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Chapter 225 - Master Falcon's Gloom

[TL: Poof, things look like they will be sorted out before the end of this week, so I should be back to regular pace pretty soon now…. Thanks for being so patient with me guys]

"Who is this unparalleled Master?" the Solitary Falcon's eyes narrowed, the Silver Blizzard City's people know who the Mysterious Master is? I thought I had an exclusive patent on him!

"I don't know what ident.i.ty this Master disguises himself under within the Tian Xiang City…. I only know that this Master's cultivation is so high that it's beyond anything the world has ever seen!"

The Third Elder's eyes were still clearly showing the traces of a lingering fear: "For reason's unknown, this mysterious Master created a Xuan Field a few days ago; it was so powerful that we were able to sense it miles away! And today we were able to locate another marvel of this Masters'…."

The Solitary Falcon pretended to understand these words only vaguely since he didn't wish to disclose any knowledge to the Third Elder, but couldn't prevent his eyes from reflecting a slight hint of respect for the Mysterious Master: "What marvels? Tell me, I want to know!" The Solitary Falcon had already understood that the Third Elder was actually referring to the Young Master Jun's Master, and couldn't help secretly laughing up his sleeve, you don't know this yet, but you've just offended that Master's disciple today. Do you think that this will be good for you?

The Third Elder on the other hand, was carefully watching the Solitary Falcon's face with a conscious mind, it seems that the Solitary Falcon is aware of this person's existence, and it appears that this person's strength is far superior to the Falcon since this Falcon will only ever admire someone far stronger than himself! Left with no other option, the Third Elder continued: "The Maple forest in the south of the City has long been an elegant landscape, but for reasons unknown, this landscape was burnt away by this unrivalled Master in a fit of rage. This forest covered miles and miles of landscape in radius earlier, but all of it disappeared in silence earlier today… that ground is now barren… so much so that one can't even find any gra.s.s there anymore….."

The Solitary Falcon puffed out some cold air.

Did you just come here after inspecting the Southern Maple Forest? Is this the place to come after witnessing such a shocking and shattering sight?

"May I dare to enquire the relation between this unrivalled Master and Master Falcon……" the Third Elder asked cautiously. The Third Elder had already determined that the Solitary Falcon and this unrivalled Master were linked somehow, but didn't know the nature of their a.s.sociation. In fact, this was all actually secondary since the most important thing which the Third Elder wanted to know was whether the Jun Family had anything to do with this mysterious and unrivalled Master. Naturally, the Third Elder was terrified of this possibility; that would be really bad for us!

"I don't know him! I don't know him!" the Solitary Falcon repeatedly shook his head in denial: "I have never ever heard of him before! Not even in the slightest!"

Hum, you come here all the way from your Silvery City and start looking for trouble in that Old Man's town, and you actually thought that he won't even revert back in kindness?! I think there's a lot more for you to see in the future!

Its best that you just go back to the Silver Blizzard City and send back Old Han to deal with this man. In fact, I think that this man's one single strike would be enough to leave Old Han bleeding inside his armor! It's funny how even the Old Han seems like a joke now, the Solitary Falcon hollowed in gloom as this thought crossed his mind.

"Are you sure?" The Third Elder's whitened eyebrows shot up since he had been looking to get some information from the Solitary Falcon, and hadn't antic.i.p.ated that the man would simply block him off.

"What? You don't believe me?" the Solitary Falcon glared back.

The Third Elder started feeling even more dejected: this man ah, you just put us through so much humiliation by beating up my Sixth brother, and now you actually want me to believe all these lies coming out of your mouth? Go make a fool out of someone else!

"Master Falcon," the Third Elder cupped his hands in greeting: "I won't comment on today's affairs since my strength isn't as good as yours; however, Master Falcon has subjected the Silver Blizzard City to a great deal of humiliation today, and you'll have to answer for this once we come back with our great Elders; and so it's better if you leave before then!"

"Ha ha, are you talking about the Xiao Duo? Hum, do you really think that they can cause this Old Man any sort of trouble by themselves?! If you really want me to give you an answer for this, then you must ask Old Han to personally come and confront me! Ha ha, Xiao Xing Yun and Xiao Bu Yu, the two walls of the Silver Blizzard City; the two who soar above the mountains and the clouds…. This Old Man would love to see those two Old b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, and I certainly want to see what they are capable of soaring above!"

The Third Elder's expression remained unchanged as he smiled and said "Master Falcon won't be disappointed to meet them."

The Third Elder finished his sentence, motioned Mu Xue Tong to pick up the Sixth Elder's body, and then proceeded to the exit along with Han Yan Meng. Suddenly, he turned around upon reaching the door, and then looked back at the Solitary Falcon as he slowly said: "There is one more thing that I didn't wish to say, but I doubt that Master Falcon's tyrannical pride would pay any heed to it…. According to our sources, the Xue Hun Manor's master took fancy to a woman the last time he was in the Tian Xiang City, and has been wanting to take that woman as his concubine ever since; and that woman happens to be the Jun Family's daughter-in-law, Guan Qing Han! She is living with the Jun Family at present! Since Master Falcon intends on staying here, he must start making his preparation early because I'm afraid that the Xue Hun Manor isn't as cultured as my Silver Blizzard City!"

The Third Elder smiled as he finished this sentence, and then left without ever turning back again.

Han Yan Meng flashed a clever smile in Jun Wu Yi's direction as she waved to him before leaving: "Third Brother Jun, if I ever get a chance to come here again then I will tell you some more stories. Also, tell your nephew that he must call me "Little Aunt" the next time he sees me! Otherwise, I will tell my sister that you and your nephew partnered up in bullying me!"

Jun Wu Yi smiled as he continued to wave back at her until they had exited out of the gate.

Meanwhile, the Solitary Falcon was just standing in his spot with a dumbstruck expression on his face!

In fact, he was completely taken aback!

This is not just a pirate s.h.i.+p! I've directly fallen miles into an endless Abyss! Now it's not even possible for me to pull my feet out even if I want to…..

The Xue Hun Manor from the South and the Silver Blizzard City from the North! These two are considered the two most powerful forces in this world, and this tiny Jun Family has actually managed to provoke them both at the same time….

For a handful of strokes, I've managed to put myself into…. Far too much trouble!

d.a.m.n this day!

The Solitary Falcon stood dazed in his roots for a long while, and then suddenly roared out in anger: "That devil of a Jun! You little b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Come out and face this Old Man!"

The Solitary Falcon flew across the Jun residence a few times but didn't find any traces of Jun Mo Xie. Left with no other option, he angrily returned back to Jun Wu Yi's courtyard murmuring: "…that Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, this Old Man is going to peel all that smartness off your skin once I catch a hold of you! You, you, you……."

Jun Wu Yi obviously excused himself silently, and decided to carry on with his own sword-play practice rather than hiding in his bedroom, leaving the Solitary Falcon alone in the company of his own sulky breathing…. feeling depressed enough to kill someone…..

In fact, he was so feeling so gloomy that he actually wanted to kill someone in order to vent out his griefs!

As it happens, had the Third Elder proposed this threat early-on, then the Solitary Falcon would've simply neglected it by considering it a "fake" threat. After all, the Xue Hun Manor and the Silver Blizzard City are the two most powerful forces in the world, and both harbored a mutual sense of enmity towards the other. In fact, these two forces were unlikely to join hands even if they were opposed by someone like Yun Bei Chen…..

However, the Third Elder hinted at the thought of this collaboration only after he described the Mysterious Master as "Unrivalled in the world" and "beyond anything the world has ever seen". Although his intention had been to extract information out of the Solitary Falcon, but he ended up reminding the Solitary Falcon of this Mysterious Master's strength.

Even if they were to join hands….. what could Han Feng Xue and Li Jue Tian do against this Mysterious Master especially since he is actually capable of making a vast expanse of forest disappear so silently? The Solitary Falcon hadn't yet touched the young Master Jun until now out of sheer respect for his Master, but he didn't really care that much about it!

His backing is simply too strong ah! They could make these two forces fade away in the wind and rain if the Mysterious Master decided to act in person….

However, the Solitary Falcon simply wasn't able to locate his culprit, Jun Mo Xie; nor could he figure out where the youngster had slipped off to…..

At this time, dusk had already begun to set outside the Jun residence.

The Silver Blizzard City's high-cla.s.s were walking on the road, and no one seemed to be speaking much. In fact, even the Little Princess, who was usually a very lively presence, was awfully quite at the moment which only added to the depressing atmosphere of their company.

While being carried on Mu Xue Tong's back, the condition of the Sixth Elder's injuries had already started seeing some improvements since the man had been constantly circulating his Xuan Qi within his body. This man was indeed a Spirit Xuan expert at the end of the day, which meant that no serious injuries or illnesses would ever be able to pose much of a threat to his life as long as his Xuan Qi was supporting his body. He had already wrapped his Xuan Qi firmly around his body, and was now working on reviving it to normal health; the recovery of his broken chest bones was only a matter of time and effort now.

However, the humiliation the Sixth Elder had just suffered today was something he had never experienced before in his lifetime!

One could tell from his face that the mere thought of the Jun Family would remind him of the moment he was forced to say the words "I accept", which would only bring back that grim feeling of "better-of-being-dead" once again!

Although the Sixth Elder hadn't said anything so far, one could clearly tell the desires of his heart from the manner in which he was biting his teeth, leaving his jaws to drip blood onto Mu Xue Tong's back and clothes; even his eyes were as red as the blood dripping out of his mouth!

"Sixth brother….." the Third Elder tried to speak up, but eventually sighed and swallowed his words back. He had known the Sixth Elder for over three decades now and hence knew the man well enough to understand his thought process. The Third Elder was finally unable to help himself, sighed, and then spoke up in a heavy tone: "….. that… but that man was the Solitary Falcon ah!"

"I know, Third Brother… I know what you're trying to say…. That there is no shame for a man of my skill to be defeated at the hands of the Solitary Falcon! Is that it? In fact, if I had resisted him, I'm afraid I would've brought a greater disaster upon myself…"

The Sixth Elder's voice sounded low, while his face reveled in a mournful smile: "But……the dead do not have to suffer such shame….I…I….." the fact that a legendary Spirit Xuan expert had actually started to choke under his emotions was a clear indication of the indignation this shame had stimulated in the man's psyche.

"Sixth Elder, you have my respect! You only bore this shame in order to protect our lives! I'm very young when compared to you, but even I know how easy it would've been to say "no", and how difficult it was to say "I accept"!" Mu Xue Tong's emotions were automatically pouring out of his mouth at the moment.

These words were obviously very effective since the pain on the Sixth Elder's face subsided to a great extent after seeing the respectful expression on everyone's faces. However, the topic suddenly turned a full circle as Mu Xue Tong continued: "In fact, when it comes to shame and humiliation, even the Sixth Elder's actions in beginning weren't very wise from the Jun Family's perspective. I guess this was just the fruit those actions bore… If you hadn't been that aggressive in the beginning, then maybe…."

Mu Xue Tong was only speaking his thoughts. Mu Xue Tong had long been dissatisfied with the Sixth Elder's bullish and overbearing att.i.tude, but had always forcefully subdued his opinion since the man occupied a much higher position and status in the society in comparison with his own. However, he seemed to have already lost control over that restraining ability at this moment, which was clearly reflecting in the tone of his voice…..

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