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Chapter 2235 – World Destroying Light

Lin Ming slowly sank to the bottom of the divine pool, feeling the waters gently brush against his body. This feeling was like a mother’s touch, each drop of water the most precious celestial nectar. This water entered Lin Ming’s body through his nose and mouth, flowing into his meridians and discharging from his 360,000 pores, constantly transforming and renewing his body as it went.

At this time, beams of strange blood red light began to gather from all around. Beneath the control of the Asura Road Master, this light flowed into the pool, causing the entire divine pool to be covered with a faint blood red glow. The strength within this pool became increasingly rich, so thick that it made one’s heart race.

At the same time, the Asura Road Master took out a demon bone. This demon bone had been the Soul Emperor’s staff, but when the Soul Emperor abducted Sheng Mei he had thrown it towards Lin Ming and didn’t have enough time to retrieve it.

The material used to forge this demon bone staff was undoubtedly from the true Demon G.o.d that existed 100 billion years ago. Now, the Asura Road Master threw it into the divine pool so that Lin Ming could refine it.

“Lin Ming, you will reach perfection of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace in the divine pool, and after that you will completely refine the Asura Road and Akas.h.i.+c Dream Universe…”

The Asura Road Master’s voice suddenly turned murky and somber. Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. He looked up and saw that on the edges of the divine pool, as the Asura bloodline was being poured in, the strength of the Asura Road Master’s incarnation was actually weakening…

Lin Ming could even see that in the Asura Road Master’s originally pitch-black hair, several strands of snow white hair appeared.

Lin Ming’s heart shook. Was this because the Asura Road Master was giving him the strength of his bloodline?

“Senior Asura, you…”

As Lin Ming spoke, the number of threads of white hair on the Asura Road Master’s head began to increase at a visible speed. Lin Ming couldn’t sit still upon seeing this and directly stood up from the divine pond.

At this time, the bloodline strength within the pool was incredibly rich, but Lin Ming was left stunned.

The Asura Road Master calmly said, “Lin Ming, there is no need for you to worry about me…”

“Senior, my training has just begun and might need to continue for 10,000 years. Will you be continually weakening throughout?”

Lin Ming could feel the Asura Road Master’s strength gradually fading away.

He suddenly remembered that the Asura Road Master had already merged into one with the Asura Road. Then, if he were to refine the Asura Road then wouldn’t that mean the Asura Road Master’s strength would be affected? Wouldn’t he become increasingly weak?

The Asura Road Master shook his head. “For these years I have been deeply slumbering within the Asura Road, using every method at my disposal to prolong my life. Even so, I do not have much time remaining. I have lived for far too long. In more than 10 billion years, I went from possessing nothing at all to slowly growing and leaving my mark, from a Holy Lord to World King to Empyrean, and to True Divinity, I became an overlord in my own right and even stood upon the highest peak of the 33 Heavens.

“In my life, I have experienced and possessed everything. But 10 billion years ago I witnessed the great calamity with my own eyes. I watched as my allies, my disciples, and even a woman that I loved deeply above all but did not choose me, slowly die, one after another. The only one who remained was me, and I have been shouldering all of this, continuing until the present.

“Slowly, I have become jaded to everything, all that I see is pale. I no longer chase after that eternal life I was obsessed with, and if I have any desire then it is to finish what I didn’t finish in the past…”

As the Asura Road Master spoke he seemed to become several points older. But, his eyes remained as bright as stars.

Looking at the Asura Road Master, Lin Ming felt an indescribable grieving in his heart.

“Although I have weakened, I won’t completely exhaust myself. It’s only that my abilities to protect the Asura Road will become increasingly weak, thus you must complete your training as soon as possible before the Soul Emperor catches up to you.”

As the Asura Road Master spoke, his expression remained serene throughout. Lin Ming clenched his fists. He could feel just how heavy the burden was that the Asura Road Master carried on his shoulders, but saying anything now was meaningless. What he needed to do was completely refine the Asura Road and Akas.h.i.+c Dream Universe.

But, plans never went as smoothly as one wished for…

Another 2000 years pa.s.sed. Within the Divine Conversion Pool, as Lin Ming reached the critical moment in his training, from the vast skies, a black pillar of light abruptly appeared and came smas.h.i.+ng down!

This divine light was like a giant black dragon. It pa.s.sed through a s.p.a.ce channel, howling as it fell. It was terrifying, possessing a formidable pressure that caused the blood vitality of all Empyreans in several hundred miles to tumble about, making it impossible for them to look directly at it.

This was like a world destroying light that could annihilate all of existence. It shot straight towards the Amethyst Heavenly Palace where Lin Ming was!

“Lin Ming!”

“Your Majesty Human Sovereign!”

“Senior Lin Ming!”

From the three great races, numerous martial artists saw this scene and cried out in alarm. But, there were also many of these people that couldn’t even respond in time; this world destroying light was far too fast!

“This is bad!”

Divine Dream stared helplessly on as this destructive strength poured unto the Amethyst Heavenly Palace. They were simply powerless to stop it. It was beyond formidable, a power that surpa.s.sed the limits of those present.

Deep in seclusion, Lin Ming was in a state where he couldn’t be disturbed. How could he possibly withstand such a strike?

Could this be… an attack from the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb Master!?

This thought flashed through Divine Dream’s mind. But in this critical situation as everything hung by a thread, a giant purple hand rose up from the Amethyst Heavenly Palace and struck out at the world destroying light.

This hand was a thousand miles wide. It blocked out the skies, capable of grasping a star!


The world destroying divine light exploded within the purple hand. Terrifying shockwaves swelled out in all directions, ruining great tracts of blue skies.

That heaven-covering hand had forcefully blocked the world destroying divine light!

This sudden change left everyone stunned speechless and dumbfounded. Then soon figured out what had happened. This world destroying light was likely the attack of the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb Master!

The Demon G.o.d’s Tomb Master had come? Could it be that he had already completed his seclusion?

Everyone felt their hearts tighten. If the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb Master truly arrived at this moment, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Don’t panic! That old demon hasn’t come, he is only making an attack across s.p.a.ce-time!”

Divine Dream’s voice echoed out for thousands of miles, calming the minds of the nervous martial artists. The Demon G.o.d’s Tomb Master still needed a long period of seclusion. He had been heavily wounded in that great battle 5000 years ago and with all the problems that had occurred in the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb, how could he recover so quickly? Moreover, he also had to refine the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb.

Since the Asura Road Master dared to allow Lin Ming to go into this final closed door seclusion at this time, then he must have some degree of a.s.surance. Otherwise, it was equal to allow Lin Ming to freely come under attack.

“That old demon hasn’t come?”

“He didn’t come himself yet he was able to make such a dreadful attack through multiple realms of s.p.a.ce; that was too horrifying!”

As the martial artists thought of the might behind that world destroying light, all of them felt a lingering fear in their minds. If they were sucked into that light then they would have disintegrated into ashes!

“The Demon G.o.d’s Tomb Master is truly fierce, but Senior Asura is also exceptionally strong. That heaven-blocking hand must have been formed by Senior Asura. Without even moving he was already able to block that horrifying black light, how amazing!”

“That’s right, he’s amazing! Hahaha!”

Many martial artists recalled that giant heaven-blocking hand and felt much more cheerful. They knew that the Asura Road Master was guiding Lin Ming in the Amethyst Heavenly Palace and with the protection of the Asura Road Master, it wouldn’t be easy for the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb Master to disturb them with long-range attacks.

However, as Divine Dream heard these martial artists proudly speak of the Asura Road Master, a dark cloud of gloom covered her face.

That world destroying light… was it really blocked so easily?

She anxiously looked towards the Amethyst Heavenly Palace. She had a dark foreboding premonition that this attack was only the opening act…

How could the Demon G.o.d’s Tomb Master freely allow Lin Ming to complete his seclusion and reach heights where he could pose a threat to him?

“Everyone, listen to me. Do not depend on Senior Asura sheltering you. To survive this calamity, we must depend on ourselves. Hurry up and begin cultivating again.” A delicate and dignified voice called out. The one who spoke was Soaring Feather G.o.d King. She floated high in the skies, her white dress floating about her.

5000 years in the time enchantment was equal to 50,000 years outside. With Ink and Clear’s guidance, Soaring Feather G.o.d King had broken through to the next boundary and reached the middle True Divinity realm.

Moreover, her strength was decent even amongst middle True Divinities. In this alone she was far stronger than Astral Vault G.o.d King. Astral Vault G.o.d King was mired in the lower True Divinity realm and hadn’t been able to make his breakthrough yet.

Soaring Feather’s thoughts were similar to Divine Dream’s. This sort of attack would likely continue onwards. The Asura Road Master could block the first, but could he block every one after?

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