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Chapter 221 – Tyranny

[TL: Hey folks, this chapter marks the beginning of the Third Volume of the series!]


Jun Wu Yi’s mouth gaped wide-open, and he couldn’t help recoiling under shock for a second.

This kid is insane…..

At this precise moment, someone came in and reported: “Third Master, Mu Xue Tong has accompanied an elderly gentleman who claims to be the Sixth Elder of the Silver Blizzard City. He wished to seek a meeting with you Third Master, shall we send them in?”

After his previous visit, Jun Wu Yi had told the Jun Family’s servants that Mu Xue Tong was like a brother to him, and that the Jun Family’s servants mustn’t neglect him or deny him entry unless he’s being accompanied by someone potentially hostile.

Jun Wu Yi and his nephew both immediately prepared themselves to welcome Mu Xue Tong at first, but when they heard that he was being accompanied by the Sixth Elder of the Silver Blizzard City, their faces immediately and simultaneously started to reflect a plethora of possibilities that had started to emerge in their minds.

While Jun Wu Yi’s facial muscles were twitching in thought, Jun Mo Xie’s expression seemed a bit doubtful.

Isn’t this a bit too soon? It seems that they are a bit too efficient, aren’t they?

“Third Uncle, the Sixth Elder is a Spirit Xuan expert, and we won’t be able to hide the recovery of your injury from him.” Jun Mo Xie immediately thought of this: “However, since it’s something we wish to avoid, do you want me to try and do something about it?”

“I don’t have anything to hide! Anyway, they’ll find out about this sooner or later.” Jun Wu Yi shook his head: “The impact of my recovery may not be completely negative since my beloved Yao is still waiting to hear about me. If Mu Xue Tong was to go back and inform her of my recovery, then just imagine the amount of happiness it will bring to her after all these years of bitter hards.h.i.+ps she’s suffered.”

Jun Wu Yi’s face reveled in a shade of gentleness, while his distant eyes seemed to be affectionately gazing at an imaginary woman who was silently staring at him from a distance.

Jun Mo Xie sighed, but didn’t say anything. Even though Jun Mo Xie was very perspective in nature, but he could also understand the longing of his Uncle’s heart, and the bitter taste of the man’s reality, and so he didn’t object even though he didn’t approve of it.

“Ask them to come here.” Jun Wu Yi controlled the tone of his voice, making his words sound reluctant.

Jun Wu Yi pushed his wheelchair forward, and proceeded to meeting them in the courtyard.

“Ha ha, we meet again Wu Yi; your complexion and strength seem a lot better than last times’.” Mu Xue Tong smiled warmly as he made a strange signal with his eyes, seemingly trying to indicate a warning which only Jun Wu Yi could understand.

Jun Wu Yi hardened his heart as he cupped his hands in greeting, and then said: “The Sixth Elder has arrived in person, how could this fortunate Wu Yi be of help?”

The Sixth Elder’s floating gaze sized up Jun Wu Yi from top to bottom before he spoke up: “Are you Jun Wu Yi?” His majestic voice seemed to be devoid of anger.

“Yes, I am!” Jun Wu Yi replied in a neither servile nor overbearing tone with the touch of a smile on his face.

“Good, good, you’re not even forty yet, and your strength has already reached the Sky Xuan realm! Such progress is very rare from this world’s standards given the youth of your years!” A cold light flashed in
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the Sixth Elder’s eyes: “I heard that you had injured yourself in the past, but it seems that you’ve been recovering very quickly, isn’t it?”

The condition of Jun Wu Yi’s injuries really couldn’t have been hidden from a Spirit Xuan expert’s piercing eyes! Jun Mo Xie’s guess had been absolutely correct.

Mu Xue Tong was genuinely startled, and looked at Jun Wu Yi with a surprised expression on his face, waiting to hear his reply.

“Oh, Wu Yi was able to get rid of that toxicity with your blessings Elder, but my two legs still need a lot of conditioning before I’ll be able to walk again.” Jun Wu Yi’s smiled faintly as a cold light flashed in his eyes: “This strange injury took away ten years of my life! I’ll never be able to forget the bitterness I’ve tasted in these last ten years.”

“Oh, the heavens help the worthy, and the G.o.d protects his beloved.” The Sixth Elder smiled profoundly: “This is indeed a news worthy of celebration.”

“Thank you!” Jun Wu Yi replied and then asked: “Shall we proceed for some tea?”

Jun Mo Xie silently pushed his wheelchair behind him.

“Isn’t this your eldest brother, Jun Wu Hui’s only son?” The Sixth Elder looked at Jun Mo Xie with an indescribable expression in his eyes.

“Yes!” Jun Wu Yi replied as the hint of a deep-seated pain flashed through his eyes: “He is my Brother’s only son lucky-enough to survive till today, and the only descendant of the Jun Family’s bloodline.”

The Sixth Elder wasn’t able to understand the meaning behind ‘the only son lucky enough to survive’; but even though Jun Wu Yi stated his nephew’s fortune in a plain and dull manner, the Sixth Elder could clearly sense the implied meaning of their Family’s extreme misfortunes!

“Ha ha, the sole heirs to a bloodline are often very seriously pampered ha ha!” the Sixth Elder laughed in a gentle and kind manner: “I see that he carries a very well-cultured demeanor; the Jun Family must indeed be very proud of him ah.”

“Elder, may I please be given the liberty of asking the Sixth Elder’s name?” Jun Mo Xie had heard stories about this man, and hence wanted to know his real name.

The Six Elder’s eyes ducked for a moment, but then smiled and replied back calmly: “This Old Man’s Family name is Xiao. Xiao Han is my nephew.”

“Ah.” Jun Mo Xie smiled courteously as he quickly concealed that murderous aura which had flashed through his eyes for a moment, and somehow managed to prevent anyone from seeing it: “I really envy Elder Xiao’s Spirit Xuan strength for you are strong enough to be counted amongst the most powerful men in this world, and ah, it’s a real blessing for my Family that a man of your strength is visiting us today.”

The Sixth Elder smiled warmly: “He speaks very decently even at such a young age.”

The four men smiled as they walked inside.

Mu Xue Tong was walking on the side, and couldn’t help wondering that the Sixth Elder had been working so closely with the Third and Ninth Elder ever since he had joined the Silver Blizzard City that no one had ever referred to him as “a Xiao Elder” in a long time, and as a result, over the years people had almost forgotten that he hailed from the Xiao Family.

Even though both the sides were talking in a very dignified and harmonious manner, it was evident that something was fishy. Moreover, even though the two parties were constantly exchanging very pleasant words with beaming smiles on their faces, the atmosphere was becoming increasingly depressing.

A thought suddenly arose in Mu Xue Tong’s mind, and left him rather surprised: Could it really be possible that the Sixth Elder didn’t partic.i.p.ate in all those activities at that time? If so, then the Sixth Elder’s visit to the Jun Family today could mark the beginning of a new era of devastation for the Jun Family!

Jun Wu Yi’s courtyard, study hall, and living room were all connected, but since Jun Wu Yi had no intention of disturbing the Solitary Falcon, who was engrossed in his practice inside his study hall, he asked his servants to make seating arrangements under a tree in his courtyard.

“This tea is excellent!” the Sixth Elder inhaled the favor, gently sipped at it, and then leaned his body slightly backward as he closed his eyes and relished its aftertaste for a moment before praising it’s quality. “Third Master Jun, I don’t know of this, but have you come across our Silver Blizzard City’s Xiao Family’s young master lately?”

“The Xiao Family’s young master?” Jun Wu Yi puckered his brows as he pondered: “I’ve never met him; my disease has only seen improvements recently, and I still can’t move about freely since I’ve forgotten to walk over so many years of my disability, and hence I only have a very little exposure of the world outside the Jun residence, but still I have no idea why the Sixth Elder is asking me this? What’s the Xiao Family’s son named? Could you tell me his age and appearance?”

“Oh? The Third Master Jun hasn’t met him?” the Sixth Elder’s body was still leaning backwards, while his eyes were still faintly shut: “My Grandnephew accompanied the Little Princess out to the Tian Xiang City today, but was beaten up by a bold bunch of bandits; the conditions of his injuries are quite serious. This Old Man really can’t think of any Tian Xiang City-based Family apart from the Jun, which would have the courage to act so audaciously against us.”

“The Sixth Elder seems to be quite sure, but what evidence is there to support that this was done by the Jun Family? Given the Sixth Elder is one the most experienced men in this world, I presume that the Elder would have some sort of conclusive evidence to support his words!” Jun Mo Xie interrupted in between since he felt a bit wronged by the manner in which the Old Man was accusing his family.

“It’s against the norms for youngsters to rashly interrupt two elders when they are speaking unless you wish to make a mockery out of your Family’s name. This Jun boy needs to be taught a lesson for the future!” Even though the Sixth Elder snapped back at Jun Mo Xie, his eyes were still half-shut.

The Spirit Xuan expert condensed his Xuan Qi into a m.u.f.fled sound wave, and directed in straight towards the young master Jun, which drilled straight into his eardrum!

A Spirit Xuan’s condensed Xuan Qi can never be taken as a joke; even though it was nothing more than a strong vibration for the two Sky Xuans who were sitting in close proximity, it was powerful enough to send Jun Mo Xie’s world tumbling upside-down.

He felt as if a sharp needle had pierced straight into his eardrum, which then proceeded forward from that point and continued to ruthlessly advance forward until it had shaken his entire soul. If the intensity of this sound wave had been any stronger, then it could’ve possibly left Jun Mo Xie to bleed on the spot, and although this injury wouldn’t have been fatal, it was sure to leave the young master Jun with a severe tinnitus; a tinnitus severe enough often carries the danger of causing deafness!

Jun Mo Xie cursed within his heart, this Old Man is too violent and merciless!

Even though the young master Jun felt as such, one could always argue that the Sixth Elder could’ve injured the young master Jun far more seriously in case he wanted to, and had only settled to serving a deserved punishment for the youngster’s breach of conduct!

The young master Jun hadn’t been a part of this world for too long, and even though he knew how things worked in theory, he had still never personally experienced the ant-like value a low Xuan Qi martial expert had in the eyes of a Spirit Xuan master.

The Sixth Elder on the other hand hadn’t practiced too much restraint at this point since finding about Jun Wu Yi’s healing injuries had left him a bit unsettled since it meant more trouble for his nephew. In his eyes, such a lowly family didn’t deserve to enjoy such a favorable position and treatment!

Since Jun Mo Xie was the sole heir to the Jun Family’s bloodline, he figured that harming the youngster would be equivalent of harming the entire Jun Family!

Upon being suddenly hit by this unforeseen attack, Jun Mo Xie had immediately moved the ‘Art of Unlocking the heaven’s fortune’ into action, and had silently organized its force into a seven-layered defensive structure against the attack. This ruthless sound wave had penetrated through the initial layers of his defense with ease, but found itself spent by the time it reached the last layer, and was eventually unable to pa.s.s through his final line of defense. One has to say that the ‘Art of Unlocking the heaven’s fortune’ is a really unique and powerful trump card because even though the difference between the strengths of a Gold Xuan and Spirit Xuan is simply unsurmountable, the young master Jun was somehow able to withstand the attack with its help since the attack didn’t carry too much force with it.

Jun Mo Xie was left groaning, while the veins surrounding his nose were visibly bloodshot. The trauma of this injury was partial real, and partly fabricated by Jun Mo Xie’s presence of mind since he knew that if the Sixth Elder realized that he was able to withstand this attack…. then the next one would be impossible to deflect.

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