then utilize it in battle.

This man's perception is out of this world.

Su Minghui gritted his teeth as he stared at Su Hao's figure. He eventually took a step forward, “Teacher, I want to join the intermediate cla.s.s a.s.sessment!”

“Teacher, me too!”

More than ten students who just joined the intermediate cla.s.s actually asked to partic.i.p.ate.

Because they had nothing to absorb and digest since the entire illusion showdown almost got rounded up by Su Hao single-handedly. What else is there for them to lose? Isn't it better to take part and personally witness the strength of the intermediate cla.s.s in advance?

Of course, if they're lucky enough to kill someone, that would be even better.

Teacher Mo stared at them blankly.

In the end, he could only bitterly smile and comply.

The beginner illusion confrontation finally ended.

There are still three more days to prepare for the intermediate cla.s.s a.s.sessment. At this time, Su Hao's actions during the previous illusion showdown finally got exposed.

After everyone knew it, they were all shocked.

After they raged for Su Hao's actions of robbing students and that one versus twelve of Su Hao, easily killing every nominated student, Su Hao's fame within the illusion department increased so much that many students from the intermediate cla.s.s began to pay attention to him.

At this time…

The protagonist of this stormy sensation, Su Hao, was quietly cultivating in his own dorm.

He was preparing for the intermediate cla.s.s' illusion showdown.

Just an illusion showdown alone had allowed Su Hao to progress this quickly. Unfortunately, after returning, even when he merged his illusion mastery with model a.n.a.lysis, it didn't bring any changes to his talent.

His credit points still maintained at 16 points!

As for his GPA, it raised a total of two points, making a total of nine points!

His current total combat power is 25 points!

“I guess my GPA should probably be the highest throughout history?” Su Hao smiled bitterly.

This record isn't something to be proud of. It isn't about his GPA being high, but his credit points being too low! Su Hao couldn't proceed any further after staying as a level one professional esper for quite some time now.

No matter how much of an improvement he has in illusions, it still didn't make any progress for Su Hao in this talent path.

“There is still a bit more to go.”

Su Hao did not forget his actual goal.

The reason he decided to enter here, wasn't it because he wished to cut into the spiritual domain by using illusions as a stepping stone?

And now…

It's about to happen soon!

The foundation for illusions had been prepared. As long as he manages to a.n.a.lyze it and step into the spiritual domain, Su Hao's strength would once again soar! At that time, Su Hao's acc.u.mulation of hard work would erupt!


The computers in his mind were running at maximum capacity.

Su Hao was a.n.a.lyzing like a madman.

Deductions regarding illusions were pa.s.sed to the computers to be completed. Su Hao put more attention on other aspects; specifically, an origin technique he comprehended himself, that strange ocular technique. When his foundation in illusion reached an extreme limit, unknowingly, his eyes had some changes that allowed him to see through the illusion domain!

Su Hao had a hunch.

Unknowingly, he had obtained something which is not allowed to be known.

“Allow me to see what you are exactly.” Su Hao muttered to himself.

Looking in the distance, a light flashed within his eyes.



Su Hao's eyes lit up brightly. Inside his pupils, countless magical illusions were reflected. All sorts of illusions emerged layer by layer. The scene looked like a vast universe.

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