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Chapter 140 – Forcing the Hongjun PaG.o.da


Jun Mo Xie’s mouth curved into a pleased smile as he waved his hand: “That’s just great!” his experiment had been successful. He said: “These…..” as he pointed to the cages in front: “are useless now; have them removed from here.”

The servant hastily gathered a few more servants, and then they all carried the cages away.

“Those Xuan Beasts are….. useless?” Jun Wu Yi opened his eyes wide as he stared at his nephew in disbelief.

“Well, yes, they are useless now.” Jun Mo Xie smiled again: “Third Uncle, uh….. Uncle if you’re planning on killing those snakes for meat, then count me in as well; snake meat is excellent for the human body’s nourishment.”

“Kill the snakes….. for meat?”

Jun Wu Yi opened his mouth with the intention of scolding Jun Mo Xie: We spent hundreds of thousands of Taels in buying these beasts! You asked me to buy them just last night; and they are already useless to you…. All you did was parade around them for two minutes! Those two iron bodied snakes are level five Xuan Beasts…. And they are completely intact as well; I spent over two hundred thousand taels on them alone!

You want me to make a meal out of snakes which costed two hundred thousand taels…..?!

He was just about to start his rant when they heard a mighty rumbling sound. Dugu Xiao Yi walked into the courtyard, being escorted by seven big and burly men.

Dugu Xiao Yi looked even more beautiful, refined and elegant in the contrast of her seven brothers. Her rolled-up black hair looked slightly fluffy, which were being held in place by a crystal hairpin. Her white face looked even more tender and delicate, while her cheery lips were curved in a smile which revealed a hint of joy, and bashfulness at the same time….

A white shawl covered her light green dress, which gently caressed body right down to her waistline. Although the young maiden’s body appeared somewhat immature and unripe, it was still curvy and exquisite in its make.

The young maiden stood in the doorway, while her body gleamed brilliantly in the rays of the morning sun. A gentle breeze fluttered past her sleeves; not many people were capable of matching her grace. Jun Wu Yi stared at his nephew, who was looking at the young girl, almost as if he had never seen such a sight in his life before.

Even Jun Mo Xie couldn’t help admire her beauty, and was for a moment… lost in the beauty of the moment.

“What are you looking at? Never seen a beautiful woman before ah?” Dugu Ying growled unhappily as his burly body stepped sideways, blocking his sister from Jun Mo Xie’s line of sight. It seemed that Dugu Xiao Yi’s seven brothers weren’t very happy about their sister visiting the Jun residence….

“Oh, how are my beloved Dugu Brothers doing ah? Do you want some more wine? We have plenty more!” Jun Mo Xie narrowed his eyes.

Dugu Ying suddenly burst out in a loud voice: “Don’t look so proud… you fooled us into drinking that stupid wine of yours….” He suddenly grunted heavily as his face started reflecting a color of embarra.s.sment.

After returning home last night, Dugu Xiao Yi obviously ran straight to her Brothers’ chambers since Ye Gu Han’s words had gotten her worried about their wellbeing. When she reached the door, she saw that her seven huge brothers were sitting around the dinner table, and had already overturned the large porridge cauldron which had been sitting on top of the table…..

One really couldn’t blame them fo
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r toppling over the cauldron….. Jun Mo Xie’s wine had burnt off their stomachs, and they couldn’t even digest greasy food items at the moment, let alone meat. No meat and no alcohol for a complete week had left these seven men moaning, groaning and hungry.

For such big men, eating porridge three-meals-a-day for survival was nothing short of torture….

“Ah? Did that Jun Mo Xie bully you? And why have you all lost so much weight? I just saw you guys a few days ago…. Tell me what he did! I’ll teach him a lesson!” Dugu Xiao Yi was extremely shocked and angry upon seeing the plight of her seven brothers.

However, her words aroused a sense of embarra.s.sment in her seven brothers, and they all simultaneously thought the same thing: What? Did she just say that Jun Mo Xie bullied us? That guy can’t even lay a finger on us, and she thinks he bullied us? That’s a joke! He did give us that wine, but we got greedy after a few….that’s all that happened that day; although that wine was really good ah!

“Bah, did you just say Jun Mo Xie? Huh, Third Brother slapped that little guy to the ground the other day! Do you really think that a guy as small as him could ever bully us? Ha Ha, Xiao Yi, you’re joking right? Come on Brothers, tell her about it!” Du Gu Hao opened his mouth to brag.

“That’s right, Sixth Brother and I kicked him, and stamped on him! You should have seen the look on his face… If it wasn’t for father’s presence, we would have run him over! Ha ha ha…..” Dugu Shang started boasting shamelessly.

“But I heard that Jun Mo Xie leveled you all to the floor? This information was given to me by a very reputable source!” her seven brothers missed out the wrinkling of her eyebrows: they inflicted so much pain on him, and he didn’t even complain about it……

“Do you really think that Jun Mo Xie has the ability to put the seven of us to ground? That’s just a rumor; and a blatant lie; that’s all!” Dugu Xiong stood up and rolled his sleeves up, revealing his think and hairy arms, and pumped his muscles into a knot: “Xiao Yi, I’m sure that Jun Mo Xie planted this rumor to settle old scores with us. Since he couldn’t touch us, he’s just using these rumors to comfort himself!”

“That’s right, he just hoping that repeating his rumors will make them a fact! We didn’t just beat up Jun Mo Xie that day, we also demolished his house, but those few jars of……” Dugu Chong rushed over and covered Dugu Jie’s mouth.

“Don’t talk to me… could you? You you, treated him that way….he, he, his body is so weak; how could you do that to him? How can you do this?!” Dugu Xiao Yi became even angrier upon hearing these words. Distressed, she suddenly started whining: “Don’t you guys have any heart…..”

They had certainly overdone it!

The seven brothers started looking at each other with a confused and embarra.s.sed look on their faces, and then those fourteen eyeb.a.l.l.s looked back at Dugu Xiao Yi.

Then what do we say uh? Our stomachs have been completely perforated by that man, and we aren’t even allowed to run our mouths now?….

Dugu Xiao Yi started stomping her feet as she continued to sob: “You, you….. were too hard on him….. I can longer look at you…. I hate you!” Suddenly she turned around and ran crying out of the room.

“What was that about?” Dugu Xiong looked the rest of his brothers with a confused look on his face.

“No idea.” His six remaining brothers looked just as confused as him, and shook their heads from left to right in unison simultaneously.

Dugu Wudi was happened to be pa.s.sing by their chambers at that time, and was enraged to his daughter leaving their room in tears. He aggressively charged into their room and grabbed the seven of them, and then taught them a lesson….

Later, when Dugu Xiao Yi asked permission to visit the Jun residence, the entire Dugu Family naturally opposed it! They had taken such extensive measures to separate the two of them, and then allowing her to visit the Jun Family’s home after all that effort would be simply outrageous….

Dugu Xiao Yi resorted to her own means in order to get her way, and burst in to tears. Faced with her tears, all the three generations of the Dugu Family surrendered to her will….

However, they made a condition of their own: You can go, but you must go along with trusted family or friends; meaning, she would be accompanied there by her seven brothers. And thus, she ended up being accompanied by a huge and powerful retinue instead of travelling alone to the Jun residence.

In fact, Little White had been the first one to take a stand on going to the Jun residence; he had jumped down to the ground, and had turned his head to look pitifully at the Dugu elderly. Then he had turned his head to face Dugu Xiong, and had glared fiercely at him and his brothers: Don’t you dare to stop me; I can’t wait to jump into Jun Mo Xie’s arms…..

Even though Little White was just a cub, and even though his body’s growth and development hadn’t yet started, he was still carried the blood and the pride of an advanced Xuan Beast’s race. He simply didn’t wish to deal with such annoyance!

If I were a grown up, then I would have bitten your ears off! You don’t know who the real big guy around here is!

Jun Mo Xie looked smilingly at Dugu Xiao Yi: “You look very nice today Miss Dugu; I really can’t take my eyes off you.”

Dugu Xiao Yi’s face suddenly started to glow, and she replied back: “You really think that I look pretty? I thought that you hadn’t noticed me yet….” Her mind was playing a completely different tune: he called me ‘Miss Dugu’ instead of ‘Little Girl’…. That’s so much more pleasing to hear from his mouth!

Jun Mo Xie hastily replied: “How could that be.” However, he had already started pus.h.i.+ng out his body’s energy into the Hongjun PaG.o.da in the hope of starting its rotations!

Little White was within arms-reach, so obviously wanted to experiment a bit.

This was the first time that Jun Mo Xie was intentionally trying to initiate the Hongjun PaG.o.da’s revolutions!


His energy started penetrating through to the Hongjun PaG.o.da! The Hongjun PaG.o.da suddenly started spinning at high speeds, and started emitting rainbow colored rays, which were at least ten times more powerful than ever before. A strong and powerful Aura started to flood out of the PaG.o.da, with the intensity of a tsunami’s waves….

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