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Chapter 2190 – Double True Divinities

When a martial artist broke into the realm of True Divinity, the powerful Laws within their bodies would manifest one after another.

The Supreme phantom behind Lin Ming had already half-fused with his mortal body. It sat atop a seven-leaf red lotus, a giant Asura Wheel spinning above its head.

At this moment, the seven revolution red lotus was like the earth and the Asura Wheel was like the heavens.

And between the heavens and earth, the Heretical G.o.d Tree that Lin Ming cultivated as well as the fused martial intent Bodhi Tree began to appear. Between these divine trees, True Dragons and True Phoenixes danced in the air; this was the dragon and phoenix blood within Lin Ming’s body!

Divine chains of order also began condensing in the void. These divine chains of order wrapped around the trees like wreaths of gemmed necklaces.

At this moment, the various Laws that Lin Ming refined were appearing and slowly integrating into the divine chains of order.

This was a transformation of Laws!

However, as Lin Ming’s mortal body had fused 90% with his Supreme phantom, beside him, an even greater red lotus bloomed. This red lotus had nine flower petals and each flower petal was like its own separate world.

Above the red lotus, wind and snow howled and raging deep blue energy surged, forming a frosty river that connected the heavens and earth.

Sheng Mei had begun breaking into True Divinity.


World strength swelled up from all over and rushed towards Sheng Mei, forming a vast sea that washed over every inch of her flesh and blood, every wisp of her divine soul!

At the same time, the divine chains of order around Sheng Mei began to loudly shatter, turning into source Law fragments that joined together with the strength of the world to break into her body.

This was a baptism of the heavens and earth that a martial artist underwent when becoming a True Divinity. To all True Divinities, including Lin Ming and Sheng Mei, such a chance only appeared once!

When a martial artist became a True Divinity they would undergo a baptism of Laws and the world’s strength; this was an incomparably precious opportunity!

And at this time, Lin Ming and Sheng Mei were holding hands. This world energy not only flowed through Sheng Mei’s body and divine soul, but also flowed through Lin Ming.

A part of the Laws and energy pa.s.sed through Lin Ming’s body before returning to Sheng Mei. Although it was only flowing through, it still brought incomprehensible comprehensions and advantages to Lin Ming.

Every wisp of Laws and energy left behind their own unique mark within Lin Ming. Lin Ming could feel the red lotus beneath him tremble in excitement and the Asura Wheel also howled in joy. The Heretical G.o.d Tree, the Bodhi Tree, everything s.h.i.+ned with overflowing vitality, their branches and leaves stretched outwards as new roots budded!

At this time, a clear divine sense spread into Lin Ming’s spiritual sea. “Daddy, how could you forget me with something so good happening?”

This was Jiu’er’s voice. Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred and he looked into the Magic Cube s.p.a.ce. A cute little girl that looked just a bit over ten years old was looking up at him with wide and hopeful eyes.

Without much thought, Lin Ming reached out a hand and a part of the endless Laws and world energy that belonged to Sheng Mei flowed into the Magic Cube s.p.a.ce before flowing back out.

And these energies and Laws rushed into Jiu’er’s body.

To withstand a baptism of energy of a True Divinity’s breakthrough was already an unimaginable lucky chance. And, the comprehensions brought about when Sheng Mei stepped into the realm of True Divinity actually far surpa.s.sed other ordinary True Divinities’!

According to all common sense, with Jiu’er’s strength, even if she was soaked in this world strength she still wouldn’t be able to comprehend many things. However, Jiu’er was Sheng Mei’s own flesh and blood daughter and their two bloodlines were linked together. And when Jiu’er was breeding within Sheng Mei and had been sealed away, she had also come into contact with many of Sheng Mei’s Laws.

Now, the world strength that Sheng Mei guided into herself was completely unimpeded as it swept into Jiu’er. Every inch of Jiu’er’s body and divine soul were being baptized by the Law fragments and world energy.

Jiu’er couldn’t help but cry out in joy. To her, this baptism would have an extremely profound influence on her future road of martial arts.

At this time the small black dragon and Ruby that were also within the Magic Cube couldn’t obtain such a great advantage like Jiu’er.

However, the baptism had only just begun.




Horrifying explosive sounds rang through the world. Just ten breaths into Sheng Mei breaking into True Divinity, the energy in the world began to turn frantic and mad.

If it was said that the world strength that Sheng Mei gathered during her breakthrough was like a vast sea, then now, this vast sea had formed hundred mile high waves, an incomparably crazy sight!

Lin Ming’s breakthrough had also begun!

The world strength he gathered as he broke into True Divinity was much greater than Sheng Mei’s. This was an unimaginable amount!

And just like Lin Ming obtaining advantages during Sheng Mei’s breakthrough, Sheng Mei also obtained incredibly benefits during Lin Ming’s breakthrough.

World strength and energy of Laws pa.s.sed through Sheng Mei’s body, leaving behind permanent marks before pouring back into Lin Ming.

The magnetic life fields of Lin Ming and Sheng Mei had already superimposed on top of each other. At this time, their flesh and blood and divine souls had all come together in perfect harmony!

This sort of union could no longer be described simply as yin yang reinforcement. Between the two of them, each was leaving profound marks in the other’s lives.

And the advantages that these marks brought were already indescribable.

Weng –

Weng –

Weng –

A horrifying shaking sound thundered through the world. From above Lin Ming’s head and below his feet, the Asura Wheel and Holy Scripture red lotus began to approach each other. Slowly, the two of them were beginning to fuse together!

When Lin Ming was at the Sky Spill Continent and started to become aware of the Laws of Life and Death, he had already attempted to join the Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra together to fuse the universe of the world and the universe of the body. After all sorts of experiences and lucky chances, he was finally beginning to make progress.

And now, as Lin Ming was breaking into True Divinity, the phenomenon of the Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra fusing together was appearing once more.

Lin Ming’s achievements in the Asura Heavenly Dao were higher. But when it came to compression, his understandings of the Holy Scripture were no less than the Heavenly Sutra.

Especially at this time, Sheng Mei was sitting beside Lin Ming. She had undergone perfect nine revolutions and the connection between their souls only boosted this fusion.

Seeing this, many ancient demons were at a loss for words. Even Immortal Sovereign’s heart shook. He stood up, his eyes blazing as he looked at Lin Ming.

As the creator of the Holy Scripture he certainly knew how difficult it was to unify the great Laws of the world’s universe and the body’s universe. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have formed such a contentious disagreement of ideas with the Asura Road Master 10 billion years ago.

Lin Ming sat in the void, solemn and dignified. The Asura Wheel and Holy Scripture red lotus grew closer and closer. However, after fusing just a part, their speeds actually slowed down.

As if there was something blocking their fusion.

These were two of the highest Laws of the 33 Heavens. Even if they were to start fusing together, it wasn’t something that could be accomplished in a single go.


An explosion rang out. World strength gathered. The Asura Wheel and Holy Scripture red lotus stopped here. They shattered into fragments, turning into the most source Law energies that began to baptize Lin Ming’s body

Within the Magic Cube s.p.a.ce, Jiu’er leapt up in joy. During Lin Ming and Sheng Mei’s breakthrough she had obtained all the advantages she could ask for.

Whether it was Lin Ming or Sheng Mei, they shared a bloodline with her, and thus there would be no rejection of energy between them!

She greedily basked in the baptism of energy brought about by her father and mother, lazily stretching out her body.

And beside Jiu’er, the one that obtained the next greatest advantages was the little black dragon.

The little black dragon was unable to fuse together with Sheng Mei’s energies, but it could actually withstand the baptism of world strength brought about by Lin Ming. This was because when the little black dragon was born, it already shared a bloodline with Lin Ming.

World strength gathered into a sea. This process continued for an unknown period of time, but finally, Lin Ming’s strength began to explosively grow!

At this time Lin Ming was already being reborn anew. His 36,000 pores emitted divine beams of light that shot out for a hundred thousand feet.

World strength raged around him. Even the stable s.p.a.ce of the Emperor Bone Sea shook without end due to the unified strength of Lin Ming and Sheng Mei’s breakthrough!

Within their demon paG.o.das, when the ancient demons faced Lin Ming, they even felt a hint of… awe!

Although they had all been upper True Divinity existences and above when they were alive, they had already been dead for innumerable years. All that was left behind of them were wisps of their remnant souls. Now, facing the tremendous pressure brought about by Lin Ming’s breakthrough into True Divinity, this still wasn’t something easy for them to withstand.

Lin Ming slowly opened his eyes. The strength within his body seemed as if it would burst out of him, as if a punch could break a world, as if a chop could sever a river of stars.

He looked at his hands and slowly gripped his fists together.

This was the legendary True Divinity realm.

Once, it had seemed a distant and unachievable goal, but today he had finally broken through!

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