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Chapter 2192 – Origin Amethyst Crystal

The world strength that swept through the Emperor Bone Sea began to slowly weaken over three days.

Lin Ming and Sheng Mei perfectly pa.s.sed their trial.

Originally, breaking through to True Divinity meant that one would be a martial artist who stood at the highest echelons of the universe. Moreover, whether it was Lin Ming or Sheng Mei, they both possessed enough talent to show disdain to all other rivals at their boundary. Their strength was already great enough that they could affect the future of the universe and alter the grand chess game of the world!

However, Lin Ming also knew that this was only the first step in resisting the Soul Emperor. The Soul Emperor should currently be cultivating some sort of cultivation method, and once he finished he would be able to perfectly control the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb. By that time, his strength would reach incomprehensible levels!

The time they had was far too short. Once the Soul Emperor’s cultivation method reached large success he would learn of everything that occurred in the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb. At that time, Lin Ming would only be able to directly face the Soul Emperor in a life or death battle!

Ripples spread through the void and the enchantment that created the small independent world disappeared. Lin Ming and Sheng Mei appeared in the gaze of the many abyssals, a consummate pair of man and woman.

Seeing Lin Ming and Sheng Mei come out, Immortal released a long breath of relief. Then, a smile bloomed on his face. A thousand years of effort, 10 billion years of waiting, at least none of this had pa.s.sed in vain.

“Much thanks, Senior!”

Lin Ming and Sheng Mei fell to their knees as they saw Immortal, deeply kneeling in respect.

This was because to Sheng Mei, Immortal could be called her true birth father and since Lin Ming and Sheng Mei could also be called husband and wife, then Immortal was Lin Ming’s father-in-law.

Moreover, whether it was the Holy Scripture Laws that allowed Lin Ming to undergo a nirvanic rebirth after losing his source soul, or whether it was this abyssal ritual, Immortal had shown great graciousness to them. He was their teacher.

Regardless of whether it was as a teacher or father, Immortal was more than worthy of this bow.

“Children, stand up.” Immortal said, his expression filled with happiness and grat.i.tude. But while he was happy at seeing such juniors, he was also worried. He knew that after Lin Ming and Sheng Mei left, they would be faced with a truly terrifying enemy; the pressure on their shoulders was just far too heavy.

Lin Ming stood up and looked at the distant 30 level demon paG.o.da as well as the over 100 demon emperors that existed across the of the Yellow Springs River. He bowed to them all.

Especially the Demon Lord of the 30 level demon paG.o.da. He had awoken in order to help him and Sheng Mei, and this was a kindness that Lin Ming would forever remember.

“Seniors, junior will try his best in the future to rescue all of you from here.”

Lin Min solemnly vowed. But, the only reply he heard was raucous laughter.

“Heh! Brat, I have already died, so how could you possibly rescue us? If you have the ability then scatter my remnant soul – that will be true freedom.”

“Haha, I do not expect you to rescue us. The only possible way is if you manage to break apart the rules of this world. In the future when you step Beyond Divinity, bite out a piece of meat from that old freak and bring it here for us to eat, hahaha!”

The crowd of demons recklessly spoke.

After being sealed in the dark and enclosed demon paG.o.das, they faced an unchanging environment for tens of billions of years. The pain of this was unthinkable.

If a mortal were enclosed in a small black room for a month they would turn crazy and even develop irrevocable mental issues. Even though martial artists had formidable wills, they would still start to turn mad after being caged in for tens of billions of years.

Lin Ming was left speechless. He sighed inwardly. In truth, these many ancient demon emperors were locked here because they weren’t able to resist the temptation that was eternal life, even if at the time they arrived they knew the Emperor Bone Sea only contained an uncertain hope for them.

Lin Ming didn’t know whether or not eternal life should be pursued, but he deeply felt that eternal life actually didn’t mean eternal happiness, it didn’t mean eternal joy.

Eternal life was not the highest pursuit of martial arts.

The pursuit of martial arts was the heart.

Lin Ming couldn’t help but look at Sheng Mei. Currently, what Sheng Mei pursued was no longer eternal life, but instead what could truly touch her heart and move her soul.

To cultivate to fulfill one’s own heart, perhaps this was truly touching upon the peak of martial arts.

But in reflection, what was one’s heart?

Perhaps that was to allow oneself, one’s lovers, one’s spouses, one’s children, one’s family, one’s friends, one’s people, to allow everyone to live in peace and happiness…


“Children, come with me.”

Immortal suddenly said. He turned towards the 33 level demon paG.o.da.

Immortal Sovereign was originally the master of the Magic Cube. With the help of the Magic Cube and Lin Ming, the gates to the 33 level demon paG.o.da had been smashed open. But during the 1000 some years that Lin Ming had gone into seclusion, potent world strength had gathered around the gates, superimposing upon itself in layers and evolving into s.h.i.+ning demon runes.

The runes connected together, causing the demon relief on the gates to look that much fiercer, as if it the gates would close up once more.

“The Laws in the Emperor Bone Sea are truly dreadful…”

Lin Ming immediately thought. At this rate, the 33 demon paG.o.da that caged Immortal Sovereign would be sealed up again sooner or later.

At this time, the three of them already stood firmly in the demon paG.o.da.

Within the demon paG.o.da, everything was carved from black stone. This black stone had experienced a pa.s.sing of innumerable billions of years and exuded the changings of times. Everything emitted the thick smell of history.

Immortal Sovereign put out a hand. He said to Lin Ming, “Give me the Magic Cube…”

Lin Ming was startled for a moment but didn’t question anything. He thrust out a hand and the Magic Cube appeared in his palm.

Then, he respectfully handed the Magic Cube to Immortal Sovereign.

The Magic Cube quietly floated in Immortal Sovereign’s palm, slowly revolving. Immortal Sovereign sighed with emotion. “In this universal era, three divine tools exist within the 33 Heavens. They are the Stone of Eternal Life, Grandmist Spirit Bead, as well as the… Origin Amethyst Crystal.”

“Origin Amethyst Crystal?”

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. Without a doubt, this divine tool was the Purple Card.

This was the first time that Lin Ming had heard the Purple Card’s true name. When Lin Ming referred to the Purple Card in the past, he was only referring to the color and shape of the Origin Amethyst Crystal.

“Is it the divine tool that the Asura Road Master used in the past?”

“Yes.” Immortal Sovereign nodded. “The Origin Amethyst Crystal might be a purple crystal form condensed from the source energies of this world. As for the Stone of Eternal Life and Grandmist Spirit Bead, they are also similar. The three divine tools are instruments that exist on the same tier. If they are completely activated they will evolve into a large universe, so they are in truth three world seeds.

“But, although these three divine tools are of the same tier, the reality is that they are divided into high and low.

“Mm?” Lin Ming and Sheng Mei were shocked. The three divine tools represented essence, energy, and divine, so how could they be divided into high and low?

Seeing Lin Ming and Sheng Mei’s doubts, Immortal Sovereign explained, “The three divine tools themselves don’t differentiate into high and low. But, sometimes, the strength of a divine tool looks not at the divine tool itself, but at the person using them! Whether a divine tool can grow, the quality of that growth and the speed of that growth, all depends on the divine tool’s experiences with the user!”

“It depends on the user of the divine tool?” A light lit up in Lin Ming’s eyes.

“That’s right. This is especially true when a user reaches the realm Beyond Divinity. In truth, this boundary already stands on the same level as a great universe, and this person can create and destroy worlds. At this time, the user themselves is capable of influencing the three divine tools.

“Before the great calamity erupted 10 billion years ago, the Origin Amethyst Crystal had followed Asura for over a billion years. Similarly, the Stone of Eternal Life was also with me for several hundred million years. During these several hundred million years I was always together with the Stone of Eternal Life, constantly nouris.h.i.+ng it with my strength and deepening its connection to my soul…”

As Immortal said this, Lin Ming was quietly shocked. Indeed, for a Beyond Divinity level existence to raise the Magic Cube like this, the Magic Cube was certainly out of the ordinary.

Let alone the Magic Cube that was a world seed, even a true great world could be constantly reinforced and nourished.

For instance, the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb. This was a very high level world, and over 100 billion years and all sorts of scheming by the Soul Emperor, its stability had increased by a large degree compared to the past.

Looking at the three divine tools, the Magic Cube and Purple Card seemed far more powerful than the Grandmist Spirit Bead. And, the symbol for this would be that the Magic Cube and Purple Card had managed to breed their own ‘artifact spirits’, yet the Grandmist Spirit Bead hadn’t.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming’s heart stirred. “Ruby, come out!”

As Lin Ming’s voice fell, a ma.s.s of fog rose up from the Magic Cube and turned into the cute appearance of a red-clothed little girl.

At this time, the little girl had a lost expression as she gazed at Immortal Sovereign. This black-robed man seemed familiar but also a complete stranger at the same time.

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