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Chapter 106 Some People are Happy and Some People are Sad

“Yes.” Li Youran replied. He gently placed the Jade Sea Coral in front of Li Shang and then reached out with one hand to firmly press down on one side of the coral. He closed his eyes before deeply exhaling a breath; a golden aura burst forth from his body, evidence that he is circulating his Xuan arts at full strength!

A ringing sound came from the Jade Sea Coral; what was once sparkling and translucent as jade is now radiating a faint and subtle light. An almost imperceptible blue Qi slowly rose up from its surface, and the entire body of the Jade Sea Coral transformed into a strange blue color.

The time has come.

A glint of desire flashed across Li Shang’s eyes, but his state of mind quickly became calm. He slowly extended his dry and thin right hand and lightly placed it on the other side of the Jade Sea Coral. The moment his palm made contact with the coral, the fine strands of Qi aroused by Li Youran avidly rushed up Li Shang’s arm at a speed that can be seen by the naked eye and into his body.

As the blue Qi entered his body, a heartfelt happy expression flitted across Grand Preceptor Li Shang’s formerly stoic face. He distinctly felt a soothing sensation in his meridians as more and more blue Qi rushed in; Li Shang’s body responded by becoming more and more relaxed, almost as if his spirit was shaking in joy…

His dantian had been severely injured all those years ago by one of Jun Zhan Tian’s explosive punches and had caused him to lose sensation in that region ever since. But he can currently feel a slight sense of pain before the mild and gentle blue Qi alleviates it. His dantian and meridians that have been damaged for so many years is finally recovering…

Both men had their eyes close, but they can clearly sense a genuine joy included among the changes. Both men did not realize that during their moment of intense excitement and happiness, the Jade Sea Coral had abruptly changed into a pure white color. The blue Qi had originally enveloped the frenzied white Spiritual Qi such that the white Qi was unable to rush out. But in the wake of Li Youran’s prompting and Li Shang absorbing, the density of the blue Qi became more and more spa.r.s.e as the white Qi became more and more concentrated. Under this condition, the voice of the guest gradually overwhelmed that of the host…

There is only one last step for the dantian to recover fully!

This decades-old infirmity that had bothered Grand Preceptor Li for half his life will recover very soon. How can he not be emotional? Not wild with joy? Even if Grand Preceptor Li is accustomed to strong wind and big waves, he still felt his heart stir at this moment…

Li Shang felt a sense of exultation in his heart as he uttered quaveringly. “Youran, my dantian should recover at any moment.”

Li Youran ecstatically exclaimed. “Grandfather, from now on the shackle that Jun Zhan Tian placed on your body can be eliminated! My Li Family will be able to move unhindered! Haha…”

Both grandfather and grandson simultaneously broke out in a sincere smile filled with hope and dreams for the future…


In the midst of their joy, an unexpected change occurred—

During the most critical moment of recovery inside Grand Preceptor Li’s dantian, the entirely incompatible Spiritual Qi Jun Mo Xie previously injected suddenly broke free of the blue Qi’s constraints like a dragon that struggled free of its fetters. Lightning followed the stream of blue Qi and burst out from the Jade Sea Coral with irresistible force.

A wisp of exceptionally frantic and violent Qi streamed like a loose demon and enter Li Shang recent
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ly restored meridians, bas.h.i.+ng sideways and colliding straight on, before squeezing like a hot knife through b.u.t.ter into his dantian that’s on the verge of a complete recovery!

Caught off guard, Li Shang only managed to feel an explosive rumble in his dantian as his complexion instantly became deathly pale. The nearly recovered dantian suddenly collapsed and broke apart like shattered porcelain. The cracks crisscrossed like tree roots and spread in all directions along his meridians…

Li Shang violently sprayed out a mouthful of blood; having lost consciousness sometime earlier, his limp body fell backward.

“Grandfather!” Li Youran cried out, confused and distraught.

At the same time that Li Shang collapsed, the Jade Sea Coral exploded into pieces without any warning under the intense reaction between the two types of Spiritual Qi. Li Youran had been extremely worried and had stretched himself over the Jade Sea Coral to examine his grandfather. The fragments directly exploded across his whole face; a blood-curdling scream, a b.l.o.o.d.y head, and a b.l.o.o.d.y face…

“What’s going on? Why? Why did this happen? Can anyone tell me what this is?! Ah… ” Li Youran couldn’t keep his poise as he howled up at the sky. At this moment, the typically peaceful and always steady Li Youran had a face contorted with fear, helplessness, anxiety, anger, and blood—looking much like a devil!

“Jade Sea Coral! The Jade Seal Coral was obviously working fine so why did it explode?! Master had promised! He had promised!” Li Youran tore at his hair, completely disregarding the grievous injuries to his face as if he had turned completely insane!

To be honest, even Jun Mo Xie himself did not know that such an accident would occur. He did not expect that the stream of Qi he had poured on a whim would achieve…such an excellent result! His original intention was only to make the Jade Sea Coral unusable since he could not stand Li Zhen’s face and nothing more.

Jun Mo Xie certainly didn’t antic.i.p.ate that the mixture of his Spiritual Energy and the pure energy of this word would trigger a formidable explosive reaction not inferior to an I.E.D.*! This explosion utterly severed Grand Preceptor Li’s hope to restore his Xuan Qi. Even if a deity descended upon this world, he might not be able to restore Li Shang’s dantian! Not only that, the damage to Li Shang’s already feeble body was like adding hail to snow such that he’s almost at death’s door!

[I.E.D. is an abbreviation for an improvised explosive device. Jun Mo Xie has become a terrorist.]

This is like casually planting flowers but inadvertently growing a willow! He really did put in little effort and reaped ma.s.sive gains!

Besides, Li Youran’s once handsome and confident face is now covered with not many, cough, just seven or eight scars! But these seven or eight scars have completely disfigured his face! If Li Youran did not instantly react by closing his eyes, perhaps he would have already become blind!

But even so, Li Youran would have to wear a veil for the rest of his life…

This explosion really was…an inexplicable freak accident.


Some people are happy, and some people are sad.

Compared to the joy and jubilation of the Jun Family, a cloud of anxiety and misery hung over the Li Family, and the Dugu Family was actually about to explode like a volcano!

Ever since Princess Ling Ming paid a visit, the Dugu Family was like a ma.s.sive barrel of gunpowder that just detonated. Dugu Xiao Yi was discreetly shuttled away under the arrangement of her grandmother.

Dugu Zongheng pointed at Dugu Wudi’s face as he let loose a torrent of profanity for two entire hours, sporadically letting loose extremely angry kicks and punches. Great General Dugu Wudi grimaced in pain but did not dare to resist as he continued to agree obsequiously; the anger in his heart was not any less than his fathers.

“You’re a pig!? You are a useless son of a b.i.t.c.h! Look at your daughter! Is this how you look after your daughter? HUH? d.a.m.ned good for nothing! You downright pig!” Grandfather Dugu was infuriated. “I’m looking at a pig! But you’re still better to look at than Jun Mo Xie! f.u.c.k! How could it be that Jun Mo Xie? How could your eyes be so blind?”

Dugu Wudi’s face was covered in spit, but he didn’t dare to wipe if off. He stammered with some difficulty. “I also didn’t know about this. If I had known earlier…”

This comment set off another round of howling wind and torrential rain.

“Ptui! You didn’t know? You didn’t even know this much, and you call yourself a father!” Grandfather Dugu almost went insane with anger. “That Jun Mo Xie is the capital’s infamous debauchee; respectable people stay three day’s march from him, and even notorious people stay clear of him! A daughter of a respectable household wanted to marry him? And she happens to be our family’s Xiao Yi?! Is the inside of your head stuffed with bean curd dregs or filled with water? Or do you just want to get your a.s.s kicked?! d.a.m.n you for being a stupid and unbearable s.h.i.+t! Idiot! How did I, your brilliant father, raised you into a spoiled and rotten pig?!”

Dugu Wudi submissively endured the torrential rain of sputter and could not even open his eyes. “Father, please calm down. Xiao Yi’s indiscretion had started just recently. We can a.s.sume that the relations.h.i.+p between the two hadn’t made much headway. There is still time…”

His words thoroughly poked the hornet’s nest.

Dugu Zongheng stood up in a fit of violent rage and let loose a flying kick that launched Dugu Wudi’s tall and st.u.r.dy body into the air. He stomped his feet and let out a rain of curses. “YOU! I can’t believe the words that are coming out of your mouth! What do you even mean that they haven’t made much headway? Do you want to them to have made progress? Not too late? Does your daughter have to be pregnant for it to be too late? You don’t think Jun Mo Xie that son of a b.i.t.c.h can make it happen?!” The more he talked, the angrier he became. Dugu Zongheng grabbed his son and beat him up!

His mother normally would have intervened long ago, but she actually stood to the side and hadn’t made any indication to step in. Instead, she fanned the flames and said. “You deserve this! How did this old woman give birth to such a dim-witted son??!”

Dugu Zongheng finally vented some of his anger after beating the living daylight out of his son. He said with a dark expression on his face. “We must put an end to this. Use this time that Xiao Yi is accompanying the princess in the palace and handle this affair in a satisfactory manner! If I hear something like this happen again, I’ll kick the s.h.i.+t out of you! Why haven’t you left yet? Do you want this old man to go personally?!”

A b.l.o.o.d.y-nosed, swollen-faced Great General Dugu Wudi hastily scrambled up off the ground, turned tail, and ran.

Once Dugu Wudi returned to his courtyard, it immediately devolved into panic and chaos. He first vented his frustrations by yelling at his wife and concubines before pa.s.sing down an order: Dugu Ying, Dugu Xiong, Dugu Hao, Dugu Jie, Dugu Chong, Dugu Shang,  and Dugu Qian are to return immediately from the army camps outside the city! There must be no delay! If they are even late half a step, then they will be punished by martial law, no,…family law!

Great General Dugu wanted to behead Jun Mo Xie! That abominable little brat dared to seduce my daughter and caused I, your father, to suffer my father’s outburst and abuse! Are you bored of life? You think I, your father, won’t dare to move against you because of your grandfather? I won’t be satisfied until I skin you alive just he beating I suffered today, not to mention teasing my baby Xiao Yi! Humph! Humph!

The seven men identified by Dugu Wudi were all precisely the younger generation of the Dugu family. Dugu Zongheng had chosen their names such that the seven men’s given names combine to mean “Heroes and legends bravely rus.h.i.+ng forward*”! A very imposing name.

[*Their given names of Ying, Xiong, Hao, Jie, Chong, Shang, and Qian is the pinyin for “英雄豪杰冲上前,” which translates to “Heroes and legends bravely rus.h.i.+ng forward.”]

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