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Chapter 2184 – Abyssal Ritual

When Lin Ming stood in the center of the dark altar, he could feel his divine soul connect through the altar and commune with the entire Emperor Bone Sea. He faintly felt this world and the strength that flowed through it.

“Originally, this so-called abyssal ritual is to accept a baptism of the strength of the Emperor Bone Sea’s world… the Soul Emperor wants to completely control the Emperor Bone Sea and fuse together with the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb, but he lacks the soul force to achieve this. Thus, he laid out all sorts of plans to accomplish it. He needed powerful minions for his plans, so he divided a portion of the Emperor Bone Sea’s strength to the peak talents of the Dark Abyss, training them into totem level abyssals that he could control himself…”

“If I withstand a baptism of the Emperor Bone Sea’s world but am not controlled by the Soul Emperor, then that is the same as slicing off a piece of meat from the Soul Emperor’s body…”

After understanding this, Lin Ming was somewhat worried. These actions would be the same as touching the Soul Emperor’s reverse scale; could it lead to disastrous consequences?

“Senior, could the Soul Emperor personally come to the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb in his anger?”

If the Soul Emperor arrived then the consequences would be inconceivable.

Immortal Sovereign said, “When I killed Deep Child, I called upon the remnant souls here to use the strength of the world to block out the Emperor Bone Sea. That old fellow is currently in total seclusion, so whether it is any changes that occur here or Deep Child’s death, it won’t be easy for him to realize it.”

As Immortal Sovereign spoke, he pointed to the Magic Cube in Lin Ming’s hands. “Deep Child’s remnant soul is already inside.”

Lin Ming then remembered that when Immortal Sovereign killed Deep Child, Deep Child’s soul had been left behind and then taken in and suppressed by the Magic Cube.

The Laws in the Emperor Bone Sea were extremely special. When a martial artist died their soul wouldn’t scatter away. In fact, this could be said to be living in a state between life and death.

And a method to know if someone was living or dead was to keep a wisp of their life soul as a signaling mark. However, if Deep Child’s soul didn’t scatter then the wisp of their life soul wouldn’t vanish, and thus it would be difficult to find out about his death.

If the Soul Emperor was paying attention to the situation then he naturally would have methods to discover this. But Lin Ming was aware that the Soul Emperor was currently in seclusion. Moreover, this was an extremely critical part of his seclusion. In all likelihood, the Soul Emperor was using his Eternal Soul as some sort of catalyst to refine some secret soul skill, finally allowing him to completely control the Emperor Bone Sea. For the Soul Emperor, this was a matter of the utmost importance because it concerned realizing his ambitions of everlasting immortality.

If he wanted to do all this without distraction then it would be difficult to focus on things happening in the outside world.

As Lin Ming was thinking, Immortal Sovereign said to Sheng Mei, “You also stand.”

“Mm.” Sheng Mei nodded and stood beside Lin Ming. At this time, the strength of the world began to surge about them. The entire Emperor Bone Sea seemed to animate around Lin Ming and Sheng Mei. Across the of the Yellow Springs River, over 100 demon paG.o.das began to s.h.i.+ver.

“Who? Who dares to disturb my rest?”

Suddenly, an ancient spiritual sense lashed out like a thunderclap in Lin Ming and Sheng Mei’s ears.

“Kill! Kill! Kill! Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Another spiritual sense reverberated outwards.

“Flesh and blood! Give me flesh and blood!”

A frenzied voice cried out in Lin Ming’s ears. This was the soul of a wild beast, one filled with demented anger and fierce slaughtering intent.

“I want to die! Who can kill me!?”

“Hehe, there is actually a woman, a fresh and beautiful woman! I haven’t tasted a woman for tens of billions of years! Give me! Give me!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A demon crazily smashed into the gates of a demon paG.o.da. From a slit in the gates, a fierce but withered claw stretched out.

Chaotic spiritual senses gushed out for a time, filled with endless hope and maddening b.e.s.t.i.a.l desires as they rushed towards Lin Ming and Sheng Mei like a tide.

Lin Ming and Sheng Mei weren’t prepared for this to occur at all, so they were slightly startled. However, they immediately revolved their spiritual seas and soul force erupted to block out these spiritual senses. Otherwise, if these spiritual senses were to break into their spiritual seas, there would be a chance they would be a.s.similated by these beast-like spiritual senses and lose their minds.

“All of you shut up!”

With a loud shout, Immortal Sovereign’s words cracked like lighting. This voice formed a shockwave that radiated outwards.


The over 100 demon paG.o.das seemed to shake simultaneously. The originally discordant cackle of sounds vanished and the remnant souls calmed down.




Several demons diabolically shouted. Their voices echoed through the Emperor Bone Sea, broad and cold.

“You actually managed to leave the demon paG.o.da?”

“Hehe, how useless! You still cannot escape the Law bindings of the Emperor Bone Sea!”

“Here, we cannot beg for life or beg for death. You will never leave!”

Hearing these curse-like words, Immortal Sovereign’s complexion remained as usual. He only lifted his palms and pushed them outwards.


The strength of the world formed a ma.s.sive wave that swept towards the 100 plus demon paG.o.das.

The demon paG.o.das wildly shook, as if a storm appeared in the Emperor Bone Sea.

The remnant souls of the demons were sealed in the demon paG.o.das and couldn’t be harmed by such actions. But, the vast strength that erupted from Immortal’s body was enough to frighten and shock many demons.

“Contribute your world strength!”

Immortal’s voice reverberated in the air along with the storm, his expression one that brooked no refusal.

“Why!?” Demons clamored together.

“Why should I listen to you?”

“Hehe, give me that woman and I will consider it.”

The abyssal ritual was a powerful ceremony that would give birth to a totem level abyssal. But, totem level abyssals were existences at the limit of True Divinity, and they were much stronger than the current Immortal Sovereign and his remaining remnant soul.

With Immortal Sovereign’s strength it was impossible for him to mobilize the tremendous amount of energy required to baptize Sheng Mei and Lin Ming. Thus, he had to draw support from the other remnant demon souls in the Emperor Bone Sea.

“On the basis of these two people standing here! Don’t you wish you could tear the controller of the abyss to shreds, drink his blood and eat his flesh? You are all nothing but pigs and dogs reared here in cages, waiting for him to butcher you with a knife. When do you think your obsessions will ever come true?”

Immortal Sovereign spoke slowly, but his words carried a powerful vibration that wildly surged outwards.

“Hahahahahaha! A remnant demon soul suddenly raucously laughed. “What nonsense are you spouting? Are you thinking that this man and woman that are no different from little kittens are going to be able to defeat that old freak!?”

“Did I hear wrong? You want us to contribute our world strength to undergo a baptism for these two little things?”

“Hahahaha! They are Empyreans! Not even True Divinities! You have been sealed away for 10 billion years and now you’ve gone crazy!”

Many demons wildly laughed. They were originally wild and rebellious individuals and after being sealed away for tens of billions of years, their hearts were filled with hostility.

Moreover, they didn’t belong to the same race that Immortal came from. Even if they had a common enemy in the Soul Emperor, wanting them to obey without question was easier said than done.

Immortal slightly frowned. He looked at Lin Ming and asked, “Are you confident you can pa.s.s the abyssal ritual?”

Immortal had witnessed the battle between Lin Ming and Deep Child. When Deep Child was supported by the strength of the world, he possessed strength above that of an upper True Divinity. Yet, Lin Ming with his peak upper Empyrean cultivation was able to battle Deep Child for dozens of breaths of time without dying. This level of strength had left Immortal Sovereign shocked.

As for Sheng Mei, although she was a little worse than Lin Ming, she was still the reincarnation of his daughter. Her strength and talent were beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Thus, Immortal Sovereign was confident in allowing them to withstand the trial of the abyssal ritual and challenge the nearly invincible Soul Emperor!

“If it is only a test of potential, then there is no problem at all!”

Lin Ming calmly stated. In truth, potential was equivalent to talent. The most visible and intuitive way to judge this was to measure a person’s overall combat strength in comparison to their age.

In this aspect, no one could surpa.s.s Lin Ming.

“And if it is at an even higher, more difficult level?” A flash of light burst out from Immortal Sovereign’s eyes.

Lin Ming was startled, but he still clenched his teeth and said, “I can give it a try!”

If the abyssal ritual rose by yet another degree of difficulty, it was hard to imagine what it would be like. But, if he wanted to defeat the Soul Emperor then he needed to push himself to the edge and go beyond his limits!


A light of appreciation flashed in Immortal Sovereign’s eyes. He took a deep breath and turned around, facing the many crazed demons. He said, “If any of you doubt me, then you can pour your strongest strength here and see if they can withstand it!”

Immortal Sovereign’s words left many demons shocked. Within the Emperor Bone Sea, everything suddenly quieted down.

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