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Chapter 2179 – a.s.sault

Wu wu wu –

All around Deep Child, the potential of the world began to gather once more.

Deep Child’s own strength was not necessarily much higher than that of the Great Flood Crown Prince. However, he possessed the ability to control the strength of the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb, and by relying on the ‘potential’ formed from the strength of the world, then as long as he stood in this land he was invincible.

Nearly the only road laid in front of Lin Ming and Sheng Mei was a dead end. In the world of the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb they were like turtles in a jar, without any way to escape.

“Is there really… no way to survive?”

In this life or death crisis, each breath that Lin Ming took seemed incomparably long. Although his body was tensed, his mind was preternaturally calm.

His thoughts raced at a terrifying speed with thousands and millions of situations flas.h.i.+ng through his mind as he tried to search for a path to survival in this hopeless situation.

Currently, the only cards he had left in his hands were his true self and the Magic Cube. But even if he brought out these cards, it still wouldn’t be enough to defeat Deep Child.


A light lit up in Lin Ming’s mind. In all of these dead ends, there seemed to be a singular path to survival. But, the chances of realizing this slim possibility were far too low…

“Junior-apprentice Sister, Master has spent so much effort to train you and yet you would betray him for nothing but a man! You are just far too disappointing!”

Deep Child simply didn’t seem to care about Lin Ming at all. As he spoke, he reached out for Sheng Mei!

The moment Deep Child moved, the potential of the heavens and earth formed a cage that locked down the s.p.a.ce around Sheng Mei. Sheng Mei cried out in alarm, unable to control her body at all. Like a feather caught in strong winds, she started flying towards Deep Child.

“Get out of the way!”

Lin Ming shouted. His body flew out like a sharp sword. All the muscles on his body bulged as he poured every ounce of strength into the Black Dragon Spear and then threw it out!

Hum - !

This spear carried the limit of Lin Ming’s strength. As it tore through the void, it formed visible ripples of energy as it shot right at Deep Child’s head!

“You don’t even want your weapon. Have you already given up?”

Deep Child sneered and reached out a hand.

Shua - !

The Black Dragon Spear was grasped by Deep Child. It continued forward beneath the terrifying impact force, rubbing with Deep Child’s palm, the friction creating flames.

Wrapped with the potential of the world, the Black Dragon Spear reached half an inch from Deep Child’s eyebrows before using up its strength. But in the end, it wasn’t able to injure Deep Child in the least!

“What a last ditch effort!”

Deep Child coldly sneered. However, at this moment, the sneer on his face froze.

The Lin Ming that threw out the spear suddenly rushed right before Deep Child with inconceivable speed. He drew out a giant spine from his spatial ring. This spine resembled a grotesque centipede, and the bone was so thick that even the towering demon avatar of Lin Ming needed both hands to hold it.

Lin Ming grabbed the end of the spine, thrusting it straight down!

At this time, a barrier of world potential had still formed around Deep Child, an impregnable defense.


With a loud explosion, the gathered world potential was torn apart by the spine in Lin Ming’s hands, as if this spine had a clear suppressive effect on the world potential.

After the world potential shattered, the icy cold spine thrust straight towards Deep Child’s heart!


For the first, shock flashed on Deep Child’s face.

Deep Child stormed back hundreds of feet as he waved the trident in his hands.


The trident collided with the spine in Lin Ming’s hand. The originally invincible trident actually began to curve beneath the impact.

And in this moment, as Deep Child blinked, he suddenly felt as if Lin Ming’s mortal body were transforming. The nearly 20 foot tall abyssal began to shrink and the scales started rapidly disappearing. Finally, he turned into the form of a human!

Lin Ming reached out a hand. A black cube started to rapidly revolve in his palm as a horrifying suction force erupted outwards!

The moment Lin Ming’s true self appeared he simultaneously summoned the Magic Cube. He had used the demon bone to break through the layers of world potential and then brought forth the Magic Cube at an extremely close distance, so that there was no barrier to contact between them.

A powerful suction force shrouded Deep Child’s body. Lin Ming wanted to suck Deep Child into the Magic Cube!

Deep Child was a faithful servant to the behind the scenes manipulator of the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb. He was able to borrow the strength of the world of the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb.

In other words, as long as Deep Child was in the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb, he was invincible.

Then the only possibility to defeat Deep Child was to have him temporarily leave the world of the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb.

And the Magic Cube was a great world seed; the s.p.a.ce within the Magic Cube was itself a rudimentary world. If Deep Child could be drawn into the Magic Cube s.p.a.ce, then with the Magic Cube’s unfathomable strength there was a high chance that the strength of the world of the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb would be isolated outside. Once this happened, then Deep Child would lose the support of the world Laws of the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb and he would be like a tiger without fangs; there would be no need to fear him.

To Lin Ming, this was the only possible chance of victory!

However, as Deep Child was about to be sucked into the Magic Cube, he emitted the roars of a wild animal!

He bit down on his tongue and spat out a fog of blood from his chest. Then, three fierce demon phantoms flew out from his body.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

These three demon phantoms emitted horrifying roars and hurtled towards Lin Ming before exploding on him!

As the demon phantoms exploded they created a powerful shockwave that thrust the Magic Cube away. As for Deep Child, he also borrowed the force of this storm to draw backwards.


Divine light overflowed in all directions and surged through s.p.a.ce. The Magic Cube raised up another suction vortex, but all it managed to draw in were the remnant souls of the demon phantoms. As for Deep Child, he had already escaped a thousand feet away and was standing atop a dark altar.

Deep Child’s burning eyes seemed as if they could bore a hole through Lin Ming.

At this time, Lin Ming had already returned to the shape of his true self. He grasped the Magic Cube in one hand and the Demon G.o.d’s bone that was taller than him in the other.

The thunderous blow he released just now had failed because of the three demon phantoms that rushed out from Deep Child’s body!

Lin Ming was well aware that these three demon phantoms had come from the three far off demon paG.o.das. They had been summoned by Deep Child, where he held them in his body to increase his combat strength.

He never thought that in a key moment Deep Child could discard these three remnant demon souls to break apart his killing move.

And once he missed that moment, this meant that Lin Ming’s plan had failed. Because once Deep Child was aware and on guard, it would be far harder to suck him into the Magic Cube.

The situation could no longer become worse than it already was!

“You are actually… not part of the abyssal race!” At this time, Deep Child’s expression and gaze were much fiercer.

His eyes were poisonous and sharp. He could immediately make out that Lin Ming wasn’t an abyssal nor was he one of the ancient races that dwelled in the Dark Abyss. Rather, he came from the 33 Heavens!

This Ninth Elder was actually someone that came from the 33 Heavens and infiltrated their way into the Dark Abyss!

When joined together with the shocking talent that Lin Ming displayed, a brilliant light lit up Deep Child’s eyes.

“I know who you are! So that’s how it is! That’s how it is! You’ve truly hidden yourself deeply!”

Deep Child’s complexion became darker than water. His eyes exposed a ruthless killing intent. He looked at Lin Ming and then turned his gaze to Sheng Mei, his eyes narrowing.

“No wonder you didn’t hesitate to betray the master after just being with him for a few years. So this Ninth Elder is actually your old lover! Hah! Were you really moved by a human? You’re actually willing to sacrifice yourself for him? Sacrifice the supreme position you will obtain so easily in the future? Did you think that this human who has yet to grow up can actually defeat the master?”

Deep Child aggressively said.

However, with things having reached this stage, Sheng Mei’s eyes had already been opened to the truth. “Do you really think that after that old freak achieves his ambitions, he will give you everything you want? Keep on dreaming! A dog that has lost his use will only be tossed aside!”

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