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Chapter 2194 – Leaving

The Dark Abyss’s 12th layer, the Endless Sea –

This was an unfathomably deep sea that extended onwards without end. The sea was a dark and deep blue that was thick and heavy, similar to mercury. The sea didn’t have ordinary fish and shrimps; only powerful demon beasts and abyssals were able to survive here.

At this time, the thick mist above the Endless Sea was as deep as a wall and as heavy as lead. A mortal couldn’t even see a foot in this fog and even a martial artist’s divine sense would be hindered a great deal.


A sharp roar cut through the calm surface of the sea, echoing over the horizon. With it, the thick mist parted and dozens of figures hastily rushed out. These people all wore loose blue robes and had appearances no different from the races of the 33 Heavens; they were the ancient race martial artists of the Dark Abyss.

These ancient race martial artists seemed panicked and their movements were messy, as if they were being hunted down by something.

“Those d.a.m.ned beasts can also fly through the skies and shuttle through the seas. Their speed is also much faster than ours. If we cannot reach the home base fast enough then they’ll eventually overtake us.”

A middle-aged martial artist panted. He gripped symbol papers in his hands and every now and then he would crush one and throw it behind himself. As the symbol paper exploded in the thick fog, a howl would follow; it was clear it was some sort of demon beast.

Unfortunately, these yells weren’t the screams of demon beasts being killed by the explosions of the symbol papers, but cries of pain from the demon beasts being injured.

The middle-aged man’s symbol papers were only meant to create some trouble for the demon beasts behind him and delay them for as long as he could; they simply couldn’t kill them and only served to enrage them.

But there was nothing else that could be done.

“Father, I remember that there is a nameless island in front of us. This island has towering trees and these trees are also demon trees that are as hard as iron. If we lead those demon fish inside the dense forest then they’re sure to be slowed.”

The blue-clothed girl who spoke was the daughter of the middle-aged man. Although she was young she had an extremely high status in the group, and this clearly stemmed from her powerful strength.

As soon as she offered this suggestion, the ancient race martial artists felt their hearts sink. That forest of demon trees wasn’t friendly to them either. Those demon trees could also devour people, and if they rushed into the forest then it would be no different from entering the tiger’s den after fleeing the wolves. If the fight continued like this, they were bound to be in an even more dire state.

But the current situation didn’t allow for any hesitation. If they didn’t enter the demon tree forest then there really wouldn’t be any chance to survive.

The howls behind them grew increasingly close. The thick mist above the sea was cut open by the demon beasts. A number of flat creatures that were dozens of feet long were racing over the sea, dragging a long python-like tail behind them as they appeared from the fog.

These were clearly the demon fish that the blue-clothed girl spoke of.

These demon fish were also one of the countless species of abyssals. However, their intelligence was far, far lower than most other abyssals’.

At this time, these demon fish would soon overtake the ancient race martial artists. If this were to continue then they wouldn’t even make it to the demon forest.

The blue-clothed girl clenched her teeth and turned around to slash out with her sword!

To turn around in a chase like this to attack was an incredibly dangerous move. It was easy to be surrounded by these flying demon fish and then be eaten up without even bones remaining.

Moreover, the blue-clothed girl’s sword strike wouldn’t necessarily be able to harm these demon fish; the most it would do was delay them a little.

The disparity in strength between the two sides was simply far too great.

The moment that the blue-clothed girl struck out with her sword, the middle-aged man felt his heart skip a beat; he was afraid something would happen to his daughter.

However, before he could cry out in alarm, a stunned expression filled his face. He stared helplessly on as after the blue-clothed girl slashed out her sword, the single sword light suddenly turned into an overwhelming wave that changed the winds and clouds, causing a rain of blood to fall down from the skies!

The hundreds of demon fish were completely split open by this sword light. They were all torn apart, instantly killed without even time to scream!

And after the demon fish died, even the fog above the sea was cut apart. Every sword light cut opened sections that were a foot wide in the mist. Without the fog to block their way, the middle-aged man could see through this slits to dozens of miles away.

And after several breaths of time, all the fog dissipated. As if it were blown away by a great storm, the entire sea appeared.

The middle-aged man was shocked and the blue-clothed girl was also startled; this sword light was clearly not sent out by them.

Not to mention the might behind the sword light, just the color was different. The little girl’s sword light was blue, but that overwhelming sword light just now was black.

Could the black sword light be from a master who caught up to them from the home base?

This thought flashed through the mind of the blue-clothed girl. Then, not too far away, she could see a black-clothed woman floating high in the skies.

This woman had an appearance that neared perfection. Her long hair hung to her waist and she unknowingly exuded a cold and lofty aura that seemed as if she were demanding all others stay at least a thousand miles away. This sort of arrogant aura wasn’t deliberate, but was merely something she was born with, making it hard for anyone to muster the courage to look at her.

She had no sword in her hands. In truth, she hadn’t used a sword just then either; she had only used her sword fingers.

“This is the ancient race rebel army you spoke of…”

The black-clothed woman lightly said. It was only then that the ancient race martial artists discovered someone else had appeared in the skies at some unknown time.

This man had looks that seemed carved by a saber. His eyes were like a sea of stars, unfathomably deep.

After this man appeared, the black-clothed woman stood beside him, just a little bit behind. Whether it was in mindset or in action, this woman seemed to take this man as the lead.

Such a terrifying woman took this man as a lead. Then this man…

The ancient race martial artists were completely dumbfounded. No matter how they looked at it, this man and woman didn’t seem like abyssals at all, but were similar to themselves in appearance. How was this possible…?

Could it be…

A light lit up in the middle-aged man’s mind. Many years ago, the leader of the ancient race rebel army, Mo Eversnow, once had some old friend visit her. This person was said to be a man with strength no less than that of Mo Eversnow.

Was it him?

As this middle-aged man was lost in his thoughts, the man actually closed his eyes and felt the salty sea breeze that wafted past him, his mind filled with emotions.

1500 years!

Just the abyssal ritual continued for 1080 years. In addition to the 10 previous years, that was around 1100 years.

Afterwards, Lin Ming and Sheng Mei didn’t immediately emerge, but stayed in to cultivate for another 400 years to thoroughly consolidate their lower True Divinity boundary.

After that, with the help of Immortal Sovereign and the Demon Lord, they directly left the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb using a hidden pa.s.sage and even pa.s.sed through the Dark Abyss’s 18th layer in a single journey and went all the way to the 12th layer.

All of this happened without anyone noticing.

And at this time, Lin Ming’s True Divinity level strength had completely stabilized. The Nine Stars of the Dao Place was just a little bit away from opening the eighth Dao Palace.

It could be said that Lin Ming’s strength had undergone its greatest rise upwards in his life!

He had been reborn!

After returning to the Dark Abyss, Lin Ming planned to head back to the 33 Heavens with the fastest speed possible. But before that he had to find Mo Eversnow.

He now knew the secrets of the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb and also knew of the upcoming war between the Dark Abyss and the 33 Heavens. If Mo Eversnow were to continue staying in the Dark Abyss then it would be extremely dangerous for her.

Lin Ming’s thoughts were to leave the Dark Abyss together with Mo Eversnow.

Thus, he quickly found this place using a mark he had agreed with Mo Eversnow beforehand.

Within Lin Ming’s current strength, as long as he was within a certain range then his sense could lock onto Mo Eversnow’s position. After all, Lin Ming was familiar with the array formations she had arranged, so to him these array formations didn’t block him much.

“The ancient races have truly declined…”

Sheng Mei sighed. She already knew the situation of the ancient races, however, she hadn’t known of her life experiences before so the situation of the ancient races was irrelevant to her. Now, she knew that in her previous life, she was part of the primal G.o.d race.

Whether it was the Asura Rod Master or Immortal Sovereign, both of them stemmed from the primal G.o.d race.

“Mm… good fortune is forever changing.” Lin Ming sighed with emotion. Then, he turned to the ancient race squad and said, “Is Miss Mo present? Take me to see her…”

The ancient race martial artists glanced at each other. Then, the middle-aged man nodded and slowly said, “The leader, she… she is here…”

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